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MicroMillions III: MUFC9999 wins Event #5 $3.30 NL Hold'em

The effort required to succeed in the world of MicroMillions should never be underestimated. While players of the "OOP" events will try low rolling it without too much at stake, the greatness of micro events comes from the success of the low stakes player, prodding themselves awake all night, putting faith in their talents and a coffee pot to play into the early hours. So what if it means no sleep before work? That's what lunch hours are for. And conference calls. It would be nice to think that MUFC9999, winner of Event #5, the $3.30 NL Hold'em [$25,000 guaranteed], is thinking that right now.

Some 16,413 players signed up to play Event #5 which started last night and finished ten and a half hours later. It of course smashed the guaranteed prize pool which settled on $49,239 as registration closed. Of that 2,250 players were paid, with the winner set to bank $5,769.96

Event 5 final.jpg
The final table begins

The final table began amid a wave of "ggs" and with Morier139, from the UK, with a substantial chip lead, so dominant in fact that neoivan1987, from Venezuela, immediately called for a deal. His suggestion got some traction but Morier139 pointed out that he was playing on the mobile client, something that would become crucial later on, and doubted he could do so. He was assured that he could but not before thaleskoppe, sitting on 9 million chips, manned up and said "no deal boys". SCHNEIDERF10 added something that, if pasted into Google translate came up as "if spikes, ve help me?" Moderator Felix reminded him that it was English only at the table. Then the smarty pants reminded him in Spanish too, technically breaking his own rule.

That neoivan1987 was calling for a deal may have had something to do with his starting stack, one of a few players who, with the blinds at 150,000/300,000 with a 37,500 ante, were on the ropes.

Seat 1. MUFC999, United Kingdom, 12,310,300
Seat 2. Thaleskoppe, Brazil, 8,572,421
Seat 3. Neoivan1987, Venezuela, 4,095,808
Seat 4. faQ111, Romania, 6,239,859
Seat 5. pitrola84, Serbia, 6,312, 282
Seat 6. V1ape, Russia, 2,869,032
Seat 7. Mazek0201, Germany, 5,593,367
Seat 8. Morier139, United Kingdom, 34,424,285
Seat 9. SCHNEIDERF10, Brazil, 1,656,646

Soon enough, neoivan1987 became the first to depart, opening for 1.6 million with K♥J♣ before pitrola84 raised to 2.8 million with Q♠T♠. Neoivan1987 called all in with his remaining 945,808 and watched the board come 5♠3♣4♠8♦T♣ sending him out with $295.43.

Four minutes later V1ape would follow. V1ape shoved with a little more than 1.1 million with A♦K♥. SCHNEIDERF10 called with Q♣6♣, flopping another six. V1ape out, earning $443.15.

To the flop only...

Chips were changing hands but not much was getting further than the flop. mazek0201 took a turn betting big. Actually the bets were around four big blinds but the graphic showed a stack that in real life would be up to your chin. Instead it went up to the chin on Morier139's avatar in the seat above. mazek0201 benefited from this manoeuvre, reaching the first break with more than 9 million, nearly double what he'd started with.

Again talk of a deal reappeared.

"Minimum deal," said faQ111. He had mazek0201 at "minimum", who immediately agreed.

Morier139 was having none of it. "Play it out," they said, to which thaleskoppe, who by now was the short stack with 2.1 million, agreed with admirable pluck. In the best traditions of the game thaleskope was ready to play to the end or bust trying. He tried, he busted. Two minutes later in fact. His pocket sixes no good against mazek0201 who paired his ace on the river.

Please hold the line...

It was about now that Morier137 was first disconnected. It lasted only a few seconds and nobody said anything, but it would later prove fatal. But for now Morier137 still held the lead and could afford the odd unscheduled break. Morier137 was soon back and, as the only one who could afford to call, was paying off the short stack SCHNIEDERF10. But SCHNEIDERF10 would be out moments later in sixth place:

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That gave pitrola84 new momentum, up to 16 million. Morier139 was hardly finished but had peaked. Soon Morier139 was paying off MUFC9999 before another three-way all-in occurred between Morier139, mazek0201 and pitrola84:

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Another split but there was no doubt who had come off worst. Morier139 dropped to 18 million while pitrola84 sprang into the lead with 26 million, just ahead of MUFC9999 with 24 million. Pitrola84 posted a smiley face in the comments box. Morier139 was also feeling chatty.

