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MicroMillions 6: Nothing random about rAndom0mG's win in Event #16 ($2.20 NL Hold'em)

Do spectators, such as in the case of the 219 who watched the conclusion of Event 16 of MicroMillions 6, take sides in a heads-up duel when one player resolutely refuses to deal?

There is something quite chilling about such an occasion, which happened four-handed, three-handed and two-handed, and which was always vetoed by Russian player rAndom0mG. But then rAndom0mG seemed unperturbed by such pleasantries and was instead happy to enter the pantheon of great Russian villains, such as Teddy KGB, Rosa Klebb and Ivan Drago, for he is now the superb winner of a MicroMillions title and a first prize of $3,117.69.

E16 final pic.jpg
Play gets underway at the final table with rAndom0mG ahead

I've seen deals take hours to negotiate, even players come close to fisticuffs over the numbers in front of them, but nothing is as powerful as this no-surrender approach to poker. There's a finality that is part mean, part admirable, and rAndom0mG gloried in both to lead the final table from start to finish.

Here's how things looked nine-handed.

Seat 1. DarkSidesSky (Poland) 12,284,410
Seat 2. S.A.V.all in (Russia) 3,913,159
Seat 3. Sirlanko (Bulgaria) 5,081,505
Seat 4. Gutene5 (Poland) 6,303,621
Seat 5. rAndom0mG (Russia) 12,940,724
Seat 6. VTomi24 (Slovakia) 2,137,101
Seat 7. AKQJ10LT (Lithuania) 6,165,680
Seat 8. Jimany880 (Cyprus) 4,246,678
Seat 9. Onytheone (Romania) 1,815,872

The blinds of 100k/200k were already pretty steep as play reached the final table, and three players could boast no more than ten big blinds. Meanwhile rAndom0mG moved up to 14 million after an uncontested first hand.

Short stacks there may have been but the preliminary action was about double-ups rather than eliminations. Onytheone, S.A.V.all in and Jimany880 all managed this before Gutene5 departed in ninth, moving in with 650,000 and running ace-six into rAndom0mG's three-four off. Gutene5 didn't count on a flopped three.

Seconds later Onytheone joined him on the rail, shoving under the gun with 2.2 million holding pocket tens, only for Jimany880's Ace-Queen to be paired on the flop, and two-paired on the river. That tied Jimany880 for the lead.

After the first break and another hike in the blinds, rAndom0mG continued to pull away as others scuffled between themselves. Again it was a story of double ups, Sirlanko doing so through the big spending rAndom0mG. VTomi24 did the same through AKQJ10LT to keep his stack alive. Watching enviously though was S.A.V.all in who looked for a similar outcome with his king-ten, but came up against DarkSidesSky's ace-queen.

Crushed by this, AKQJ10LT did the only logical thing, he asked for a deal. At this point the silence was deafening and it would stay so while he departed in sixth place, running Queen-Three into VTomi24 pocket aces; followed by Jimany880 in fifth place, his ace outkicked by Sirlanko.

Now it was time to talk. Or was it?

VTomi24 seemed as keen as Sirlanko but the others not so much. DarkSidesSky and rAndom0mG remained silent, the latter reaching 19 million after forcing VTomi24 to fold a hand to a three-bet.

rAndom0mG - 21.7 million
Sirlanko - 13.2 million
VTomi24 - 11.3 million
DarkSidesSky - 8.7 million

Amid the tumbleweed DarkSidesSky moved all-in with ace-ten. rAndom0mG called him with ace-king on the button for an 18 million chip pot.

Again talk turned to a deal. Or some of it did. VTomi24 suggested it, Sirlanko agreed with it, but rAndom0mG nixed it. As the VTomi24 and Sirlanko waited, rAndom0mG prepared his response, eventually typing "play)" into the chat box. He had spoken. This was Drago saying "I must break you" to Balboa. Two Balboas!

So they slogged on, rAndom0mG's 30 million chips casting an ominous shadow over the other two stacks of roughly 11 million each. It would get better for rAndom0mG, moving up to 35 million, and he kept the lead even when allowing VTomi24 to double through him.

The double-ups would continue. VTomi24 through Sirlanko, then again for a second time to snatch the lead. It left Sirlanko first on the ropes and then on the rail, out in third place.

Suddenly elevated to the position of leadership VTomi24 took the initiative and offered rAndom0mG a straight 50-50 deal. The outcome was predictable.

"No," said rAndom0mG. This was Drago saying "I win for me. For me!"

And so the 219 spectators picked a side and watched rAndom0mG destroy VTomi24 in about four minutes, a series of pots scooped up without a card being shown. Those of a sensitive disposition should know that I doubt VTomi24 would have felt a thing.

Movie cliché aside, it was a superlative performance from rAndom0mG who looked unstoppable all the way through. Congratulations to him on a terrific win. The rest of MicroMillions field has been warned.

MicroMillions-016: $2.20 NL Hold'em
Entrants: 11,109
Prize pool: $22,218.00
Places paid: 1,440

1st. rAndom0mG (Russia) $3,117.69
2nd. VTomi24 (Slovakia) $2,266.23
3rd. sirlanko (Bulgaria) $1,599.69
4th. DarkSidesSky (Poland) $1,110.90
5th. Jimany880 (Cyprus) $888.72
6th. AKQJ10LT (Lithuania) $666.54
7th. S.A.V.all in (Russia) $444.36
8th. onytheone (Romania) $222.18
9th. GuteneS (Poland) $151.08

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

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