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MicroMillion 6: STOPLOSSE6 starts winning, taking the Event #25 title ($3.30 NL Hold'em Ante Up)

Do you ever find yourself, either at home or at work, asking yourself "where did all the time go?" Well, I think I have the answer. It goes into Ante-up tournaments.

Next time you sense the time flying by understand that it's being sucked away by an ante-up variation of no-limit hold'em taking place so far, a game designed to test your patience and the quality of your caffeine in a drawn out battle of attrition. Out of decency there's only ever one in each COOP or MicroMillions, the latest won rather convincingly by STOPLOSSE6.

E25 final.jpg
The final table begins

STOPLOSSE6 becomes the third Russian to win a MicroMillions6 title, another convincing performance from one of poker's super powers, overcoming lepsOnn in a one-sided heads up battle. But first, 100 minutes of preamble.

Seat 1. Lamujen (Denmark) 6,283,240
Seat 2. STOPLOSSE6 (Russia) 1,482,613
Seat 3. Malimisko (Croatia) 3,999,890
Seat 4. lepsOnn (Netherlands) 4,563,531
Seat 5. ROSCO$TAR (Australia) 392,726
Seat 6. Feruz0606 (Uzbekistan) 2,696,015
Seat 7. SFMarques (Portugal) 4,466,265 (approx.)
Seat 8. BizzZNessS (Russia) 2,274,680
Seat 9. Nicolas_zeba (Uruguay) 3,841,040

Having talked up the nature of ante-up events being slow to play out, the first few minutes of the final could hardly described as text book.

STOPLOSSE6 , one of the shorter stacks at the start, shoved and doubled up in one of the first hands, his ace-queen better than Nicolas_zeba's ace-jack. Then Nicolas_zeba shoved and split a pot with SFMarques, both showing ace-king.

Then a huge hand that sent two players to the rail.

So far then, this was nothing like the ante-up event of old. With ROSCO$TAR and BizzZNessS gone Nicolas_zeba quickly found himself to be the short stack, blinking first in a raising war against Lamujen. This left him with few options but to shove, which he did -- another three-way all-in hand with 8 million chips in the pot.

The relentless pace of the eliminations didn't stop there. The dust had hardly settled on Nicolas_zeba's exit when Malimisko joined him on the rail, all-in with ten-seven off-suit against SFMarques 's queen-ten. He departed in sixth.

With the ante now 100,000 Lamujen began to pull away, soon up to the ten million mark. Meanwhile Feruz0606 was playing the role of the short stack, reduced to a meagre 240,000 big blinds.

He shoved enough to climb back up to 3 million, keeping out of trouble as the blinds increased even further. But that relief was short-lived and he was soon forced to make a move, shoving on a flop of 9♠Q♦J♥ with ten-six hoping to persuade STOPLOSSE6 it wasn't worth his while calling. He'd found queen-six though, and did just that, sending Feruz0606 to the rail.

Up to now Lamujen had been the most convincing player. The lead held at the start was now even more secure, up to nearly 12 million and seemingly invincible. But you can never really count on anything in poker, especially a lead, as Lamujen was about to find out.

Suddenly Lamujen was reduced to a mere mortal as STOPLOSSE6 assumed the lead with 14.6 million chips. As the shockwaves reverberated SFMarques made his way to the door, shoving for 2.3 million with ace-seven of spades. Lamujen may have been stunned but was eager to claw chips back, calling SFMarques with ace-jack.

Lamujen - 6.1 million
STOPLOSSE6 - 14.5 million
lepsOnn - 9.2 million

Indeed, it looked like Lamujen would swiftly resume the lead he'd lost as successive pots took him back up to 9.6 million. Would this be his renaissance? It looked likely. But again, you can never really count on anything going according to plan.

STOPLOSSE6 was now the overwhelming chip leader, with 23.5 million to lepsOnn 6.4 million. There was some movement between the stacks, lepsOnn occasionally winning a million here and there, but it was largely STOPLOSSE6 who dictated proceedings. It took time, more than half an hour of heads-up play, but he eventually got there, lepsOnn pushing again and again as his stack slipped to less than 3 million.

It had seemed Lamujen's to win, but STOPLOSSE6 proved ready to pounce when the moment came. He did so brilliantly to take the title and a first prize of $2,857.19. Congratulations on a great performance that was well worth the wait.

MicroMillions-025: $3.30 NL Hold'em [Ante Up]
Entrants: 6,081
Prize pool: $18,243.00
Places paid: 765

1st. STOPLOSSE6 (Russia) $2,857.19
2nd. lepsOnn (Netherlands) $2,125.30
3rd. Lamujen (Denmark) $1,505.04
4th. SFMarques (Portugal) $1,030.72
5th. Feruz0606 (Uzbekistan) $775.32
6th. malimisko (Croatia) $592.89
7th. nicolas_zeba (Uruguay) $410.46
8th. BizzZNessS (Russia) $228.03
9th. ROSCO$TAR (Australia) $145.94

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

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