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MicroMillions 6: Is nice for GQ*OpsS as the Kazakh wins Event #5 ($3.30 NLHE) and $5,855.08

Would you like to earn your next eight months wages in a little under ten hours? I assume the answer to that question, in poker lingo, would be 'snap call.' That's what GQ*OpsS, who hails from Kazakhstan, managed when he took down event #5 of the MicroMillions 6 for $5,855.08. That amount equates to over eight times the average monthly wage in Kazakhstan, which is $718 according to Wikipedia.

Event#5 was the first straight up, no frills, full-ring no-limit Hold'em tournament on the schedule and 15,583 players fancied a bit of familiarity. That meant that the guaranteed prize pool of $25,000 was obliterated with $46,749.00 in the pot to be divided between 2,025 players. The last to leave empty handed was Koudy_Man and when after eight hours and 42 minutes scizz111's A♥T♠ was outdrawn by gochoman's A♣7♣ the final table was set.

League of Nations
The final table was a veritable smorgasbord of nationalities as nine countries were represented.

MicroMillions_6_event 5_final table.jpg

Seat 1: kcrommpz, Canada, 9,966,386
Seat 2: gochoman, Mexico, 14,790,271
Seat 3: TheMarkis13, Brazil, 4,948,132
Seat 4: Christophee1, Belguim, 2,645,250
Seat 5: CrazyChips0, Estonia, 9,607,954
Seat 6: Lukasz211, Poland, 3,116,140
Seat 7: rushnvotka, Russia, 18,945,869
Seat 8: As de Leon, Argentina, 2,458,054 (sitting out)
Seat 9: GQ*OpsS, Kazakhstan, 11,436,944

As you can see there was a player sitting out which meant, with blinds at 150,000/300,000, ante 37,500 the short stacks had a delicate balancing act of laddering by letting As de Leon blind out or going for a double up to give themselves a shot at winning. With $280.49 for ninth and $5,855.08 for first it was a tough decision.

It didn't take long to find out which side of the line Christophee1 had set his stall out on, Just five hands into the final table he three-bet all-in with A♥J♥, gochoman, who was the original raiser, called with A♣Q♦ and we were down the the elite eight.

Leon the ladderer

Could Leon ladder again? Yes he could! With 400,000 of his 558,054 in the big blind - meaning he'd be out next hand - Lukasz211, who was down to under a million in chips, committed what some might call ICM suicide. He called all-in with pocket jacks after kcrommpz had raised to a million even with A♠8♠. An ace on the flop meant just seven remained. This became six after As de Leon was eliminated on the next hand. The Argentinian collected $818.10 for that finish and when he gets back online he'll find he's scored his biggest ever cash on PokerStars.

With the rush for the exits most players were now comfortably stacked, only TheMarkis13 was in that dangerous zone of having less than 10 big blinds. The Brazilian soon took a stand with A♥5♥ but ran into rushnvotka's pocket queens to exit in sixth, his $1,262.22 was nearly $1,000 larger than the South American's previous best of $307.

Starters for ten

At this stage the eventual winner was playing the role of the 'grey man' he was sitting pretty in second place but had yet to play a significant part in the final table, content to sit back and watch the carnage unfold. Well that would all change in the next ten hands as the Kazakh scored two knock-outs to claim over half the chips in play.

First GQ*OpsS eliminated gochorman in what was a pre-flop cooler. The latter held pocket tens - and four-bet jammed for a shade over 23 big blinds, GQ*OpsS held aces and they held to send a near 24m chip pot and the chip lead to Kazakhstan.

Then in the hand of the final table he got a little fortunate to eliminate kcrommpz in fourth when he flopped a set to outdraw kcrommpz's overpair and then just for good measure rivered quads!

RSS readers click through to see replay

So going into three-handed play GQ*OpsS had almost 43m of the near 78m in play and it didn't take long for his two opponents to decide that they should amalgamate chip stacks so one of them had a fair shot in heads-up play. In fact it took just six hands of three-handed play for three to become two.

CrazyChips0 was down to around 22 big blinds when he and rushnvotka took a 8♥Q♣4♥ the chips flew in with rushnvotka showing pocket aces which were way ahead of CrazyChips0's Q♥J♥. Running fives saw the Estonian out in third for $3,132.18. Remarkably this was the Estonian's third cash of MicroMillions 6, having already finished 2,158th in event #1 and 506th in event #4. An early leader board contender then.

Heads-up chip counts
Nine had become two in a little over 25 minutes this meant that going into heads-up play at 250.000/500,000, ante 62,500 both players had fairly deep stacks

Seat 7: rushnvotka, Russia, 35,522,409
Seat 9: GQ*OpsS, Kazakhstan, 42,392,591

Indeed heads-up play would near double the length of the final table as it lasted for 29 hands and around 20 minutes including a break. For the first half of it rushnvotka had the upper hand but on the 17th hand of heads-up play GQ*OpsS would win the crucial hand and the biggest pot of the tournament when, in an all-in pre-flop encounter his pocket tens held up against the pocket eights of rushnvotka.

RSS readers click through to see replay

That pot put GQ*OpsS firmly in control and despite rushnvotka getting one double up the Russian couldn't get a second. He committed his chips on a 8♠5♠6♥ flop with J♣6♣ and was ahead of the 5♦4♦ of of GQ*Ops he stayed infront on the Q♠ turn but the 4♠ river gave GQ*OpsS two-pair and the title.

Congratulations to GQ*OpsS on a great performance.

MicroMillions-005: $3.30 NL Hold'em
Entrants: 15,583
Prize pool: $46,749
Places paid: 2,025

1st. GQ*OpsS, Kazakhstan, $5,855.08
2nd. rushnvotka, Russia, $4,081.18
3rd. CrazyChips0, Estonia. $3,132.18
4th. kcrommpz, Canada, $2,197.20
5th. gochoman, Mexico, $1,729.71
6th. TheMarkis13, Brazil, $1,262.22
7th. As de Leon, Argentina, $818.10
8th. Lukasz211, Poland, $420.74
9th. Christophee1. Belgium, $280.49

There's over $5 million guaranteed during the MicroMillions 6 series, with 100 fantastic events running through until November 28th across a wide range of poker disciplines. Head to the MicroMillions 6 home page to see the full schedule as well as statistics, coverage, leader boards and much more.

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