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MicroMillions 6: TOFF7 tops the field in Event #84 ($8.80 NL Hold'em)

It was a sneaky victory.

TOFF7 started the final nine as the short stack and would reprise that role several times throughout the final table.

Our eventual champion started six, four and three-handed play as the shortstack and went into the heads-up match with a 2-to-1 chip defecit.

But TOFF7 always doubled up when necessary. Then, in the final few hands of play, TOFF7 came out of the wordwoorks and toppled over waytoray, who had dominated the majority of the final table.

Aside from waytoray, TOFF7 outlasted a field of 11,478 players. They all paid $8.80 a piece and created a $91,824 prize pool.

TOFF7 took a big chunk of that, winning $11,048.70 for taking down Event #84.

His journey from shortest stack to champion started at the...

Final table


Seat 1: waytoray - 9,452,546
Seat 2: wjscjfrb00 - 2,617,358
Seat 3: caaarlserg - 7,553,253
Seat 4: Taarps - 5,950,831
Seat 5: AngelLV99 - 9,732,169
Seat 6: archi239 - 7,353,238
Seat 7: neafana - 3,956,190
Seat 8: fartovick25 - 8,598,459
Seat 9: TOFF7 - 2,175,956

waytoray doubled TOFF7 up after a flip on the second hand of play but then dealt an elimination the next.

Blinds were 125K/250K with a 31.25K ante and wjscjfrb00 raised to 600,000 from under-the-gun. caaarlsberg called from his immediate left and waytoray did the same from the big blind.

The flop came 9♦4♥2♥ and wjscjfrb00 moved all-in for 1.92 million. caaarlsberg folded and waytoray called with 9♠8♠.

wjscjfrb00 needed some help with A♦K♣ but the turn brought an 8♣ instead. The A♥ on the river was too little too late and wjscjfrb00 was eliminated in 9th, a finish worth $624.40.

Another quick one

A few hands later we had another flip and another elimination.

fartovick25 raised to 600,000 from the hijack and Taarps moved all-in from the big blind for 5.78 million. fartovick25 called all-in with A♣Q♦ and Taarps tabled J♦J♠.

The board ran 6♠6♦9♣K♠2♦ and fartovick25 hit the virtual rail while.

fartovick25's 8th place finished earned the Ukranian $918.24 while Taarps chipped up to 11.15 million.

My way or the waytoray

waytoray doubled up another player, lost the lead and then came vaulting back. The comeback and temporary dominating chip lead started with another elimination.

Blinds were up to 200K/400K with a 50K ante and waytoray raised to 880,000 from middle position.

neafana moved all-in for 1.94 million when action folded to him in the big blind and waytoray called. Then we had another flip that fell in waytoray's favor.

neafana showed A♥T♥ and was up against waytoray's 5♦5♥. The board ran J♦2♦4♦J♠2♠ and neafana won $1,836.48 for finishing 7th.

This hand put waytoray back up to 11 million and the Serbian player chipped up to 14.5 million before taking a massive lead.

waytoray raised to 1.32 million from the hijack and Taarps moved all-in for 7.2 million from the button. The blinds folded and waytoray called.

waytoray: J♥J♣
Taarps: A♥K♦

It was waytoray's day for flips as the board ran 4♠6♦2♠3♣Q♣ and eliminated Taarps in 6th place. Taarps won $2,754.72 for the finish while waytoray took the lead with 23 million.

This gave waytoray about 40 percent of the chips in play with five players left.

Then waytoray's final table clout increased even more.

A few hands later, waytoray raised to 1.32 million again and action folded to archi239 on the big blind. archi239 moved all-in for 5.63 million and waytoray called.

This time waytoray was behind with 9♦8♦ to archi239's A♦3♦.

But things where going waytoray's way. The flop paired waytoray's nine and archi239 was out in 5th, earning $3,672.

Now waytoray had more than half the chips in play with 31 million.

Turning tides

The way was paved with destruction, but then waytoray's massacre came to halt. First waytoray dipped to 26 million after doubling TOFF7's A♣K♣ up with A♥J♠.

