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MicroMillions 6: xxxniroxxx survives the slaughter in Event #92 ($1+R 3x-Turbo, Sunday Spark Special Edition)

Sparks and dollars were flying all over the place.

For just $1, players got a shot at winning $9,205.72.

Players flocked to the tournament and a tsunami of one-dollar bills of unprecedented force and size ensued.

12,246 players entered and then re-bought 54,706. They couldn't buy-in faster if they were throwing singles at their computer.

But all of those shots ended with another bustout except for one, xxxniroxxx was the only player that survived the onslaught, taking down the title and $9,205.72.

It was a short battle as blinds were only 5 minutes and xxxniroxxx took a massive leads towards the end of the final table and made quick work of the other players.

While xxxniroxxx was the only winner, 1,619 other players cashed this event. The Sunday Spark Special Edition saw 7,095 add-ons in addition to the 54,706 re-buys and 12,246 entries, bringing the prize pool up to $67,382.77. Cashing this event guaranteed $9.43 with modest payjumps until the final table, a table that took only a few hours to reach.


Seat 1: perusfinne - 25,249,417
Seat 2: Lanschwein - 19,440160
Seat 3: whoabudz - 46,431,350
Seat 4: patrickrobin - 72,241,782
Seat 5: xxxniroxxx - 87,474,903
Seat 6: ShaySossamon - 8,746,761
Seat 7: usano48 - 67,347,531
Seat 8: jaystrong505 - 17,402,030
Seat 9: CunningPlan - 69,372,066

With 1.2M/2.4M blinds and a 240K ante, ShaySossamon had less than five big blinds and got them in on the first hand.

ShaySossamon moved all-in for 8.51 million from under-the-gun and xxxniroxxx called from the big blind. xxxniroxxx showed A♥9♠ and ShaySossamon turned over a monster, K♣K♥.

The board brought no ace but it did bring a K♠ on the river and two fours on the flop, giving ShaySossamon a full house and 20.37 million chips.

ShaySossamon then went all-in again two hands later but didn't fare as well. whoabudz raised to 4.8 million from the hijack and xxxniroxxx called from the button. ShaySossamon moved all-in for 17.49 million from the small blind and only whoabudz called.

xxxniroxxx flipped over a K♥ before folding and the other two players revealed both their cards.

whoabudz: A♥A♦
ShaySossamon: K♣Q♠

The 9♦6♥4♠5♦9♥ board brought all low cards and ShaySossamon was eliminated in 9th place, earning $421.14.

More bullets for whoabudz

Two hands later, whoabudz got another pair of aces and another elimination.

Blinds were up to 1.4M/2.8M with a 280ante and whoabudz raised to 2.8 million from early position. xxxniroxxx made it 5.6 million from the hijack and perusfinne four-bet all-in for 23.97 million from the big blind.

whoabudz moved all-in as well and xxxniroxxx folded pocket threes.

perusfinne turned over T♥T♣ and whoabudz, once again, showed pocket rockets with A♠A♦. The board brought no help for perusfinne and the finnish player won $673.82 for finishing 8th.

whoabudz on the other hand broke past the 100 million chip mark with 102.13 million.


After perusfinne's elimination, Lanschwein took all of jaystrong505's chips and then gave them -- along with his own -- to our eventual champion.

The quickly-rising blinds were at 1.6M/3.2M with a 320K ante and jaystrong505 moved all-in from under-the-gun for 13.56 million. Lanschwein re-shoved for 21.36 million and the rest of the table got out of the way.

jaystrong505 showed A♥2♠ and was dominated by Lanschwein's A♠K♥. The 9♠5♥6♥K♦4♦ was only favorable to Lanschwein and jaystrong505 finished 7th, for $1,347.65.

A few hands later, Lanschwein open-shoved for 35.56 million from the cutoff and xxxniroxxx called from the big blind.

