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MicroMillions II: Zharas deals a win in Event #96 ($3.30+R NLO H/L, 3x-Turbo)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngIf at first you don't succeed then try, try, try, try again. That is just what the players of Event #96 did as they tried to make a deal four times before finally being able to strike gold after getting down to only two players.

With a deal struck it was Zharas who came out victorious defeating EFCWils in a short heads-up battle collecting just over $13,000 in his first ever victory.

Half way through the final day of the MicroMillions schedule featured a No Limit Omaha High/Lo re-buy tourney with a 3x-turbo structure. By the time late registration and the re-buy period ended the prize pool was more than $95,000 with over $14,000 going to first place. Here is a look at the final numbers:

Entrants: 6,353
Guarantee: $50,000
Re-buys: 22,912
Add-ons: 2,600
Prize pool: $95,595
Paid Players: 840

André "acoimbra" Coimbra was not the only red spade in the tourney but he was the lone one to make it to the money. As he finishes up his impressive 100-tourney ironman run through every MicroMillions II event he collected another cash, finishing 694th when his A♠A♣5♣2♠ could not hold against LUFCBas' 7♦6♦5♠3♠ thanks to a K♣3♥3♦6♣9♣ board. If you want to look back the Coimbra's journey over the past week and a half then check out his daily diary.

After dispatching the final red spade the field worked its way to the final table with Luck Donkey eventually taking the lead and carrying it into the final six. Here is how the final table looked:

Seat 1: Lytvyn (30,546,920 in chips)
Seat 2: Marton (23,249,632 in chips)
Seat 3: Zharas (30,793,623 in chips)
Seat 4: pokslave (6,591,306 in chips)
Seat 5: EFCWils (30,919,098 in chips)
Seat 6: Luck Donkey (43,694,421 in chips)


Let's make a deal?:

After playing a few hands to get the final table started the players all agreed to pause the tournament to take a look at the numbers. Before that could happen they needed to play one last hand. pokslave moved all-in with just over 2 big blinds and was called by Luck Donkey. Luckily for pokslave the T♠7♣4♥3♥4♣ board delivered a straight for his 8♥6♥6♦5♣ hand to beat Luck Donkey's K♠K♦Q♥8♦.

With the hand now complete Luck Donkey said "im too tilted for a deal now" but they still looked at the chip chop numbers. There was some immediate objection to the numbers so play resumed.

No Deal, OK Bye Bye:

Luck Donkey didn't wait long to change his attitude as the very first hand back pokslave moved all-in once again and Luck Donkey called. Luck Donkey held A♠Q♠9♥2♣ while pokslave held A♦K♥4♦4♣. The A♣T♥7♣ flop gave both players a pair of aces but still left Luck Donkey looking to improve for the elimination. The 8♠ turn helped things giving Luck Donkey a straight draw which came thanks to the J♣ river. pokslave collects $1,433.92 for a sixth place effort.

After the hand Luck Donkey said he was willing to look at the numbers again, but they played for a few more hands before pausing once again to see if they could come to terms on a five-way chop. Once again they looked at the numbers for a chip chop and much like earlier they couldn't agree to terms, with Marton saying "Its woth 2 k to have a shot at it all for me"

With no deal in sight play resumed. A few hands in Lytvyn, one of the short stacks, ended up all-in against EFCWils. EFCWils held A♥K♦Q♥2♥ against Lytvyn's A♦7♠7♦4♠. The K♥Q♣3♠ flop gave EFCWils a pair of kings to pull ahead in the hand. The 2♣ turn and J♣ river brought an end for Lytvyn who collects $2,710.11.

It only took a few more hands before the other short stack, Marton, wound up all-in, once again against EFCWils. The hand got underway with EFCWils raising to 2.7 million from the button. Marton called from the big blind and the pair saw the J♣5♥2♠ flop. Marton checked and EFCWils bet 3,275,000. Marton called and moved all-in on the 9♣ turn for just over 10 million into a 13 million chip pot. EFCWils called and showed the bad news to Marton as EFCWils was holding a set of jacks with A♥J♠J♥3♠ to better Marton's set of twos with 9♥4♥2♥2♣. The T♥ changed nothing eliminating Marton in fourth place collecting $4,540.76.

RSS readers click through to see replay

Can we deal now?:

With only three players left and all of the holdouts to previous deals gone the final three decided to stop play again to see the numbers. As soon as the chip chop numbers were posted Zharas and Luck Donkey both stated that they wanted more but the chip leader said that they were not going to give anything up. The discussion continued for a few more minutes before the deal was scrapped and play once again resumed.

Down to two:

With the deal once again failing the three players set to get down to heads-up. Things started to go down hill for Luck Donkey who eventually was in shove/fold mode and things ended when Zharas called one of those all-in shoves. Zharas held A♥K♣Q♦5♣ while Luck Donkey held A♦Q♥5♠4♣. The A♠K♦J♣ flop spelled the end for Luck Donkey as Zharas flopped two pair. The 9♣ turn and 8♦ river delivered that end sending Luck Donkey out in $7,408.61.



As has been the case with all but one of the eliminations the remaining players decided to pause the tourney to take a look at the numbers. With only two players remaining they quickly agreed to the following numbers and play resumed:

Left To Play For: $1,000.00

With most of the money distributed the two players were content with flipping for the final $1,000 with most of the hands going ending in a chop pot. Eventually though Zharas got the best of EFCWils. All the chips went into the middle pre-flop with Zharas holding A♣K♦Q♠T♠ while EFCWils held K♠K♣6♥5♣. The Q♣J♣T♦ gave Zharas a straight and an unsurpassable lead as the J♣ turn and 2♠ river didn't bring help to EFCWils who collected $11,517.92 for second and Zharas collected $13,340.63 for the win.


Congrats to Zharas on winning Event #96.

MicroMillions Event #96 ($3.30+R NLO H/L, 3x-Turbo) Results (reflects a deal):

Entrants: 6,353
Guarantee: $50,000
Re-buys: 22,912
Add-ons: 2,600
Prize pool: $95,595
Paid Players: 840

1st place: Zharas (Kazakhstan) - $13,340.63*
2nd place: EFCWils (United Kingdom) - $11,517.92*
3rd place: Luck Donkey (Australia) - $7,408.61
4th place: Marton (Sweden) - $4,540.76
5th place: Lytvyn (Ukraine) - $2,710.11
6th place: pokslave (Germany) - $1,433.92
*reflects a heads-up deal

With the MicroMillions II coming to an end you can check out the leader board on the main MicroMillions page.

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