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MicroMillions II: javy28 extinguishes field in Event #99 $3.30 NL Turbo

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngThe word "turbo" has its origins in Latin that roughly means "whirlwind." I couldn't think of a better word to explain the rapid-fire pace of Event #99 $3.30 NL Turbo. The eliminations happened so fast that it was hard to keep track. The money bubble broke in two hours, which meant 15,000 players were wiped out in a mere 120 minutes. If you blinked at the start of the tournament, you'd miss a couple hundred players disappear.

Event #99 $3.30 NL Turbo attracted 17,815 runners. They created a prize pool worth $53,445 and only the top 2,250 paid out, with $6,262.22 set aside for the champion.

PokerStars Team Online Andre "acoimbra" Coimbra from Portugal is almost done in his quest to play every single event in MicroMillions II. This is the 99th event he played in, which means he has only one more to accomplish his audacious pursuit of playing in 100 event. Check out Coimbra's online diary as he recapped his insane journey.

Unfortunately, Coimbra failed to cash in his 99th event when he busted in 2,741st. It was a multi-way pot, and Coimbra's J♠9♥ trailed |²³harpyie_8's A♦Q♥ and gazman147's A♠7♣. The board ran out Q♣8♣5♥8♠Q♠, and |²³harpyie_8 won the pot with a full boat. Coimbra hit the rail in 2,741st.

Notables who played were Team PokerStars Pros Martin Stasko and Victor Ramdin. Martin Stasko busted in 2,837th place when he ran J♥J♦ into wesc veraa's Q♠Q♥. Meanwhile, Victor Ramdin made a deep run, but failed to advance to the money when he whiffed on a flush draw and busted in 2,621st place.

It took less than two hours for the money bubble to burst in this turbo format.

Team PokerStars Pro Henrique "Henrique.P" Pinto was the only notable to cash. On his final hand... Henrique.P open-shoved for 47,154 and WishyPapa called from the big blind. Henrique.P unfortunately ran A♦T♥ into WishyPapa's A♥Q♦. The board ran out 6♦4♥Q♣6♣3♠ and a Queen on the flop sealed Henrique.P's fate in 1,388th place.

With 420 players remaining, yerevanci900 from Switzerland held the lead with 823K. With 100 players in the hunt, tank10n sat on top with 2.4 million. With 50 remaining, Javy28 held the lead with 4.2 million. With 27 to go, Javy28 and Gonzo216 were fighting for the overall lead with 6 million. With 2 tables remaining, Javy28 surged to 19 million and opened up a 10 million-chip lead. On the final tale bubble, Javy28's big stack came under assault and Gonz216 eventually caught up as the two raced toward the 20 million mark. Hammer659 unceremoniously bubbled off the final table in tenth place.


Event #99 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: koluch (11,898,151)
Seat 2: KingJim6 (1,200,544)
Seat 3: fizzy10 (8,280,850)
Seat 4: whiplash1972 (7,429,738)
Seat 5: $SLAY$-Lg (15,438,239)
Seat 6: Schachtoo (2,280,956)
Seat 7: eNvY8 (6,434,760)
Seat 8: gonzo216 (19,087,395)
Seat 9: Javy28 (17,024,367)

Level 54 with blinds 17 700K/1.4 million and a 175K ante. The final table chip leader was gonzo216 with 19 million.

CONCRETE JUNGLE: Schachtoo eliminated in 9th place

The final nine didn't even wait to get settled in before someone busted. Schachtoo open-shoved 2,130,956 and Javy28 re-shoved to isolate. Everyone else got out of the way and it was heads-up. Javy28 was ahead with K♣Q♥ against Schachtoo K♥8♣. The board ran out A♥6♣3♣Q♣9♣. Both players made a flush, but Jacy28 won the pot with a King-high flush. Schachtoo became the first player to bust off the final table in ninth place, which paid out $320.67.

SLAVE DRIVER: KingJim6 eliminated in 8th place

The second bustout happened on the third hand of the final table. Short-stacked KingJim6 called all-in for his last 900,544, eNvY8 called from the small blind and gonzo216 called from the big blind. Both eNvY8 and gonzo216 checked it all the way down to the river. The board ran out K♣9♣3♣T♦7♣. eNvY8 tabled J♠3♦ for a pair of treys, while gonzo216 won the pot with a flush holding 7♥2♣. KimgJim6 mucked his hand, and busted out in eighth place which paid out $481.00.

