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MicroMillions II: three hours of sleep wake acoimbra to the challenge

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngThree hours of sleep. It's not a lot and I imagine that if you got that little snooze time in a day you'd know about it. Three hours is all that Andre 'acoimbra' Coimbra has had and it's possibly enough to wake him up to the size of the challenge that he's set himself: to play all 100 MicroMillions events over an 11-day period.

So far he's finished eleven tournaments and has cashed in two but with MicroMillions-012 yet to start ($3.30 NHLE, Big Antes, $25,000) the Portugese grinder has a long way to go.

acoimbra is going to post a video blog every day so check back here to see how he weathers the MicroMillions storm as the days wear on. So far, so good but is there already a bit of redness around the eye? A slight slur in the speech? Okay, English isn't his native tongue so we're probably being a bit tough on Andre there. Follow the ironman's progress here and through his @andrebcoimbra Twitter account. Click below to see his update from earlier today.

Andre 'acoimbra' Coimbra heading into day two of the challenge

acoimbra's MicroMillions roll of honour
Event #2 - 2,633/36,734 for $13.96
Event #7 - 94/6,467 for $33.95

You can find acoimbra, and any other pro online, through the PokerStars lobby by clicking Requests>Find a Team PokerStars Player. Give the man from Portugal your support if you see him at the tables.


acoimbra at the 2010 WSOP

Click through the following link to find out more about the MicroMillions

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