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MicroMillions 6: mark_999 rallies to win Sunday Storm Special Edition and Event #97 $11 NL

It was a revolutionary type of day for mark_999. The Canadian advanced to the final table of MicroMillions 6 Event #97, yet he found himself near the back of the pack. mark_999 waited for the perfect moment to peak at the right time. Along the way, he snapped off pocket Queens with a fortuitous flop, and in another hand, his own pocket Kings held up in a decisive pot. However, mark_999 still found himself as the short stack when he took part in a money chop with three players remaining. Even though he was way behind, mark_999 was not deterred one bit. He somehow got heads-up and woke up with pocket Aces at the perfect time. He avoided an elimination and picked up a timely double up. On the very next hand, mark_999 delivered a stunning knock out blow to successfully complete a come-from-behind victory and win MicroMillions Event #97.

MicroMillions 6 Event #97 $11 NL also doubled as the Sunday Storm Special Edition, which drew in 52,491 runners. They created a prize pool worth $524,910, which was significantly more than the guaranteed prize pool of 300K. The top 6,633 places paid out with $38,110.83 set aside to the eventual champion. That is a juicy dividend on a mere $11 investment.

The Sunday Storm progressed at a rapid pace. Three hours passed before the money bubble popped. Over 90% of the field was liquidated in the first 3.5 hours.

The frantic pace slowed down during the final two tables. Action went hand-for-hand with ten to go, and flaviusff leading the way with over 50 million. Slovakia's KovTa bubbled off the final table in tenth place when A♦J♠ unfortunately lost to mark_999's K♥8♦ after mark_999 flopped two pair. With KovTa's bustout, the final table of nine was set.


Event #97 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: patrik2003 (37,534,946)
Seat 2: TheCTrain (25,509,603)
Seat 3: Sevathebes46 (16,574,678)
Seat 4: mark_999 (22,235,169)
Seat 5: flaviusff (56,278,605)
Seat 6: seby cacho (12,396,885)
Seat 7: TocalaSam (48,524,796)
Seat 8: StackYou780 (9,760,692)
Seat 9: HAL7000 (33,639,626)

The final table for this Sunday Storm Special commenced during Level 49 with blinds at 325K/650K and a 65K ante. Romania's flaviusff held the lead with 56.2 million, while StackYou780 clung to the short stack with a shade under 10 million.

StackYou780 eliminated in 9th place

The final table played out almost three full levels before someone busted. And it was one heck of a cooler... seby cacho opened to 2.4 million, StackYou780 bombed it all-in for 14,701,384 with K♦K♠, and seby cacho called with J♥J♦. The board ran out 6♥4♠2♠J♣4♣. seby cacho turned a set of Jacks and rivered a boat to win the pot. StackYou780 had Kings brutally cracked and became the first player to bust at the final table. StackYou780 took home $2,005.15 for a ninth-place finish.

TheCTrain eliminated in 8th place

TheCTrain min-raised to 2 million, mark_999 bumped it up to 5,454,599, TheCTrain moved all-in for 10,813,911, and mark_999 called. TheCTrain led with Q♠Q♦ against mark_999's A♠Q♣. The board ran out A♦K♠4♥5♣4♣. TheCTrain's Queens were cracked and mark_999 won the pot with two pair -- Aces and fours. For eighth place, TheCTrain collected $3,401.41.

With seven remaining, HAL7000 took over the lead with 50 million, but mark_999 was not far behind with 49 million.

Sevathebes46 eliminated in 7th place

Wrong time to get ambushed by cowboys. patrik2003 min-raised to 2.4 million, Sevathebes46 re-raised to 4.8 million, mark_999 four-bet to 13.2 million, patrik2003 folded, and Sevathebes46 called all-in for 4,549,678. Sevathebes46 made a final stand with A♥8♥, but he ran into mark_999's K♠K♦. The board ran out K♣Q♥4♣4♦6♠. mark_999 flopped a set of Kings and turned a boat. Sevathebes46 failed to improve and hit the virtual rail in seventh place, which paid out $4.986.64.

With six to go, mark_999 took over the chip lead with 61 million.

HAL7000 eliminated in 6th place

Short-stacked HAL7000 open-shoved for 15,456,121 with Q♦T♥ and monster-stacked mark_999 called with A♦T♦. The board ran out K♦9♣7♦9♠4♠. HAL7000 flopped a gutshot draw, but neither player improved by the river. mark_999 won the pot with an Ace-high kicker. HAL7000 was taken offline in sixth place, which paid out $7,180.76.

