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MicroMillions 4: dunko44 slams through Event #95 ($2.22 NLHE Heads-Up Hyper-Turbo)

The last week-and-a-half has flown by lightning-quick with most of the 100 events on the MicroMillions 4 schedule having already played out. A few remain, however, and it seemed fitting somehow that the last day would feature a couple of "hyper-turbo"-styled events, including Event #95, a $2.22 heads-up tourney that saw 16,384 players blitz through 14 rounds' worth of matches in a little over four-and-a-half hours. In the end it was dunko44 of Croatia who would be the only player from that huge field to end the day undefeated, thereby earning a cool $2,612.62 first prize for having done so.

As the NCAA men's basketball tournament continued to play out Sunday afternoon, Event #95 kind of imitated the "March Madness" format with its massive bracket full of players.

The tourney was capped at 16,384 so as to eliminate any first-round byes. That turnout added up to a $35,717.12 prize pool (beating the $20K guarantee), with those winning their first three heads-up matches to make the final 2,048 all ensured of at least a minimum-cash of $6.07.

Rounds 1-3 (16,384 to 2,048)

All of the matches were structured similarly. Players began with 5,000-chip starting stacks, but super-quick two-minute levels made the all-in shoves necessary in short order. Indeed, by Level 11 the blinds were already up to 500/1,000, although few matches would make it that far.

It only took 23 minutes for the first round of 8,192 matches to complete, with juciella's victory over Ap KpbIM being the last to finish. It then took about the same amount of time for Round 2 to play out, with arizona1118 finally knocking out rosinara1976 in the last match to complete to reduce the field to 4,096.

The money bubble round had arrived, with the winners of Round 3 all making the cash and the losers missing out. Those matches likewise were almost all done in a little over 20 minutes, with the last one between ZaburnenkoEV and major360 extending into Level 12 (blinds 600/1,200). At last major360 took the last of ZaburnenkoEV's chips, and the money bubble had been burst.

Rounds 4-8 (2,048 to 64)

The next five rounds played out in similar fashion, with those losing cashing out for $6.07, then for $9.64, then $15.71, then $26.43, and then $43.93. Again, matches lasted as little as a hand or two to a few in each round extending into Level 11 or 12.

MAKC16RUS was a player whose matches tended to last longer than most. In fact, MAKC16RUS was the very last winner in both Round 5 (defeating Ramonbl4 in Level 11) and Round 6 (defeating VakVal), and was also involved in one of the longest matches in Round 7 before finally falling to earn a $26.43 cash.

Round 8 (128 to 64) was then a relatively short one, with all matches ending in less than 20 minutes. The last match in that round to complete was the one between SER_VULK and Chapeco, with SER_VULK finally moving on at the start of Level 9.

Rounds 9-12 (64 to 4)

Losers in Round 9 then took away $78.22, in Round 10 $129.29, in Round 11 $248.23, and those winning 11 matches only to lose in the quarterfinals (Round 12) cashed for $461.46 apiece.

The round of 64 was over by Level 9, with fdsfds25 winning the final match versus YoloPoker100. All of the Round 10 matches were then completed in less than 15 minutes, with Faaqs the last to advance after taking the last of minitik's chips halfway through Level 7.

Round 11 then saw Faaqs quickly knock out HONDAEKTB in a single hand to be the first to advance to the quarterfinals. POKER-ITSELF eliminated flunkiruss soon thereafter, and over the following few minutes was joined in the next round by Snakee1984 (def. thegodfisher), RadyGR (def. Qsypal), dunko44 (def. TPirez18), fdsfds25 (def. Sochi20I4), and Meri Gold113 (def. Yasawa). Finally VityaLyashuk knocked out Puffus in Level 8, and they were down to eight players.

Round 12 (the quarterfinals) then involved the following four matchups:

Snakee1984 vs. POKER-ITSELF
RadyGR vs. VityaLyashuk
dunko44 vs. Meri Gold113
Faaqs vs. fdsfds25

Snakee1984 was the first one through to the semis, taking most of POKER-ITSELF's chips in a big hand in which they went all in on the turn with the board showing K♦J♦T♥7♣. POKER-ITSELF had A♠K♣, but Snakee1984 had flopped a straight with A♣Q♥. The hand held, and shortly thereafter Snakee1984 advanced.

