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MicroMillions: Swordsman885 slices and dices way to victory in Event #32 Sunday Storm Special Edition

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngI can only imagine the collective thunderous sound of 40,000 poker players packed under one roof and slugging it out in the same tournament. It would be impossible to play cards without ear plugs because the clattering of thousands of players simultaneously shuffling their stacks would be deafening. Furthermore, if those shrill, explosive sounds don't implode your eardrums, then you have to survive your neighbor telling you his top 10 worst bad beat stories of all time.

Ah, but that's the attraction and simplicity of internet poker -- with a single tournament, you can connect enough poker enthusiasts to fill an entire football stadium without anyone leaving the comforts of their home.

The price of admission to the Special Edition of the Sunday Storm cost a mere $11. Each player got a ticket to an epic running of the virtual bulls. After almost a half a day of poker, one fortuitous player emerged from a stampede of 40,774 plus runners with a MicroMillions championship and $33,624 in cash.

The total prize pool for Event #43 $11 NL was $407,740 and the top 5,292 places paid out. Most of the cheddar went to the to four players, all of whom were guaranteed at least a five-figure payday.

Paris Dedes, a Supernova player from Greece, bowed out after 9.5 hours of labor-intensive action and bubbled off the final table much to the dismay of his fervent chorus of Greek railbirds. Paris Dedes got it all in with a pair of nines and was ahead preflop, but Liska01 flopped a Wheel with A♠5♦. For a 10th place finish, Paris Dedes won $1,317.


Event #32 Sunday Storm - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Swordsman885 (8,163,950)
Seat 2: samu877 (18,612,966)
Seat 3: Liska01 (31,255,898)
Seat 4: GetR1chOrD1e (17,430,826)
Seat 5: Dookie172 (13,561,619)
Seat 6: DonKolion (13,019,044)
Seat 7: SovseKaj (18,903,218)
Seat 8: DickTongue (10,690,202)
Seat 9: So F Sick (72,232,277)

When the final table began, So F Sick from Sweden held the chip lead with over 72.2 million, meanwhile Swordsman885 from Russia held onto the shortest of stacks. Dick Tongue found himself in trouble at the onset of the final table when ran his A♣9♠ into Swordsman885's Q♠Q♥. However, the short-stacked Brit went into assassin mode, doubling up twice to get back over 10 million.

Brown Sugar: Dookie172 eliminated in 9th place

Action folded to GetR1chOrD1e, who raised to 2 million from the button. Dookie172 shoved all-in for 10,471,619 from the small blind. The big blind bailed. GetR1chOrD1e had Dookie172 covered and called with A♥T♠. Dookie172 was ahead with K♥K♣, but his Cowboys were slaughtered after GetR1chOrD1e turned an Ace as the board ran out 9♣8♣8♠A♠T♥. For a 9th place finish, Dookie172 collected $1,761.43.

Sway: DickTongue eliminated in 8th place

It was set up to be an innocuous battle of the blinds, yet fireworks ensued when action folded to DickTongue in the small blind. He opened to 2.7 million, but So F Sick did not hesitate and shoved all-in for his massive stack of 71 million. DickTongue insta-called all-in for the rest of his stack (approximately 14.7 million). The players opened up their hands...

DickTongue: A♠5♠
So F Sick: A♥A♦

The timing was disastrous for DickTongue, who was ambushed by pocket rockets in the big blind. The board ran out K♣6♣5♣6♦8♠ and So F Sick's aces held up. A speechless DickTongue hit the road in 8th place and collected $2,992.81.

Meanwhile, the rich got richer and So F Sick improved his leading stack to 86.3 million or more than twice as much as his closest competitor.

Wild Horses: SovseKaj eliminated in 7th place

Swordsman885 picked the perfect time to heat up. The Russian avoided elimination when he doubled up with 7♣7♠ against So F Sick's 6♦6♣. On the next hand, SovseKaj open-shoved all-in for 12,761,218 and Swordsman885 woke up to another pocket pair -- 9♣9♦. SovseKaj took A♣9♠ to battle, yet it failed to improve. Swordsman885's pocket nines held up and he chipped up to over 40 million. SovseKaj from Denmark collected $4,399.51 for a 7th place finish.

Can't You Hear Me Knocking: GetR1chOrD1e eliminated in 6th place

Short-stacked GetR1chOrD1e made a move but he ran into a brick wall. GetR1chOrD1e opened to 2.5 million, but Swordsman885 had him covered and raised to 8 million. Action folded to GetR1chOrD1e, who called all-in for his remaining 5,152,445. GetR1chOrD1e trailed with J♣T♣ against Swordsman885's K♣K♠ -- which was the third pocket pair he was dealt in three consecutive hands. The board ran out 4♥2♠2♦7♠Q♥ and Swordsman885's pocket Kings held up. Unfortunately, GetR1chOrD1e's tournament had come to an end. For 6th place, GetR1chOrD1e from Russia earned $6,336.27.