STOP THAT TRAIN: whiplash1972 eliminated in 7th place

Javy28 min-raised to 2.8 million. whiplash1972 called all-in for 1,094,978, and gonzo216 called 2.8 from the big blind. Three-way pot. The flop was K♣7♥4♠, and gonzo216 checked, Javy28 fired out 3,980,000, and gonzo216 folded. Heads-up. Javy28 was way ahead with A♥A♦ against whiplash1972's A♣J♣. The turn was the 9♦ and the river was the Q♣. Javy28's pocket rockets held up and whiplash1972 bounced out in seventh place, which paid out $908.56.

BABY WE'VE GOT A DATE: gonzo216 eliminated in 6th place

In one of the biggest pots of the tournament, gonzo216 shoved for 13,246,788 and javy28 called. Alas, gonzo216 made a move with 9♠8♣ but ran into Javy28's A♠2♦. The board ran out A♦K♦4♠8♦6♠ and Jav28 won the pot with a pair of Aces. For a sixth-place finish, gonzo216 collected $1,336.12.

With five to go Jav28 held the lead with over 40 million.

STIR IT UP: $SLAY$-Lg eliminated in 5th place

$SLAY$-Lg shoved for 3,688,239 and Javy28 called. Javy28 was in trouble with 9♠7♥ against $SLAY$-Lg's K♥T♥. By the way Javy28 was running, everyone expected him to win the pot... and that's what happened. Even though $SLAY$-Lg flopped a pair of Kings, he was run down by Javy28's two pair when the board ran out K♦7♣4♦6♣9♦. $SLAY$-Lg busted out in fifth place and took home $1,870.57.

KINKY REGGAE: eNvY8 eliminated in 4th place

Short-stacked eNvY8 was all-in for 108,378 in the blinds. fizzy10 min-raised to 4 million and everyone folded. Heads-up. Pre-flop fizzy10's J♣J♦ was ahead of eNvY8's 9♦6♣. The Jacks held up when the board ran out Q♣7♥9♥3♠2♦. For a fourth-place performance, eNvY8 collected $2,405.02.


With three remaining, the final trio discussed a deal. They quickly chopped it up with $600 left off the top to the eventual champion and an arrangement that guaranteed Javy28 ($4,918.77), koluch ($4,755.32), and fizzy10 ($4,004.87). Play resumed.

NO MORE TROUBLE: fizzy10 eliminated in 3rd place

With a deal reached, we quickly saw fireworks when fizzy10 shoved for 2,095,832 and koluch re-shoved for 30,355,104. koluch looked good with 5♥5♠ against fizzy10's 9♦2♥. The board ran out J♥3♥2♦A♦T♠ and koluch's pair of fives held up. The U.K.'s fizzy10 busted out in third place and won $4,004.87.

HEADS-UP: Javy28 (Mexico) vs. koluch (Canada)

Seat 1: koluch (35,888,436)
Seat 9: Javy28 (53,186,564)

With the final two set, Javy28 held over a 17.5 advantage over koluch.

MIDNIGHT RAVERS: koluch eliminated in 2nd place

It only took 18 hands before javy28 siphoned off the rest of koluch's stack. On the final and decisive hand... koluch shoved for 7,039,372, and Javy28 insta-called. Both players tabled pocket pairs. Javy28 led with J♠J♥ versus koluch's 5♦5♠. The board ran out K♠8♥7♠2♥3♣ and Javy28's pocket Jacks held up. He won the pot and the tournament.

For an impressive runner-up performance, koluch earned $4,755.32 for second place. Congrats to Javy28 from Mexico for shipping Event #99 and winning $5,518.77 for first place.

Check out the final hand in slick the replayer:

RSS readers must click thru to view replayer

Event #99 - Final Table Payouts and Results:
Entrants: 17,815
Prize Pool: $53,445
Places Paid: 2,250

1. javy28 (Mexico) - $5,518.77 **
2. koluch (Canada) - $4,755.32 **
3. fizzy10 (U.K.) $4,004.87 **
4. eNvY8 (Netherlands) - $2,405.02
5. $SLAY$-Lg (Russia) - $1,870.57
6. gonzo216 (Germany) - $1,336.12
7. whiplash1972 (Canada) - $908.56
8. KingJim6 (U.K.) - $481.00
9. Schachtoo (Germany) - $320.67

** denotes a deal was struck among the final three players

Don't forget to visit the MicroMillions home page for final stats and to see who ended up on top of the leader board.

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