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Micromillions 4: b$sl$ck2001 strikes big in Event #99 ($3.30 NLHE Turbo)

Ace on the river.

It's not just a metaphor or tale of poker and intrigue by Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein, it's an actual occurrence on the felt -- or internet. When all seems lost that final, beautiful ace to match the one in your hand makes everything right in poker.

It's saved many players before, but today an ace on the river won Event #99 for b$sl$ck2001.

b$sl$ck2001 started the final table near the middle of the pack and hung back while other players went at eachother. b$sl$ck2001 watched RyderRock take an immense lead and then snatched it away and won Event #99.

The penultimate tournament of Micromillions 4 drew 22,806 players and created a prize pool of $68,418. There were 3,150 players who would manage to cash in this event, but only one player could win it.

That would be b$sl$ck2001.

The final table


Seat 1: kostis8-2-81 -- 11,327,403
Seat 2: ste1121 -- 5,880,690
Seat 3: b$gsl$ck2001 -- 11,105,642
Seat 4: reimeralin -- 26,042,925
Seat 5: GarretWOGmas -- 6,694,232
Seat 6: yeres -- 17,292,280
Seat 7: RyderRock -- 17,087,194
Seat 8: meusel -- 5,925,663
Seat 9: domidusel -- 11,623,971

kostis8-2-81's stack was more than halved during the first few hands of play after raising to 2.4 million from middle position and getting called by RyderRock in the big blind.

The flop came K♠6♦2♦ and RyderRock checked-raised to 10.8 million after kostis8-2-81 bet 3.6 million. kostis8-2-81 folded and was down to 5 million. Three hands later, with 600K/1.2M blinds and a 150K anter, domidusel moved all-in from the small blind. kostis8-2-81 called with his remaining 4.6 million.

kostis8-2-81: K♦9♦
domidusel: J♦5♥

The 4♠5♠7♥ flop paired domidusel's hand and the 5♦ on the turned the pair into trips. domidusel was up to 18.6 million while kostis8-2-81 was out in 9th, earning $410.50.

Eigth place

After kostis8-2-81's elimination there'd be a series of double-ups. First, GarretWOGmas doubled to 10 million after hitting a 2♦ on the flop, defeating RyderRock's A♥J♣ with A♣2♣.

Then yeres doubled to 30.3 million against domidusel. The two went all-in preflop and yeres's A♠K♠ held up against domidusel's A♦J♠.

The hand crippled domidusel's stack and he went all-in against meusel a few hands later. domidusel held K♥9♠, dominating meusel's K♦4♠.

The board came 9♦A♦A♥5♦3♣ and domidusel was up to 8 million while meusel was left with 491,569.

Then reimeralin raised to 2.8 million the next hand and meusel called all-in.

reimeralin showed A♣T♥ and meusel was looking to improve his Q♦2♦. The 8♥J♦7♦4♣6♦ board gave meusel the flush and the double-ups continued.

There'd be a few more before RyderRock raised to 4 million from the hijack. ste1121 moved all-in for 5,245,104 from the small blind and RyderRock called.

ste1121 showed A♦J♦ and RyderRock was dominating with A♠Q♠. The board came 6♥3♥4♥A♥8♣ and ste1121 was out in 8th, winning $615.76.


There'd only be one double-up before we got our 7th place finisher. meusel had been short-stacked ever since he doubled domidusel up and had been hanging on for a while.

Then domidusel finished the other "sel" off. With 800K/1.6M blinds and a 200K ante, domidusel moved all-in for 18.6 million. meusel called all-in for 3.4 million from the big blind and showed 8♠5♥. domidusel turned over A♠T♦ and hit a T♥ on the flop.

meusel was out in 7th and got $961.27 for the final table finish.

Ride to the top

RyderRock had won a few big pots and chipped down a lot of players. While he started the final table third in chips, he was in an easy 1st with 35 million and 6 players to go.

Then RyderRock got a knockout.

With 1M/2M blinds and a 250K ante, yeres moved all-in for 5.1 million from the button. RyderRock called in the small blind and we had a flip. yeres showed A♥J♣ for his tournament life and RyderRock held T♣T♠.

The flop came T♦K♣4♦ and RyderRock's set brought us down to five players. yeres's 6th place finish came attached to a cash worth $1,368.36.

RyderRock struck again the very next hand.

reimeralin raised to 4 million from UTG and GarretWOGmas moved all-in for 8.9 million from the cutoff. RyderRock was in the button and 4-bet to 16 million. reimeralin and the blinds folded and GarretWOGmas was at risk.

GarretWOGmas appeared to be in good shape after showing T♥T♦ to RyderRocks 8♠8♣. But poker is cruel and the flop gave RyderRock an 8♥ and another set.

