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MicroMillions 6: ramastar88 masters the field in Event #32 ($11 NLH Sunday Storm Special Edition)

PokerStars Sunday Storm is one of most popular weekly tournaments with a small buy-in and $300,000 guarantee every Sunday. It draws the some of the biggest fields and the MicroMillions special edition brought out nearly 50,000 grinders.

The final tally for Event #32 was 48,694 entrants creating an incredible $486,940 prizepool for just $11. The top five spots will all add a 5-digit payout to their bankroll with the winner earning $35,556. A lot of tournaments don't draw 6,300 players but that's just number of players who made the money in MicroMillion Sunday Storm Special Edition.

Despite the large turnout, it took under 10 hours for the field to play down to the final table and a lot of heavy lifting late was done by peppe1972. The German came to the final table with 26 million more chips than second lace pepawinn and 14-times more than short stack zima_blizko.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: efesevgican (43,673,097 in chips)
Seat 2: zima_blizko (4,227,806 in chips)
Seat 3: ramastar88 (34,607,902 in chips)
Seat 4: peppe1972 (61,704,165 in chips)
Seat 5: shtefone (23,319,897 in chips)
Seat 6: pepawinn (35,155,366 in chips)
Seat 7: gramigna635 (9,368,261 in chips)
Seat 8: BoT-AccounT (18,643,106 in chips)
Seat 9: murray3004 (12,770,400 in chips)

Blinds: 315k/650k with 65k antes

gramigna635 grabs a shot, eliminated in 9th

zima_blizko began the final table with the shortest stack but found two quick doubles to move up the leaderboard. In the meantime, gramigna635 was not getting much going and moved all-in for just under 6 million from UTG+1.

Action folded around the ramaster88 on the button who flatted the raise before the blinds let their hand go. gramigna635 found himself in a coinflip situation with K♣Q♥ up against J♥J♣. Looking for overcards or some draw combination, the 6♦5♠3♥ flop brought no love followed by the blank 8♥ turn and 7♦ river to send gramigna635 out in 9th place for $1,923.

zima_blizko falls short, eliminated in 8th

zima_blizko had done well to hit two doubles just after the final table formed and decided to try it again, this time running into a domination hand. efesevgican min-raised to 1,600,000 from the button which zima_blizko might have read for weak because he responded with shove for 12,037,224.

efesevgican was not weak and showed A♣K♦ ahead of zima_blizko's A♥9♥. efesevgican improved his hand even further on the K♥T♦4♦ leaving zima_blizko looking for running cards to stay alive. It was a little interesting when zima_blizko paired on the 9♦ turn but was not given a reprieve with the 2♠ river. zima_blizko did well to get back in the game but was knocked out in 8th place for $3,262.

shtefone phones home, eliminated in 7th

shtefone was the quiet one at the final table and dropped half of the chips from the start of the final table. Playing tight might have made opponents rethink shtefone's hand range but the chipleader can take chances.

efesevgican opened the action for a min-raise and ramastar88 three-bet to 3,800,000 before shtefone put in a fourth bet for his final 12,128,285. efesevgican thought better of it and folded before ramastar88 called to race with the JackAce.

shtefone: 9♦9♥
efesevgican: A♣J♥

The 8♦8♠8♥ looked pretty but gave efesevgican an extra out for the elimination but the K♣ on the turn was not one of them. The river can be cruel and the A♥ did it this time to give efesevgican a bigger chiplead and send shtefone out of the tournament in 7th place for $4,786.

BoT-AccounT in a three-way, eliminated in 6th

BoT-AccounT may have created an account with a tongue-in-cheek nod toward the former problem with bots, but did not play like a machine to get deep in Event #32. The German was active at the final table but was in a deep hole compared to four of the other five players remaining.

BoT-AccounT found A♦Q♣ under the gun and shoved for 15,244,702 but couldn't be happy when fellow short-stack murray3004 and big stack efesevgican called behind. Both players were ahead with J♥J♦ for efesevgican and Q♦Q♠ for murray3004.

