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MicroMillions 6: CloverZone tears through Event #99 ($3.30 NL Hold'em Turbo)

Things went fast in Event #99.

The $3.30 Turbo got 21,114 entrants and it took them only five hours to get down to the final nine players. From there, it only took CloverZone 23 minutes to take the title of MicroMillions champion and $6,347.49.

While CloverZone took the biggest share of the prize pool, a total of 2,700 players cashed for a minimum of $6.33.

From then on, players continued to drop mercilessly until the final table, where the average stack was just under 12 big blinds.


Seat 1: VoodooGeek - 17,950,968
Seat 2: 6fives - 9,006,742
Seat 3: Narcizego - 9,263,238
Seat 4: vp1985 - 9,099,496
Seat 5: Glen High - 10,222,412
Seat 6: Evil_Luci - 5,220,137
Seat 7: monts1977 - 5,146,290
Seat 8: it5tricky - 29,702,963
Seat 9: CloverZone - 9,957,754

Blinds started at 500K/1M with a 125K ante and CloverZone doubled up on the first hand of play. He then stayed near the top of the leaderboard for the rest of the tournament, only losing the lead to VoodooGeek for a few hands.

it5tricky moved all-in for 29.58 million from the cutoff and CloverZone called all-in for 9.83 million. it5tricky turned over K♥2♥ and was up against CloverZone's 9♠9♣.

The board ran 4♥T♦T♣6♣A♠ and CloverZone took the lead with 22.17 million while it5tricky dipped to 19.75 million.

One down

Blinds went up to 600K/1.2M with a 150K ante when we had our first elimination.

Evil_Luci moved all-in for 4.08 million from middle position and VoodooGeek called from the small blind. It was an old-fashioned flip when VoodooGeek showed 2♦2♠ to Evil_Luci's A♥K♥.

The Q♥6♦T♣T♠4♦ board was devoid of any aces, kings or combination of cards that would give the short stack the lead and Evil_Luci finished 9th, earning $380.05.

This hand put VoodooGeek up to 22.3 million and Swiss player then won a few more pots and took over the lead.

Back on top

Then CloverZone struck back. First, he shared an elimination.

CloverZone raised to 2.8 million from early position and 6fives called all-in for just 998,032. Glen High moved all-in for 9.93 million from the small blind and CloverZone called.

6fives: K♥3♥
Glen High: J♣J♦
CloverZone: A♣J♥

The board ran 8♣T♠8♦7♠9♦ and everyone who held a jack hit a straight on the river. 6fives won $570.07 for finishing 8th while Glen High chipped up to 11.63 million and CloverZone's stack grew to 25.34 million.

CloverZone was still a few million short of the lead, but that changed just two hands later.

Blinds were up to 700K/1.4M with a 175K ante and it5tricky moved all-n for 15.47 million from the small blind. CloverZone called with K♥T♥ and was up against it5tick's A♥5♥.

CloverZone hit a K♣ on the flop and it5tricky was out in 7th, a finish worth $950.13. CloverZone on the other hand took a large lead with 41.68 million.

Sitting back

CloverZone's lead stayed constant while the smaller stacks stepped over each other to keep from drowning in the massive blinds.

First Narcizego raised to 5.6 million from the small blind and vp1985 called all-in for 3.30 million. vp1985 was in a rough spot after showing 7♥4♣ to Narcizego's K♠K♥.

The board brought no help for vp1985 and the Ukranian player earned $1,583.55 for finishing 6th.

Then Narcizego ran into a big pair.

Narcizego moved all-in for 8.85 million from the small blind and Glen High called from the big.

Narcizego: 4♦4♠
Glen High: A♦A♣

The board brought no fours for Narcizego and he was eliminated in 5th for $2,216.97.

Then, with 800K/1.6M blinds and a 200K ante, monts1977 moved all-in for 5.26 million from the button. VoodooGeek called from the big blind with K♦T♣ while monts1977 showed 9♥7♥.

The board ran 2♥2♠3♠8♥A♦ and monts1977 was eliminated in 4th place, earning $2,850.

Three to one

CloverZone started three-handed with 51.36 million while VoodooGeek had 26.1 million and Glen High held 28.11 million.

All these chips then amassed under one giant stack in two key hands.

Blinds were up to 1M/2M with a 250K ante and VoodooGeek moved all-in for 25.35 million from the small blind. Glen High just had 20.81 million and called all-in from the big.

VoodooGeek showed K♥8♥ while Glen High tabled A♥A♣.

It was a brutal crack for the aces as the flop came A♠K♠J♠ to give Glen High a set. Then the turn brought a K♦ and Glen High hit a full house.

The only card that VoodooGeek needed to avoid was a K♣.

River: K♣

VoodooGeek hit quads and Glen High was eliminated with aces full of kings. Glen High won $3,800.52 as a consolation prize for finishing 3rd and the tournament went heads-up.

VoodooGeek started the match with 46.91 million while CloverZone still had the lead with 58.66 million.

Things didn't change much until the 5th hand of play:

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The bluff ended with a 2nd place finish and $5,058.49 payday for VoodooGeek. This made CloverZone the champion of the penultimate MicroMillions 6 event, a title that came with a $6,347 payday.

MicroMillions-99: $3.30 NL Holdem Turbo
Entrants: 21,114
Prize pool: $63,342.00
Places paid: 2,700

1. CloverZone (Hungary) $6,347.49
2. VoodooGeek (Switzerland) $5,058.49
3. Glen High (Canada) $3,800.52
4. monts1977 (Portugal) $2,850.39
5. Narcizego (Portugal) $2,216.97
6. vp1985 (Ukraine) $1,583.55
7. it5tricky (United Kingdom) $950.13
8. 6fives (United Kingdom) $570.07
9. Evil_Luci (Germany) $380.05

And so concludes Event #99. The sixth installment of the MicroMillions has come to an end but there'll be more madness in the future. Stay tuned for more updates here at the PokerStars Blog.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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