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MicroMillions 6: Valya98 limits damage to win Event #87 ($3.30 FL Hold'em 6-Max, Turbo)

MicroMillions Event #87 was a specialty for the series as only the second Fixed Limit Hold'em tournament on the schedule. It takes a certain breed of poker player to enjoy playing Fixed Limit Hold'em. A lot of older players grew up with the game but it's becoming popular with more and more grinders. The big bet game pulls in a lot of math savvy players and decreases the edge against strictly no limit players.

The $3.30 buy-in tournament drew 5,669 players for a $17,007 prizepool and $2,596 to the winner. The turbo structure kept the players moving at a brisk pace and the limit betting gave players plenty of chances to chase their draws. The played down to the last two tables in just three hours and punkiis showed some of the dangers in the game.

punkiis was drawing thin with 5♦5♠ on a J♠J♥2♠ flop against trip Jacks but ImSoGood was unable to push him out of the hand before the two-outter hit on the turn. The hand propelled punkiss (temporarily) to the top of the field but both would make the final table.

The final table began with all of the players in the danger zone; only one participant had more than 20 big blinds. Or in the parlance of limit poker players, everyone had less than 10 big bets other than the chipleader. That left little room for movement and the final table was one of the quickest outside a hyper turbo, lasting only 24 total hands and producing three knockouts in the first 10 hands.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: evgeny5sorry (2,603,126 in chips)
Seat 2: Valya98 (8,600,948 in chips)
Seat 3: ImSoSuper (1,356,274 in chips)
Seat 4: punkiis (6,935,135 in chips)
Seat 5: singul4rity (1,618,693 in chips)
Seat 6: Ksuysha75 (7,230,824 in chips)

Blinds: 200k/400k Limits: 400k/800k

Valya98 runs into rockets, eliminated in 6th

punkiis showed a willingness to gamble on his way to the final table but didn't need to hit a miracle to talk out the first player. punkiis opened for a raise under the gun and only Valya98 came along from the small blind to the A♠5♥3♦ flop.

It took all four bets to get the chips in the middle and Valya98 was probably happy to do it with A♥J♣ top pair but hopes were dashed quickly when punkiis tabled A♦A♣ for top set. Instead of a glimmer of hope, Valya98 was left drawing dead to the useless 9♥ turn and 2♦ river to be the first out in 6th for $255.

ImSoSuper not so good, eliminated in 5th

punkiis took a few hands off before getting into it once again. ImSoSuper opened for a raise and punkiis put in a second bet enough to cover ImSoSuper, who called with K♠Q♦.

punkiis was holding Aces this time, but his K♥K♣ was his second premium starter in just a few hands. ImSoSuper needed a good flop to have a chance but missed the 9♣8♥7♥ flop completely and punkiis had another opponent drawing dead before the river after the 4♦ turn. ImSoSuper picked a solid hand to take a stand but ran into a monster to go out in 5th place for $482.

evgeny5sorry not apologetic, eliminated in 4th

The 10th hand of the final table, and the 2nd consecutive all-in, saw evgeny5sorry all-in from the big blind for just 134k more than the small blind. punkiis and singul4rity both folded before Ksuysha75 threw out a tiny call from the small blind.

evgeny5sorry has a playable 8♥7♣ but got unlucky to not have two live cards as Ksuysha75 tabled Q♣7♥. evgeny5sorry needed a lot of help but didn't get it when the flop came K♥T♥2♥ then missed the K♦ turn. The Q♠ river supplied a knockout in back-to-back hands to send evgeny5sorry out of the tournament in 4th place for $807.

singul4rity undefined, eliminated in 3rd

There was a moment when it looked like their might be deal negotiations about to begin but punkiis quickly shot the thought down. singul4rity opened from the small blind and Ksuysha75 raised from the big.

The flop came Q♦9♥9♠ and singul4rity checked called a bet from Ksuysha75 before the 6♦ turn. singul4rity led out this time and Ksuysha75 flatted to the T♦ river. singul4rity checked called all-in to show Q♠5♠ for flopped two pair but saw Ksuysha75 show K♥J♠ for the rivered gutshot. singul4rity was short the entire way but couldn't hang on, getting knocked out in 3rd place for $1,318.

Ksuysha75 limits damage to win Event #87

punkiis (13,792,357 in chips)
Ksuysha75 (14,552,643 in chips)

That knockout hand provided Ksuysha75 with a slight chiplead but there was a big swing on the first hand of heads up play. Both players capped the betting preflop before the A♥A♠8♣ flop and then capped it once again to the 9♥ turn. They both stayed aggressive and capped the betting again before the 5♠ river. Ksuysha75 put out a bet and punkiis finally slowed down with just a call.

Ksuysha75 showed down A♦K♣ for trip Aces and a 21,600,000 pot.

punkiis was able to stage a mini-comeback with two doubles but finally took a shot for less than a raise with J♥6♠ with Ksuysha75 holding K♣Q♠. The 8♥4♠2♦3♥A♥ board ran completely clean for Ksuysha75 to knock out punkiis in 2nd for $1,828 leaving Ksuysha75 as the newest MicroMillions champion.

MicroMillions-087: $3.30 FL Hold'em [6-Max, Turbo]
Entrants: 5,669
Prize pool: $17,007
Places paid: 720

1. Ksuysha75 (Russia) $2,596.09
2. punkiis (Sweden) $1,828.25
3. singul4rity (Austria) $1,318.04
4. evgeny5sorry (Russia) $807.83
5. ImSoSuper (Portugal) $482.14
6. Valya98 (Russia) $255.10

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