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MicroMillions 4: bond0075 spies a win in Event #100 ($1+R NLHE Hyper-Turbo)

After 100 events and total prize pool of over $9.2 million, the MicroMillions 4 came to a close tonight. No one throws a wrap party quite like PokerStars, and for this occasion a freewheeling, frenetic $1+R NLHE Hyper-Turbo fit the bill. 12,378 players joined in and made 45,398 rebuys and 6,794 add-ons to create a $63,278.60 prize pool. 1,620 places were paid with first place set to earn $8,645.56.

Unable to resist the lure of hyper-turbo action were Red Spades Angel Guillen, Victor Ramdin, Stavros Kalfas, George Danzer, Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome, Shane "shaniac" Schleger, and Maxim Lykov, (who jumped into the tournament right after winning the Sunday Warm-Up for $110k). Finishing in the money were Martin Hruby (518th), Dale "Daleroxxu" Philip (488th), and Henrique Pinho (262nd).

A double elimination sent us to the final table. With the blinds up to 500,000/1,000,000, chip leader bond0075 opened for 4 million. Sm0kenAce3s three-bet shoved for 13.9 million and Stanislav006 called all-in for his last 847,000 from the big blind. Bond0075's T♠T♥ flopped a set against Sm0kenAc3s's A♠J♣ and Stanislav006's A♥Q♥, the board running out J♥T♣5♦7♥Q♣ to send all 31 million in the pot his way. Stanislav006 went out in tenth place ($253.11) while Sm0kenAc3s collected $395.49 for ninth.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: bond0075 (40,291,491 in chips)
Seat 2: genghis26 (6,087,810 in chips)
Seat 3: joaogcp (9,437,418 in chips)
Seat 4: Allan Dallon (3,646,944 in chips)
Seat 5: NOMOS1984 (3,465,976 in chips)
Seat 6: ALLBERT108 (15,445,882 in chips)
Seat 7: rich-king (4,822,680 in chips)
Seat 8: thevicar7 (8,547,799 in chips)

No mo NOMOS1984, rich-king goes broke

NOMOS1984 fell on the first hand of the final table. Genghis26 opened for 3.6 million and NOMOS1984 called all-in for 3.22 million, his 6♠6♣ up against K♠K♦. NOMOS1984 couldn't pull off a miracle on the board and ended his run in eighth place for $632.78.

At this point, most of the shorter stacks including Allan Dallon, rich-king, joaogcp, and genghis26 were keen to make a deal, but bond0075 spoke up and said he wasn't interested. ALLBERT108 wasn't on board either and play continued, the blinds rising to 800,000/1,600,000. Allan Dallon was down to only 2.5 million and with all but 607,000 committed in the blinds and antes, he called rich-king's shove. Rich-king turned over A♣4♠ to Allan Dallon's 7♦T♦ and kept the lead on the K♠Q♦9♠ flop, but Allan Dallon turned bottom pair with the 7♣. Allan Dallon improved to two pair on the river, the T♠ falling to double him up to 7.45 million.

Two hands later, rich-king was all-in for his last 916,000 from the big blind. Thevicar7 open-shoved for 4.5 million from UTG and bond0075 called.

rich-king 6♦7♥
thevicar7 J♥8♥
bond0075 K♥9♣

Thevicar7 flopped a pair of eights and they held up, the board running out 8♠2♥2♣3♦A♥ to give him a much-needed triple to 13.7 million. For seventh place, rich-king banked $1,265.57.

joaogcp and genghis26 gutted

On the next deal joaogcp open-shoved for 4.4 million and ALLBER108 reshoved for 15.6 million on the button. Joaogcp's Q♥T♣ was in dire shape against Q♣Q♠ and got no help from the 7♥2♣2♠K♥5♠ board. For sixth place, joaogcp picked up $1,898.35.

Genghis26 was poised to double through bond0075, his 8♠8♥ up against 4♦4♣ in a preflop all-in. However, the poker gods had other ideas and blessed bond0075 with a four on the flop to make a set. Genghis26 couldn't pull off a re-suck, the board running out J♣4♥2♠Q♠7♣ to send him home in fifth place ($2,531.14).

ALLBERT108 vanquishes thevicar7, axes Allan Dallon

Meanwhile, Allan Dallon was still hanging around with less than two big blinds and he turned them into five when he doubled through bond0075, his K♥Q♠ flopping a king against 5♦8♥.

Two hands later, thevicar7 open-shoved for 12.6 million from UTG and ALLBERT108 called from the big blind. Thevicar7's A♥4♠ led through the turn on the 8♥9♥J♥J♦T♠ board but ALLBERT108 rivered a jack-high straight. Thevicar7 was eliminated in fourth place, earning $3,163.93.

The valiant Allan Dallon finally met his end two hands later. All-in for his last 2.1 million with 5♣9♣, he couldn't fade ALLBERT108's K♣J♦ and finished in third place for $4,429.50.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 1: bond0075 (46,053,590 in chips)
Seat 6: ALLBERT108 (45,692,410 in chips)

The two final table players that didn't want to discuss a deal got heads-up with nearly even stacks but didn't utter a word about a chop. Instead, they shoved with abandon. ALLBERT108 doubled to 66 million when his 2♠7♦ flopped a seven against bond0075's Q♣2♣. Bond0075, however, got it right back when his A♠9♥ turned trips against ALLBERT108's 5♠6♣.

Down to 14.5 million, ALLBERT108 moved in from the button, his A♦5♦ holding up against bond0075's 7♦T♦. However, ALLBERT108 couldn't make it two in a row. Although ALLBERT108 got his money in good with K♥9♣ against bond0075's 9♠T♣, the dapper spy hit running cards to make a straight and finished off his final opponent.

Congratulations to bond0075 on becoming the 100th and final champion of the MicroMillions 4. He banked $8,645.56 for the win, while runner-up ALLBERT108 earned $6,106.38.

PokerStars MicroMillions 4 Event #100 ($1+R NLHE Hyper-Turbo) results

Players: 12,378
Rebuys: 45,398
Add-ons: 6,794
Prizepool: $63,278.60
Places paid: 1,620

1. bond0075 (Canada) $8,645.56
2. ALLBERT108 (Germany) $6,106.38
3. Allan Dallon (Greece) $4,429.50
4. thevicar7 (United Kingdom) $3,163.93
5. genghis26 (United Kingdom) $2,531.14
6. joaogcp (Brazil) $1,898.35
7. rich-king (United Kingdom) $1,265.57
8. NOMOS1984 (Germany) $632.78
9. Sm0kenAc3s (Netherlands) $395.49

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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