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MicroMillions 6: Russian SergeyErmolo goes wire-to-wire to win Event #91 ($5.50 Razz)

There's something almost nihilistic about Razz. Rather than it being a triumph of the best, it is instead triumph for the worst - the worst hand anyway--in a bid to be left with nothing but small numbered cards that don't run in sequence.

Of course there's a bit more to it than that, and Razz, while being a quite obscure form of poker, takes a little more than "failure" to be successful at, if you see what I mean.

E91 final pic.jpg
The final table of Event 91

That label would apply to Russian player SergeyErmolo today, who stormed to his first MicroMillions title on the last day of the current series, ahead of a field of 1,534, at a final table that lasted only 48 minutes. His first prize of $1,350.72 was well-earned, with a no-nonsense display throughout the final table.

Here's how they lined up.

Seat 1. SergeyErmolo (Russia) 2,454,626
Seat 2. QuadrQ (Russia) 499,023
Seat 3. 111999111580 (Russia) 642,153
Seat 4. Raffx (Russia) 1,395,066
Seat 5. JacksonTr1gs (Canada) 851,334
Seat 6. max021963 (Germany) 236,710
Seat 7. Psychatrie29 (Germany) 1,082,270
Seat 8. quarltje (Belgium) 413,818

The only thing outnumbering the Russians at the final table was the number of short stacks. No fewer than five of the finalist began in a state of peril, and while there was a tentative start all round--an initial period of calm lasting several minutes--it wasn't long before fireworks began, chip leader SergeyErmolo sending two players to the rail, max021963 and quarltje, in one hand.

This was perhaps the first clue that this wouldn't be a long final and would instead be one chock full of big hands.

This sudden drop in personnel forced the rather originally-named 111999111580 to switch up a gear. He doubled through Raffx but then lost what chips he'd earned back to him, as Raffx sought to put some distance between himself and those at risk.
Others had similar plans.

JacksonTr1gs managed to double up to 1.1 million, all-in on third street against the benevolent SergeyErmolo, who as well as dealing with the chips of others, had Psychatrie29's lip to contend with. Events earlier (one assumes) had put the pair on a one-sided collision course. Psychatrie29 typing things such as "luck box" and "bingo player" into the chat box, while SergeyErmolo paid absolutely no attention whatsoever.

Soon there was another player on the rail, this time QuadrQ, who sent his chips to SergeyErmolo in the now traditional way. SergeyErmolo then passed what he'd won on to 111999111580, who doubled again with an 8-7-3-2-A hand.

This helped Raffx to pull back, becoming SergeyErmolo's only real threat. His bid for the lead was short lived however, as SergeyErmolo took chips from his apparent nemesis Psychatrie29 who fired off a "lucky donk" as he watched SergeyErmolo stack up the chip lead.

Soon it would be the chip leaders clashing.

Then, almost immediately yet another three-way all-in, this time sending JacksonTr1gs to the rail in fifth place.

This had the inadvertent effect of keeping Psychatrie29 alive a little longer. He managed to hold on for a few more hands before he was forced to push his chips in. But his 9-7-5-3-2 was good for a double-up against Raffx, as was his J-9-7-6-2 against Raffx again, who could only show king-high in a hand shortly after.

This meant it was Raffx who was suddenly at risk. He got his chips in by re-raising all-in on fifth street showing 2♣A♣ 5♦. SergeyErmolo called showing 6♦5♥ 5♠. As the cards were dealt Raffx showed 9-7-5-2-A only for SergeyErmolo to turn over a six-high low to send him out.

SergeyErmolo - 6.5 million
111999111580 - 682,000
Psychatrie29 - 204,000

Could Psychatrie29 turn his vitriol in the chat box into victory at the final? The short answer was no. Psychatrie29 would instead go quiet in third place.

It left a hugely one-sided, all-Russian heads-up contest, with SergeyErmolo on 6.6 million and 111999111580 on just 802,000.

111999111580 set to work doubling that almost immediately, and pulled back even more moments later, edging SergeyErmolo's 9-7-6-5-A with his own 9-6-5-3-A. But SergeyErmolo was not one to be wobbled, instead holding fast and quickly restoring his lead in a 2 million chip pot, and then whittling away at the last of 111999111580's stack. It was soon all over.

Faultless poker from SergeyErmolo who rightly took the title without a peep to suggest the outcome was ever going to be any different. Congratulations to him on his win.

MicroMillions-091: $5.50 Razz
Entrants: 1,534
Prize pool: $7,670.00
Places paid: 192

1. SergeyErmolo (Russia) $1,350.72
2. 111999111580 (Russia) $985.75
3. Psychatrie29 (Germany) $728.65
4. Raffx (Russia) $536.90
5. JacksonTr1gs (Canada) $383.50
6. QuadrQ (Russia) $230.10
7. quarltje (Belgium) $153.40
8. max021963 (Germany) $76.70

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

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