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MicroMillionsIII: He is I AM PPFANA and winner of Event #34 6-Max Turbo Shootout

There was a sense that I AM PPFANA knew he was going to win Event #34 even before he had the title in his grasp, despite some stern opposition and the hopes held by one player of a famous MicoMillions double.

When play went four-handed the numbers of a deal appeared in the chat box, which most were happy to accept. All except I AM PPFANA who suspected that he now had an advantage and insisted that any deal reflect that. Some of the others grew frustrated as their chances of an inflated pay-out slipped away, but I AM PPFANA was adamant and play went on. Nobody in this game said you had to be nice.

What followed was what I AM PPFANA had predicted all along. Sure, the Dutchman made it tricky for himself at times, and it would prove no easy ride right to the end. But within 20 minutes of walking out on the deal the title was his, as was the unadulterated first prize of $4,448.03.

That itself had been higher than predicted, with a field of 6,826 fleshing out the guaranteed $20,000 prize pool to some $34,130. Team PokerStars Pros Victor Ramdin and Marcin Horecki liked the sound of that, buying in alongside Team Online's Grzegorz "DaWarsaw" Mikielewics and Richard "Tzen1" Veenman, but all four busted in the early stages.

Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin

That was the fate for most, but, this being a Turbo, at least it was quick. It's no surprise that Turbo events play fast, but watching the action from the rail is a skill in itself, with chips flying across the table like hockey pucks. You try to let your eyes focus long enough to see where the money winds up.

It was also a Shootout event, an endless series of one table tournaments with the winner progressing through what must have felt like countless rounds before landing a seat at the final, which looked like this:

E34 Final table.jpg
The final table

Two down

When the above deal was discussed two players had already been eliminated.

The departure of Phwap, in sixth place, whose record online surpassed all the other finalists, removed him as a key obstacle, albeit after 91 hands of play. Another player to rely on the Urban Dictionary for a username, Phwap was forced to settle for sixth and $477.82 after a hand against Artur Lesley. Phwap made it 625 to play before Artur Lesley shoved for 4565 with K♥A♦. Phwap had found Q♦Q♣ and called all-in, the board running out J♣A♥T♣9♠3♥ to end his tournament.

Following him was winnipeggian in fifth place, earning $853.25 four hands later. Having had his stack whittled away to less than four figures he had to make a move. I AM PPFANA opened and with a "gg all" winnipeggian shoved for 997 with T♣7♦. I AM PPFANA had A♥7♥ and called. The board ran out blank making the ace good.

Enough talk

With the deal talk complete play continued at full speed. savigny 88 from Colombia moved all in on the flop with his aces to double up against 4kinghellll. Alas, 4kinghellll, from the UK, would be out almost immediately. Left short, he found pocket nines...

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With 4kinghellll gone in fourth place for $1,535.85, I AM PPFANA quashed any talk of another deal and play continued with I AM PPFANA retaking a slight lead before a series of all-ins from Artur Lesley levelled the stacks.

On the double?

Artur Lesley posed the biggest threat to I AM PPFANA and was at this stage still on course for a remarkable MicroMillionsIII double. Just two days ago the Russian had won Event #15, another Turbo, played out in fixed limit hold'em, that netted him $2,010.77 after a two-way deal. He was in peak form and would ultimately take this one to the wire.

But for all the talk of I AM PPFANA being certain to win it didn't come easily, with his lead often snatched from him, notably by savigny 88, in a big pot that would leave I AM PPFANA a decision to call for his tournament life:

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I AM PPFANA had been hit hard. But a player's chances of success are as much based on their ability to withstand the hand that goes wrong as it is the hand that goes well. He immediately began to reclaim his lost chips and rebuild his tattered stack, soon taking revenge on savigny 88, albeit relying on a touch of good fortune:

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All square

I AM PPFANA - 9.8k
Artur Lesley - 9.9k
savigny 88 - 9.2k

It would be the last time I AM PPFANA would be quite so close to the rail. I AM PPFANA returned to his successful tactic of raising, and then raising again, hurling himself back into the lead until Artur Lesley sent savigny 88 spinning out, dethroning their aces with pocket kings:

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With play now at the turbo heads-up stage, stacks changed shape so quickly that it was pointless to try and write them down. They were out of date every seven seconds.

I AM PPFANA - somewhere between 11-16k
Artur Lesley - somewhere between 9-14k

But this being a Turbo it would all be over in minutes. I AM PPFANA struck quickly and decisively, crippling Artur Lesley with K♦9♦:

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Artur Lesley clawed back some hope in the next hand, his K♦J♥ bettering I AM PPFANA's 8♣8♦ with a jack on the flop, but he must have known his second title had slipped away. I AM PPFANA had played solidly throughout the final, and the entire event, never allowing various setbacks to unseat him. It was all over on the next hand:

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No double win for Artur Lesley but congratulations to I AM PPFANA for a well earned win - a MicroMillionsIII title and $4,448.03.

MicroMillionsIII Event #34 $5.50 NL Hold'em 6-Max Turbo Shootout
1. I AM PPFANA, Netherlands, $4,448.03
2. Artur Lesley, Russia, $3,242.35
3. savigny 88, Colombia, $2,389.10
4. 4kinghellll, United Kingdom, $1,535.85
5. Winnipeggian, Canada, $853.25
6. Phwap, Canada, $477.82

Entrants: 6,826
Prize pool: $34,130
Places paid: 1,296

That leaves 66 events still to play in the MicroMillions III. Visit the MicroMillions page for more information and a full tournament schedule.

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