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MicroMillions II: phara12 is absolutely fabulous in fantastic Event #94 victory

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngPoker is a game that offers you up a unique philosophy on life... you never know fate until you see the final card dealt.

In MicroMillions Event #94 $5.50 NL 1R1A, Russia's instigator85 appeared to be sailing on a clear path toward winning the tournament. Everything was falling into place, including starting the final table as the big stack and picking off anyone who dared to get in his way. How good was instigator85 running? He even flopped a straight flush. But that hand must've used up all of his "run good" because almost out of nowhere, Belguim's phara12 came out of virtually nowhere and blindsided him. As a result, instigator85 fizzled out in third place, thereby clearing a path to the championship.

Event #94 $5.50 NL 1R1A attracted 11,829 runners. They dug into their virtual pockets for 8,596 re-buys and 4,023 add-ons. The top 1,530 places were paid out, with $17,010.57 set aside to the champion.

PokerStars Team Online Andre "acoimbra" Coimbra from Portugal continued his ambitious mission to play every single one of the 100 events on the MicroMillions II schedule. Check out Coimbra's online diary as he recaps this insane journey.

Unfortunately in this instance, Coimbra failed to make the money when he met his fate in 6,916th place.

With 27 players remaining on the final three tables. Russia's instigator85 held the top spot as the only player sitting on 2 million in chips. With 18 to go, instigator85 chipped up to 2.5 million.

With action hand-for-hand with ten remaining, AngKev shoved on the button with 2,096,306 and 4StefanRaab called all-in 1,596,306. 4StefanRaab led with K♦9♠ against AngKev's 8♠7♠. The board ran out A♥8♣3♣Q♣K♠. Although AngKev flopped an eight to take the lead, the K♠ spiked on the river and 4StefanRaab won the pot. Germany's AngKev bubbled off the final table in tenth place.


Event #94 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: vinylspiros (7,467,801)
Seat 2: NukeTheFish! (13,968,681)
Seat 3: Ad4mK (9,000,525)
Seat 4: sisyfostompa (5,629,061)
Seat 5: phara12 (27,613,536)
Seat 6: Reinhardt87 (9,699,646)
Seat 7: 4StefanRaab (7,561,191)
Seat 8: McClure84 (8,402,057)
Seat 9: instigator85 (32,897,502)

The final table commenced during Level 48. The blinds were 250K/500K with a 62.5K ante. Russia's instigator85 began the final table as the overall leader.

PLANET TELEX: vinylspiros eliminated in 9th place

It didn't take very long before the first player busted off the final table when instigator85 bully-raised to 1.2 million and vinylspiros called. The flop was 9♦6♦5♦ . Instantly, instigator85 fired out 1 million, vinylspiros min-raised to 2 million, instigator85 three-bet to 3.3 million, and vinylspiros called. The turn was the A♠ and instigator85 bet 3 million, vinylspiros shoved for 12,935,602, and instigator85 called. Wow... instigator85 tabled 8♦7♦ for a straight flush, while vinylspiros was drawing dead with a set of nines holding 9♥9♣. To add insult to injury, the river was the T♦. Greece's vinylspiros hit the road in ninth place and earned $770.11.

Check out the straight flush in the replayer:

RSS readers must click through to view replayer

THE BENDS: Ad4mK eliminated in 8th place

With eight to go... Ad4mK moved all-in for 4,393,329 and phara12 called. Ad4mK bombed it all-in with 3♣3♠ against phara12's A♣K♥. An Ace on the flop didn't bode well for Ad4mK. Neither did the Ace on the river. The board ran out A♠J♥7♣5♥A♦ and phara12 won the pot with trip Aces. Ad4mK busted out in eighth place and earned $1,222.40.

HIGH AND DRY: NukeTheFish! eliminated in 7th place

Action folded to the blinds and fireworks ensued when instigator85 raised to 3.6 million, short-stacked NukeTheFish! called all-in for 2,688,380, and instigator85 called. NukeTheFish! led with A♠T♥ against instigator85's Q♥2♦. The flop was K♥Q♠3♥ and instigator85 took the lead with a pair of Queens. The turn was the T♣ and the river was the 6♦. NukeTheFish! failed to improve his hand and busted in seventh place, which paid $2,444.80.