"Deal?" Perhaps Morier139 been hoping to halt his downturn. Perhaps his phone battery was running out.

Mazek0201 replied "yes. Need numbers."

"get mod," said Morier139.

As is standard across events like this, a deal can only be discussed of all players agree to talk and satisfy the moderator that this is so. Mazek0201 asked if everybody was interested and faQ111 said they were. But there was ominous silence from the corners of pitrola84 and MUFC9999.

"Sorry," said MUFC9999. They would play on.

In the cut off...

Morier139 showed new flashes of life but then came another disconnection. Had Morier139 lost his signal? Had the cost of playing all night on a mobile device meant his battery had expired?

mazek0201: mobile phone empty _D

Play paused as they waited. It was hard not to picture a man frantically trying to establish a connection, watching a small icon on his phone spin round and round and round, swearing at it. The others were quick to show their concern.

mazek0201: host, how long will this stay???

After four minutes the dealer folded Morier139's hand.

faQ111: what a luck
mazek0201: ....
faQ111: blinds are growing
(the clock had been stopped)
mazek0201: host?
(pause for effect)
Felix the host: yes?
MUFC9999: Come on
mazek0201: how long this disconnection?

The players were growing frustrated but host Felix pointed out that while there was nothing he could do each would receive the same treatment in the same position. This kind of worked.

mazek0201: yeah that's ok but will be all the time.

He was right. Next faQ111 moved all-in for 5.1 million. mazek0201 called. Morier139 sat with his avatar flashing for a while. By now Morier139 had no doubt tried turning his mobile device off and turning it on again. They'd probably given up on reason and taken to shouting. Or perhaps Morier139 was on the way to work, walking the streets outside their place of work, phone held high in the air and trying to sniff out a good signal?
faQ111 was signing off for good too.

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That moved mazek0201 up to 19.2 million with four players remaining. The stacks were almost even with the absent Morier139, shading it a little, although not for long. MUFC9999 was in the ascendant, and the others were growing impatient. Morier139, whose phone was no doubt at the bottom of a canal, continued to flash.

"why isn't he sit out?" said mazek0201. "It would be faster," forgetting that he would need to log on to sit out.

Is there anybody there..?

Whatever Morier139 was doing, his mental state would not have been improved by the size of his stack, which had shrunk by 10 million since his disconnection began. Everyone had now taken to ignoring Morier139. At first there had been concern, now there was just irritation. Morier139 was now Gregor Samsa, no longer accepted as human; the others hoping that he would disappear sooner rather than later and not hold everything up for 14 seconds a hand.

mazek0201 then made his move with pocket tens:

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With three players left it looked like this:

pitrola84: 31 million
MUFC9999: 30.4 million
Morier139: 8.8 million

pitrola84 and MUFC spent a few hands swapping the lead before the inevitable demise of Morier139, who by now may well have been on his back somewhere, his arms and legs clawing at the air, powerless to do anything about it.

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pitrola84 then said something vulgar to mark Morier139's passing.

As if they'd been merely been waiting for Morier139 to stop flashing, the chips went in on the very next hand, bringing Event #5 to a close. Q♠8♠ for MUFC9999 against the A♠J♥ for pitrola84. MUFC9999 caught an eight on the flop and a queen on the turn. Congratulations to MUFC9999. Help yourself to caffeine and take the rest of the day off.

1. MUFC9999 (United Kingdom) $5,769.96
2. pitrola84 (Serbia) $4,185.31
3. Morier139 (United Kingdom) $3,200.53
4. mazek0201 (Germany) $2,215.75
5. faQ111 (Romania) $1,723.36
6. SCHNEIDERF10 (Brazil) $1,230.97
7. thaleskoppe (Brazil) $837.06
8. V1ape (Russia) $443.15
9. neoivan1987 (Venezuela) $295.43

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