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MicroMillions: lars hp tops massive minefield in Event #33 ($1+R NLHE, 3x-Turbo)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngI'm not sure I've ever seen a billion chips in play. Hundreds of millions, sure. Even the WSOP Main Event has that. Half a billion? Perhaps in one of those uber-juiced anniversary tournaments PokerStars so loves to run. But 1.2 BILLION CHIPS in play? I know. It's insane. But when 38,755 players turn out for a $1 rebuy, things are going to get a little out of hand.

Those 38,755 players made 171,477 rebuys and 18,846 add-ons, creating a $208,460.98 prize pool. 4,950 players came away with a cash finish with the champion set to earn $17,715.05 once he or she amassed all 1.2 billion chips. Team Pros from every corner of the globe were on hand for this one, including Maxim Lykov, Andre Akkari, Jude Ainsworth and Nuno Coelho. Two finished in the money, Martin Staszko bowing out in 4,082nd place while Henrique Pinho took last-longer honors in 2,970th.

MicroMillions Event 33_FT.jpg

Final table chip counts

Seat 1: C13Greentumb (84,185,156 in chips)
Seat 2: robinse (160,035,340 in chips)
Seat 3: JA37 (36,547,210 in chips)
Seat 4: jon011 (53,585,316 in chips)
Seat 5: xam68 (126,007,200 in chips)
Seat 6: Jabracada (353,425,296 in chips)
Seat 7: sergiomotta (181,880,599 in chips)
Seat 8: lars hp (155,657,420 in chips)
Seat 9: haansi (44,752,463 in chips)

Blinds were an utterly stratospheric 3M/6M to start the final table and lars hp got off to a running start, snagging a 125 million pot from sergiomotta. Despite missing the K♦9♦7♠ flop, lars hp check-called sergiomotta's 18 million flop bet holding only a gutshot straight draw with Q♠T♦. The turn, however, brought the T♣, and sergiomotta called two more streets, the river 9♥ making lars hp two pair.

Lars hp moved up to second in chips, but haansi couldn't hang on any longer, moving his last three big blinds in with T♠T♦. Chip leader Jabracada called with A♥5♦ and spiked an ace on the turn, sending haansi home in ninth place.

JA37 was on life support with 17.7 million when he more than tripled up courtesy of lars hp and robinse. Both opponents limped in, JA37 shoved from the big blind, and both players called to see a K♣K♥5♣ flop. Robinse check-folded to lars hp's 8 million bet, but lars hp's 5♦T♦ was not enough to beat JA37's pocket jacks. As JA37 moved out of immediate danger, lars hp further solidified his position, doubling through Jabracada with A♦J♠ against K♥5♦. JA37 also got himself some Jabracada bucks, his K♠Q♥ flopping a queen against Jabracada's A♥5♣.

With the blinds up to 7.5M/15M, xam68 put his last 66.1 million in with pocket fives, only to run into sergiomott's pocket nines. Although xam68 hit a set on the 7♣6♥5♠ flop, sergiomotta rivered the 8♣ to make a nine-high straight. Crippled to only 4.5 million, the rest of xam68's chips went in with 4♥6♠, but he could not improve against JA37's pocket nines. Xam68 exited in 8th place, earning $1,575.96 for his afternoon on the felt.

Only five hands later, jon011 open-shoved for 104.5 million with A♠9♥, but his dominated hand could not overcome lars hp's A♥K♦. Jon011 hit the rail in seventh place, collecting $2,316, while lars hp's chip count moved up to 288 million. Two hands passed before another stack was in the middle, this time Robinse's remaining 39 million. Robinse's 4♦4♣ couldn't fade C13Greentum's 5♠5♦, sealing his sixth-place finish.

As play turned five-handed, almost everyone took their turn doubling through Jabracada. Sergiomotta was first, his Q♠J♥ holding against 9♦7♦, and lars hp was next, his pocket fours holding against Q♦8♠. Lars hp finally wrested away the chip lead when Jabracada folded to his 42 million bet on a J♠6♥6♠ flop. Lars hp moved up to 450 million, Jabracada fell to 429 million, and C13Greentumb was the only other nine-figure stack with 180 million.

Down to less than two big blinds, sergiomotta found T♥T♦ and shoved, C13Greentumb calling an additional 10 million from the 24 million big blind with 7♦T♣. The tens led on the J♦9♠3♥ flop, they turned a set when the T♠ spiked on the turn, but the 8♠ on the river made C13Greentumb a jack-high straight, sinking sergiomotta in fifth place.

C13Greentumb had a shot at becoming a real contender for this title and doubled to 320 million when his A♦8♦ made the nut flush against lars hp's K♥K♦. But four hands later, C13Greentumb was out in fourth place, his A♥Q♦ falling to lars hp's 8♣8♠. With three players remaining, JA37 temporarily staved off elimination when his Q♠8♦ edged out Jabracada's Q♦7♠, but found the exit on the next deal of the cards, when Jabracada's 5♥7♦ flopped a pair of sevens against JA37's K♦8♠. For his third-place finish, JA37 scored $8,346.77.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 6: Jabracada (486,533,576 in chips)
Seat 8: lars hp (709,542,424 in chips)

Heads-up play lasted all of seven hands before lars hp closed out Jabracada, his K♥J♣ holding up against Q♥J♥ for all 1.2 billion in chips:

Congrats to lars hp, a Great Dane indeed, for beating out over 38,000 players to take home a MicroMillions title and $17,715.05. Kudos are also due to Jabracada, who earned $12,774.48 for his runner-up finish.

PokerStars MicroMillions Event #33 ($1R NLHE 3x-Turbo) results

1. lars hp (Denmark) $17,715.05
2. Jabracada (United Kingdom) $12,774.48
3. JA37 (Spain) $8,346.77
4. C13Greentumb (Netherlands) $6,668.66
5. sergiomotta (Brazil) $5,003.06
6. robinse (Germany) $3,335.37
7. jon011 (Estonia) $2,316.00
8. xam68 (Russia) $1,575.96
9. haansi (Austria) $927.65

If you haven't played a MicroMillions event yet, well, you might want to consider having your head examined. 65 events still remain, all with buy-ins $22 and under. Head over to the MicroMillions page for more information and a full schedule.

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