You Gotta Move: samu877 eliminated in 5th place

Short-stacked samu877 made a stand by open-shoving for 12,196,714. DonKolion called from the small blind with A♥K♦, and Samu877 was dominated with A♦Q♠. He needed help and actually turned a gutshot, but failed to improve when the board ran out A♣J♣8♦9♠2♦. Spain's samu877 won $9,500.34 for a fifth-place finish.

With four to go, So F Sick led the pack with 73.8 million. Second-place Swordsman885 trailed with 50.2 million. DonKolion held 42 million and Liska01 was the proverbial "shorty" with 37.6 million.

I Got the Blues: So F Sick eliminated in 4th place

With three tables to go, So F Sick seized the lead and appeared as though he was going to run away with the championship. Alas, Liska01 was not about to let So F Sick ship the event so easily. So F Sick and Liska01 got involved in a nasty pre-flop raising war. Both players were relentless and got it all in, but Liska01 was ahead with J♦J♥ against So F Sick's A♣T♠. Liska01's pocket Jacks held up and avoided elimination. So F Sick slipped to 40 million and found himself the short-stack amongst the final four. Within two orbits, he'd go busto.

So F Sick found 8♣8♦ and opened to 5,564,000. Liska01 called from the big blind. The flop was J♠7♠6♠. So F Sick led out for 9.4 million, Liska01 shoved all-in for over 49.5 million, and So F Sick called with only a pair of eights. Liska01 was ahead with A-J off suit for TPTK. The turn was the 4♠ and the river was the K♦. Liska01 won the pot and Sweden's So F Sick quickly went from the penthouse to the outhouse. So F Sick hit the rail in fourth place and won $12,664.40.

Sister Morphine

With three to go, Liska01 was closing in on 100 million. Meanwhile Swordsman885 held onto second with 65 million and on Kolion brought up the rear with 40 million.

After playing for a few minutes, Swordsman885 almost pulled even in chips with Liska01 with 80 million each. The final three discussed a potential deal for over fifteen minutes. The trio struggled to come to an agreement,so play continued.

Liska01 surged to over 122 million after flopping a monster and getting paid off. Liska01 held A♠Q♠ and caught a miraculous flop of J♠9♠2♠. Swordsman885 held K♦J♣ for top pair and kept firing at the pot. Liska01 shoved on the turn and Swordsman885 paid him off. Liska01 improved to 122 million, while Swordsman885 slipped to third with 40 million.

Dead Flowers: DonKolion eliminated in 3rd place

Swordsman885 avoided an elimination by doubling up with K♥Q♣ against DonKolion's 4♦4♣. Swordsman885 flopped a Queen and improved to a straight by the river. Swordsman885 improved to 58 million while DonKolion sunk to under 20 million.

On the next hand, DonKolion shoved for his last 19.8 million with A♠7♣. Swordsman885 called from the big blind with A♥9♣. Swordsman885 flopped a nine as the board ran out 9♠5♣4♦7♥2♦. DonKolion busted out in third place, collecting $15,852.93.

Heads Up Battle: Swordsman885 vs. Liska01

With two to go, Swordsman885 trailed Liska01 by over 48 million.

Heads Up Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Swordsman885 (78,212,640)
Seat 3: Liska01 (125,657,360)

Moonlight Mile: Liska01 eliminated in 2nd place

It only took nine hands before Swordsman885 seized the lead against Liska01, dragging an uncontested 107 million pot without a showdown. The heads-up bout lasted a mere15 hands before Swordsman885 extracted the last of Liska01's chips. On the final hand...

Swordsman885 opened to 4.6 million and Liska01 called. The flop was 9♥7♣4♥. Liska01 checked, Swordsman885 bet 6.5 million, Liska01 check-raised to 20 million, Swordsman885 re-raised to 70 million, and Liska01 called all-in for 37,723,360. Swordsman885 was ahead with T♥9♦ and a pair of nines, while Liska01 held J♥T♠ for Jack-high and a gutshot. The turn was the 2♣ and the river was the K♣.

Liska01 failed to improve and busted out in second place. For a runner-up performance, Liska01 collected $24,260.53. For first place, Swordsman885 won $33,624.94. Congrats to Swordsman885 from Russia. He began the final table as the short stack and managed to avoid a quick exit en route to a MicroMillions victory.

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Event #32 $11 NL Sunday Storm - Final Table Payouts and Results:
1st - Swordsman885 - $33,624.94
2nd - Liska01 - $24,260.53
3rd - DonKolion - $15,852.93
4th - So F Sick - $12,644.40
5th - samu877 - $9,500.34
6th - GetR1chOrD1e - $6,336.27
7th - SovseKaj - $4,399.51
8th - DickTongue - $2,992.81
9th - Dookie172 - $1,761.43

Visit the MicroMillions main page for the remaining schedule and satellite information. Don't forget to check out who's on the Leaderboard and the nifty Statistics page.

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