Lanschwein turned over A♦8♣ and was up against xxxniroxxx's 8♦8♥. Lanschwein needed some help but the 7♥7♦Q♥J♦6♥ board brought none.

xxxniroxxx chipped up to 92.89 million and Lanschwein finished 6th for $2,021.48.

Rising up

xxxniroxxx (147 million) and patrickrobin (120 million) were in the lead with five players left, but then CunningPlan jumped to second in chips and took the tournament down to three players in one hand.

Blinds were up to 1.8M/3.6M with a 360K ante and whoabudz raised to 10.8 million from under the gun. usano48 three-bet all-in for 22.99 million from the small blind and CunningPlan re-shoved for 73.81 million from the big blind.

whoabudz called all-in and we had a three-way showdown.

whoabudz: A♠9♥
usano48: A♦J♠
CunningPlan: A♥K♠

The board ran A♣4♥6♠Q♥Q♣ and CunningPlan got a double kill along wih 145.65 million chips.

usano48 earned $2,695.31 for his 5th place finish while whoabudz won $3,369.13 for finishing 4th.

xxxniroxxx vortex

After pay got three-handed, xxxniroxxx took a few massive pots off of his opponents:

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The next hand, patrickrobin raised to 8 million and xxxniroxxx re-raised to 16 million. patrickrobin called and the flop came 3♠A♥T♥.

xxxniroxxx bet 12 million and patrickrobin made it 24 million. xxxniroxxx called and both players checked the 3♣ turn, bringing a 2♣ on the river.

There was another round of checks and xxxniroxxx took down the 85.2 million pot with K♥9♥ while patrickrobin mucked.

Two hands later, xxxniroxxx got the rest of patrickrobin's stack.

patrickrobin raised to 12 million from the small blind and xxxniroxxx called from the big. patrickrobin bet 12 million on the A♣3♦2♣ flop and xxxniroxxx raised to 232 million.

patrickrobin called all-in with K♥Q♦ and was up against xxxniroxxx's 9♣5♣. patrickrobin was hoping to dodge a few cards and the 4♥ that came on the turn was one of them.

xxxniroxxx hit a straight and patrickrobin was eliminated in 3rd place, earning $4,716.79.

Heads up

xxxniroxxx - 334,012,114
CunningPlan - 79,693,886

With a massive lead, xxxniroxxx took out CunningPlan in two swift strokes. Blinds were 2.25M/4.5M with a 450K ante and CunningPlan raised to 13.5 million. xxxniroxxx re-raised to 27 million and CunningPlan called, bringing a 2♣6♠A♥ flop.

xxxniroxxx led out for 22.5 million and CunningPlan folded, leaving himself with only 47.49 million.

xxxniroxxx raised to 22.5 million the following hand and CunningPlan re-raised all-in. xxxniroxxx called and we had the final showdown of the tournament.

xxxniroxxx: K♠6♥
CunningPlan: 4♦4♥

The board ran 5♠5♥6♦T♦2♥ and CunningPlan was out.

For the runner-up finish, CunningPlan took home $6,502.43 while xxxniroxxx became the champion of Event #92, a title that came with a $9,205.72 payday.

MicroMillions-92: $1+R NL Hold'em [3x-Turbo, Sunday Spark Special Edition]
Entrants: 12,246 (54,706 re-buys, 7,095 add-ons)
Prize pool: $67,382.77
Places paid: 1,620

1. xxxniroxxx (Australia) $9,205.72
2. CunningPlan (United Kingdom) $6,502.43
3. patrickrobin (Netherlands) $4,716.79
4. whoabudz (Canada) $3,369.13
5. usano48 (Denmark) $2,695.31
6. Lanschwein (Japan) $2,021.48
7. jaystrong505 (Netherlands) $1,347.65
8. perusfinne (Finland) $673.82
9. ShaySossamon (Estonia) $421.14

The MicroMillions are almost over but you still have a chance to jump for the last few events. Check out the MicroMillions homepage for a schedule of the remaining tournaments -- including the $1 million guarantee Main Event -- and qualifiers to each one.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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