FAKE PLASTIC TREES: sisyfostompa eliminated in 6th place

instigator85 raised to 1.2 million, sisyfostompa shoved for 4,458,122, and instigator85 called. Big-stacked instigator85 trailed with 6♥5♥ against sisyfostompa's A♠2♣. The board ran out 7♥6♣4♥J♥J♣ and sisyfostompa lost to instigator85's flush. For a sixth-place finish, sisyfostompa took home $3,667.20.

BONES: Reinhardt87 eliminated in 5th place

Reinhardt87 shoved for 6,842,146 and monster-stacked instigator85 called. Reinhardt87 led with T♥T♠ against instigator85's A♥J♠. The board ran out K♦Q♣4♥2♣A♦ and instigator85 rivered an Ace to win the pot. Russia's Reinhardt87 hot the rail in fifth place, but collected $4,889.60.

JUST: McClure84 eliminated in 4th place

Action did not last four handed for very long... phara12 raised to 3 million and McClure84 shoved for 12,336,464, and phara12 called all-in for 9,336,464. McClure84 took A♠4♥ into battle against phara12's A♣9♦. The board ran out A♥Q♠8♣T♦J♦ and phara12 won the pot with a Queen-high straight. McClure84 busted in fourth place and won $6,112.00.

BULLET PROOF... I WISH I WAS: instigator85 eliminated in 3rd place

Once it got three-handed, instigator85 was in deep trouble. On his fateful hand... the former bully instigator85 min-raised to 2 million, phara12 popped it to 5 million, instigator85 four-bet shoved for 22,652,666 and phara12 called. phara12 led with A♠K♣ against instigator85's K♥Q♦. The board ran out Q♠J♥6♣A♦9♣ and phara12 won the pot with a pair of Aces and seized a sizable chip lead. Alas, instigator85 busted out in third place, yet earned $8,556.80.

HEADS-UP: phara12 (Belguim) vs. 4StefanRaab (Slovenia)

Seat 5: phara12 (83,870,944)
Seat 7: 4StefanRaab (38,369,056)

With two to go, phara12 held well over a 2-1 edge.

STREET SPIRIT (FADE OUT): 4StefanRaab eliminated in 2nd place

It took 13 unlucky hands before 4StefanRaab was liquidated. Here's what happened on the final hand... phara12 limped for 600,000, 4StefanRaab raised to 3.6 million, and phara12 called. The flop was 5♣4♠2♠. 4StefanRaab fired out 3.6 million, phara12 bumped it up to 9.6 million, 4StefanRaab moved all-in for 34,189,056, and phara12 called. 4StefanRaab was in trouble with A♣Q♠, who only held overcards and a Wheel draw. It was a juicy flop for phara12, who picked up a gutshot and a pair with 6♥4♥. The turn was the 6♣ and the river was the T♣. 4StefanRaab failed to improve and phara12 won the pot with two pair.

For a valiant runner-up performance, 4StefanRaab earned $12,224.00. Meanwhile, Belguim's phara12 collected $17,010.57 for shipping Event #94. Congrats!

Check out the final hand in the replayer:

RSS readers must click through to view replayer

Event #94 - Final Table Payouts and Results:
Entrants: 11,829
Re-Buys: 8,596
Add-ons: 4,023
Places paid: 1,530

1. phara12 (Belguim) - $17,010.57
2. 4StefanRaab (Solvenia) - $12,224.00
3. instigator85 (Russia)- $8,556.80
4. McClure84 (Switzerland) - $6,112.00
5. Reinhardt87 (Russia) - $4,889.60
6. sisyfostompa (Sweden)- $3,667.20
7. NukeTheFish! (Ireland) - $2,444.80
8. Ad4mK (Hungary) - $1,222.40
9. vinylspiros (Greece) - $770.11

Don't forget to visit the MicroMillions home page for stats and to see who is on top of the leader board.

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