GarretWOGmas was out in 5th, earning $2,052.54. RyderRock was now up to 66.6 million, nearly two-thirds of the chips in play. The blinds were also at 1.25M/2.5M and a couple of blinds did big damage to reimeralin's stack. reimeralin managed to double up once but wouldn't get lucky the second time.

b$gsl$ck2001 raised to 7.5 million from the small blind and reimeralin called all-in from the big. b$gsl$ck2001 showed pocket 4s and reimeralin turned over 3s. The board came 5♣K♠5♥T♥9♠ and reimeralin was out in 4th, winning $2,736.72.


When play got three-handed the tournament was paused and players started discussing a deal.

After the numbers were crunched in the magical PokerStars ICM computer, the new payouts were:

RyderRock -- $5,561.31
domidusel -- $4,694.63
b$gsl$ck2001 -- $4,508.11

But some players wanted a bit more:

b$gsl$ck2001: ryder can u gimme 100 more?
domidusel: i want some more
domidusel: too ^^
b$gsl$ck2001: 100 to each
domidusel: 200 for me
RyderRock: i think the deal is not bad for both of you
RyderRock: i have more than 50% of all chips
domidusel: oh, i have no problem with playing
domidusel: more fun to play for the whole money
b$gsl$ck2001: so you don't wanna make a deal dom

Then RyderRock made some concessions:

RyderRock: lets make it 5.500 for me and extra 30 for both of you
domidusel: I want 4,900 at least
b$gsl$ck2001: gimme 50 and give dom 100
b$gsl$ck2001: now ur askin for 206?
domidusel: yeah than 4,894 ^^
RyderRock: 100 dom 50 b$
RyderRock: ok
RyderRock: ?

There was still $600 left over for first and players finally agreed.

RyderRock: not bad for 3$

Not bad indeed.

Losing the lead

RyderRock lost a few million and was down to 52 million when he doubled up domidusel.

With 1.5M/3M blinds and a 375K ante, RyderRock raised to 7.5 million from the button and domidusel moved all-in for 16.1 million from the small blind. RyderRock called, showed K♥4♣ and was up against domidusel's K♠Q♦. The 2♥6♥A♠3♥2♣ came close to giving RyderRock a straight but didn't. RyderRock was down to 36.3 million while domidusel was up to 36.5 million. b$gsl$ck2001 was in the lead with 41 million.

Then b$gsl$ck2001 took a massive lead:

domidusel was out in 3rd and earned the agreed upon $4,794.63.

Heads up

The heads-up match lasted seven hands, two of which saw an all-in and a call. b$gsl$ck2001 started the match with 86.3 million and RyderRock held 27.7 million. Players were folding the small blind or moving all-in without getting called. Then, on the fifth hand, b$gsl$ck2001 moved all-in from the small blind and RyderRock called.

b$gsl$ck2001: A♦4♥
RyderRock: A♠7♠

The board came 8♦J♥2♠6♠T♠ and RyderRock hit a flush to double up to 46.4 million. RyderRock won a few more million the next hand -- making players nearly even -- but lost everything after that.

b$gsl$ck2001 raised to 9 million and RyderRock moved all-in for 52,440,016. b$gsl$ck2001 called.

b$gsl$ck2001 showed A♣4♥ and was up against RyderRock's J♦J♣. Everything was looking good for RyderRock and the 7♣9♥6♠T♠ board made things look even better.

Then it came.

The ace on the river. The last card of the tournament was an A♥ and b$gsl$ck2001 won Event #99 for $5,158.11.

RyderRock finished runner-up for $5,411.31.

Micromillions 4 Event #99 ($3.30 NLHE Turbo) Results:

Entries: 22,806
Prize pool: $68,418
Places paid: 3,150

1st: b$gsl$ck2001 (Canada) -- $5,158.11*
2nd: RyderRock (Germany) -- $5,411.31*
3rd: domidusel (Germany) -- $4,794.63*
4th: reimeralin (Romania) -- $2,736.72
5h: GarretWOGmas (Romania) -- $2,052.54
6th: yeres (Chile) -- $1,368.36
7th: meusel (Austria)-- $961.27
8th: ste1121 (United Kingdom) -- $615.76
9th: kostis8-2-81 (Greece) -- $410.50

* Denotes a three-way deal.

Event #99 is over and the fourth installment of the Micromillions series is coming to a close. There have been dozens of events and millions of dollars were awarded for minimal entry fees. For a full list of results, statistics and the Micromillions leader board, visit the Micromillions homepage. Thanks to everyone who made Micromillions 4 another raging success, see you at the next one.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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