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MicroMillions II: Coimbra barely sleeping, but eating well

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngOh. You think you're tired? You think you had a long week at work? Try being Team Online's Andre Coimbra. As you might have heard, he's planning to play every one of the MicroMillions events. It would be one thing if it were one tournament per day for a hundred days. This is a hundred tournaments in ten days. They run around the clock. And that means Coimbra is running around the clock.

As you might have seen, Coimbra is posting a video blog every day updating his progress. he's also posting about his marathon on the @andrebcoimbra Twitter account.

For now, however, have a look at what the world looks like through a tired man's eyes (and inside his fridge!)

If you want to go harass Coimbra at the table (or cheer him on, if that is more your style), you only need to click Requests>Find a Team PokerStars Player in the PokerStars lobby.


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