TocalaSam eliminated in 5th place

Action did not play out five-handed for more than an orbit before someone bowed out. seby cacho min-raised to 3.2 million, TocalaSam bombed it all-in for 23,615,897 with A♦2♥, and seby cacho called with A♥Q♦. seby cacho was ahead and his hand would hold up when the board ran out 7♣5♠4♦T♠T♦. TocalaSam flopped a Wheel gutshot draw, but failed to get there. Portugal's TocalaSam was knocked out in fifth place, which paid out $10,755.40.

With four players remaining, mark_999 was the leader with 98.4 million, seby cacho was second with 85.4 million, patrik2003 was third with 48.9 million, and flaviusff brought up the rear with 29.6 million.

flaviusff eliminated in 4th place

With four to go... mark_999 min-raised to 4 million, flaviusff re-raised all-in for 28,055,668, patrik2003 called, but mark_999 folded. patrik2003 led with A♥K♥ versus flaviusff's K♦J♥. The board ran out Q♥5♥3♥8♠7♥. patrik2003 flopped an Ace-high flush, which held up. For fourth place, flaviusff earned $14,345.79.


With three remaining, action was paused to discuss a deal. At that juncture, patrik2003 held the lead with 98.5 million, seby cacho was second with 83.3 million, and mark_999 was the "shorty' with 80.5 million. They agreed to the following terms with $6,000 left on the table to the eventual champion:

patrik2003 - $26,851.33
seby cacho - $25,481.35
mark_999 - $25,230.10

With a deal in place, play resumed.

seby cacho eliminated in 3rd place

seby cacho min-raised to 5 million, patrik2003 re-raised to 42.5 million with A♠3♦, and seby cacho called all-in for 24,701,051 with K♦T♥. The board ran out J♣4♥4♣3♠8♦ and patrik200 won the pot with two pair -- fours and treys. seby cacho failed to improve, and headed to the rail in third place, which paid out $25,481.35.

HEADS-UP: patrik2003 (Hungary) vs. mark_999 (Canada)
Seat 1: patrik2003 (126,939,109)
Seat 4: mark_999 (135,515,891)

With two remaining, it was a relatively close race, even though mark_999 held a slight lead.

On the second hand of heads up, patrik2003 won a 70 million pot and seized the lead. However, mark_999 got the lead right back after patrik2003 four-bet shoved with A♠T♦ and mark_999 woke up with A♥A♦. Aces held up and mark_999 won a pot worth 240 million. It was all over on the ensuing hand.

patrik2003 eliminated in 2nd place; mark_999 wins Sunday Storm and MicroMillions Event #97

Trailing 240 million to 22.4 million, patrik2003 got his remaining stack all-in preflop with 6♥3♥ and mark_999 called with A♣4♣. The flop was A♦7♦5♥ and patrik2003 picked up a gutshot draw. The turn was the 8♠ and patrik2003 picked up more outs with an open-ended straight draw. The river was the T♣. patrik2003 failed to improve and only held Ace-high, which meant he busted in second place. mark_999 faded a straight and won the pot with a pair of Aces to properly bink Event #97.

For a sensational runner-up performance, Hungary's patrik2003 took home $26,851.33.

Congrats to Canada's mark_999, won earned $31,230.10 for an impressive first place victory in Event #97. mark_999 won a MicroMillions 6 event, which also doubled as the Sunday Storm Special Edition.

View the final hand via the replayer:

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MicroMillions-097 $11 NL Hold'em [Sunday Storm Special Edition]
Entrants: 52,491
Prize pool: $524,910.00
Place paid: 6,663

1. mark_999 (Canada) - $31,230.10 **
2. patrik2003 (Hungary) - $26,851.33 **
3. seby cacho (Argentina) - $25,481.35 **
4. flaviusff (Romania) - $14,345.79
5. TocalaSam (Portugal) - $10,755.40
6. HAL7000 (Czech Republic) - $7,180.76
7. Sevathebes46 (Ukraine) - $4,986.64
8. TheCTrain (Canada) - $3,401.41
9. StackYou780 (Canada) - $2,005.15

** Denotes a deal among the final three players

Visit the MicroMillions 6 home page to see who currently sits atop the leader board.

Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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