Then waytoray lost the lead to AngelLV99.

waytoray raised to 1.32 million from under-the-gun and caaarlsberg moved all-in for 4.26 million from the button. AngelLV99 called from the small blind and waytoray called as well.

The flop came J♦5♠5♦ and AngelLV99 moved all-in for 11.23 million. waytoray folded and showed one card, the J♠, while the other two players revealed both.

caaarlsberg: A♣T♣
AngelLV99: 9♦9♥

An 8♠ came on the turn and a 6♣ was the last card caaarlsberg saw this tournament. AngelLV99 took the lead with 24.92 million, waytoray dipped to 22.43 million and caaarlsberg won $4,591.20 for finishing 4th.

Falling angel

AngelLV99 had the lead while TOFF7 started three-handed play as the short stack with 10 million.

This quickly changed after TOFF7 moved all-in from the small blind with pocket fours and got called by waytoray's overcards.

The fours held up and TOFF7 doubled up to 15.24 million.

Then AngelLV99 took a large hit. Blinds were 400K/800K with a 100K ante and AngelLV99 raised to 1.6 million from the button. TOFF7 folded and waytoray shoved for 12.64 million.

AngelLV99 called with Q♣J♦ and waytoray showed A♦5♣. The board came K♣7♥7♣6♣A♥ and waytoray doubled up to 25.99 million while AngelLV99 dropped to 14.21 million.

Then things got worse for AngelLV99.

Two hands later, waytoray raised to 1.76 million and AngelLV99 re-raised to 2.72 million.TOFF7 folded and waytoray moved all-in.

AngelLV called with T♠T♦ and was ahead of waytoray's A♠T♣.

But it wasn't meant to be for AngelLV99.

The 9♣2♣5♦3♣Q♣ board brought four clubs and a flush for waytoray. AngelLV99 was out in 3rd -- taking $6,611.32 in the process-- and play went...

Heads up

waytoray - 41,194,704
TOFF7 - 16,195,296

After a few small hands, players cut a deal and waytoray got guaranteed $11,179.54 while TOFF7 secured $10,058.70.

This still left $1,000 and MicroMillions glory for the champion.

In order to win, TOFF7 was in need of a double up.

With 400K/800K blinds and a 100K ante, waytoray raised to 1.6 million and TOFF7 made it 6.4 million. waytoray moved all-in for 39 million and TOFF7 called all-in.

waytoray: A♦9♥

The board ran 8♦Q♦7♣6♦2♣ and TOFF7 doubled up to 36.39 million while waytoray dipped to 21 million.

Then it ended.

waytoray lost a few more million and then moved all-in for 15.42 million from the small blind. TOFF7 called and we had the final showdown of the tournament.

waytoray showd K♦8♣ for his tournament life while TOFF7 had him dominated with A♥8♦.

The final board read Q♦3♠T♥3♦9♥ and TOFF7 became our newest MicroMillions champion.

waytoray won the agreed-upon $11,179.54 while TOFF7 took the extra $1,000 and boosted his earnings up to $11,048.70.

MicroMillions-84: $8.80 NL Hold'em
Entrants: 11,478
Prize pool: $91,824.00
Places paid: 1,440

1. TOFF7 (Portugal) *11,048.70
2. waytoray (Serbia) *$11,179.54
3. AngelLV99 (Russia) $6,611.32
4. caaarlsberg (Lithuania) $4,591.20
5. archi239 (Russia) $3,672.96
6. Taarps (Latvia) $2,754.72
7. neafana (Romania) $1,836.48
8. fartovick25 (Ukraine) $918.24
9. wjscfrb00 (South Korea) $624.40

That's it for Event #84. The MicroMillions are coming to a close but there's still a chance to get in on the action. Several events --including the $22 Main Event with a $150K guarantee for first-- have yet to start, so check out the MicroMillions homepage for a list of the remaining tournaments and qualifiers to each one.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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