No help on the K♦4♦7♥ flop but did pick up straight draw outs on the T♥ turn. The tournament was over for murray3004 when the blank 6♥ came on the river sending him out in 6th place while murray3004 earned a full triple up.

efesevgican drops quickly, eliminated in 5th

Five-handed play was volatile and a huge pot was inevitable with the size of the stacks and smaller stack papawinn staying out of the way for most of it. efesevgican was the chipleader during several hands during the final table and took a shot with a good hand.

T♣T♦ is a big hand with just five players involved and efesevgican four-bet shoved with it after ramastar88 opened under the gun for a min-raise and peppe1972 three-bet to 8,400,000. ramastar88 let his hand go before peppe1972 called with K♥Q♣ after some consideration.

The virtual coin flip went peppe1972's way right on the Q♥9♥7♠ flop leaving efesevgican drawing thin. No runner help on the A♠ and missed the two-out ten with the 3♥ river. It was a good run for the former chipleader but efesevgican fell short in 5th place for $10,323.

One of the longest portions of the final table occurred after the elimination of efesevgican. The remaining players decided to pause the clock to work out a four-way deal. Everyone wanted something more than the number indicated and they couldn't come to a consensus after 20 minutes of negotiations. Chipleader ramaster88 had enough and called an end to the talks.

Things could have gone badly for ramastar88 after that decision because he found himself in a few battles with fellow big stack peppe1972 and would have been excused for going out in 4th. Instead he folded a set on the river, correctly.

pepawinn can't win, eliminated in 4th

pepawinn was one of those looking for extra cash in the negotiations and took a shot to move up the leaderboard ofter the last big hand. He opened shoved under the gun for 19,091,845 and murray3004 isolated behind with a shove of his own.

pepawinn: A♥4♠
murray3004: 8♣8♦

pepawinn needed the Ace or some straight cards but didn't get them when the flop came J♦7♣6♥ but did pair on the 4♣ turn. Not help on the 3♠ river and pepawinn was sent out in 4th place for $13,765.

With that elimination, the final three players once again tried to negotiate a chop. After a bit of haggling, the three came to an agreement and they were back underway.

peppe1972 gets paid, eliminated in 3rd

peppe1972 was holding a huge chiplead during the chop talks and picked up the biggest payout. He then lost a series of big hands to ramastar88 before getting shot and ran into a big hand.

murray3004 opened under the gun and peppe1972 shoved 66 million in the middle with Q♦J♠ and couldn't have been happy when murray3004 ended up with Q♠Q♣ to dominate. peppe1972 picked up a gutshot draw on the K♣9♣8♥ flop but missed both the 2♥ turn and 5♥ flop. The former chiplead picked up $27,000 for the 3rd place finish.

ramastar88 comes back to win Event #32

ramastar88 (98,239,016 in chips)
murray3004 (145,230,984 in chips)

ramastar88 was behind at the start of heads up play but won a critical 22 million chip pot early. Once given the lead, he never let it go.

The final hand wasn't settled until the last bet on the river. ramastar88 began the hand with a limp on the button and murray3004 checked his option to see the T♣6♦4♣ flop. ramastar88 check called a 2,700,000 bet and checked again on the 7♠ turn.

ramastar88 let murray3004 do all the work when he shoved the Q♣ river holding 5♠4♣ for bottom pair and ramastar88 called with tens up T♦4♠. murray3004 was the runner up for $22,636 and ramastar88 is a MicroMillions winner for $30,526.

MicroMillions-032: [$11 NLH Sunday Storm Edition]
Entrants: 48,694
Prize pool: $486,940
Places paid: 6,300

1. ramastar88 (Argentina) $30,526.00*
2. murray3004 (Ireland) $22,636.46*
3. peppe1972 (Germany) $27,000*
4. pepawinn (United Kingdom) $13,765.79
5. efesevgican (Turkey) $10,323.12
6. BoT-AccounT (Germany) $6,890.20
7. shtefone (Romania) $4,786.62
8. zima_blizko (Belarus) $3,262.49
9. gramigna635 (Brazil) $1,923.41
* - denotes three-way deal

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