Then it was VityaLyashuk eliminating RadyGR in a hand that saw all of the latter's chips go in on an 8♣Q♦J♠ flop. RadyGR had A♠A♥ and VityaLyashuk Q♥T♣. The turn was the 5♣, then the river brought the 9♦ to give VityaLyashuk a straight and the win.

Meanwhile Meri Gold113 and dunko44 made it to Level 6 (150/300) in their match, then a short-stacked Meri Gold113 was all in with 9♦6♦ against dunko44's K♣T♣. The better hand held, and Meri Gold113 was out, having earned an impressive eighth MicroMillions 4 cash.

It looked a lot like Faaqs would be the one to claim that last semifinals spot after getting a short-stacked fdsfds25 all in with 6♦2♦ against Faaqs's J♦6♥, then watching the flop come J♣A♠6♠ to give Faaqs two pair. fdsfds25 was even typing "gg" in the chatbox, but the turn was the 2♥ and the river the 2♠, and fdsfds25 had survived with a runner-runner boat.

Just a few hands later Faaqs was all in with 9♣7♠ against fdsfds25's A♦Q♦, and when Faaqs's hand didn't improve Round 13 was immediately underway.

Round 13 (Semifinals)

After twelve matches, they were down to Event #95's version of the "Final Four"...

fdsfds25 vs. VityaLyashuk
dunko44 vs. Snakee1984

Losers in this round each would realize $837.56 cashes, a nice return on a $2.22 investment -- although all were still eyeing the four-figure prizes for those making the final round.

After a dozen heads-up matches, the pace was continuing to accelerate as players appeared ready to find chances to get their chips in the middle and decide matches quickly. As it happened, both semifinal matches would last just over 10 minutes, with the final hands happening almost simultaneously on the two tables.

dunko44 had edged in front of Snakee1984 when a hand arose in Level 6 (150/300) in which Snakee1984 raised to 600 from the button and dunko44 called. The flop came 3♦2♠T♣ and dunko44 checked. Snakee1984 bet 600, and dunko44 called. The turn then brought the 9♥ and a bet of 900 by dunko44, called by Snakee1984.

The river was the K♠, and this time dunko44 shoved all in and Snakee1984 called all in for 1,840. Snakee1984 had J♣T♠ for tens, but dunko44 had rivered kings with K♣8♥ to advance to the finals.

RSS readers click through to view replay

As mentioned, the other semifinal ended almost at the same moment. There it was VityaLyashuk enjoying a nearly 3-to-1 chip lead when fdsfds25 opened with a 2x raise to 600 from the button and VityaLyashuk called. The flop came 7♣3♥6♠, VityaLyashuk instantly shoved all in, and fdsfds25 called all in for 2,222.

VityaLyashuk had Q♦7♦ for top pair of sevens while fdsfds25 had 4♣4♦. The turn was the 6♦ and river the Q♣, and VityaLyashuk had advanced.

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Round 14 (Finals)

dunko44 vs. VityaLyashuk


Once again, the final match was decided in relatively quick fashion, like both of the semifinal matches ending in Level 6 after a little over 10 minutes of play.

The battle began with VityaLyashuk taking an early lead, then dunko44 soon seizing the advantage, chipping all of the way up close to 8,000 while VityaLyashuk fell back to just over 2,000.

VityaLyashuk then managed to double-up once after drawing out a straight versus dunko44's pocket queens, but just a few hands later dunko44 had 6,330 and VityaLyashuk 3,670 when the final hand took place.

The blinds were 150/300, and after VityaLyashuk limped in from the button, dunko44 checked. Both then checked the 4♠J♥Q♣ flop. The turn brought the 4♥ and a bet of 600 from dunko44. VityaLyashuk raised to 1,200, and dunko44 called.

The river was the 5♥. This time dunko44 shoved all in and VityaLyashuk made the call all in for 2,170, turning over K♣Q♠ for queens and fours. But dunko44 had K♥9♥ for a heart flush, and the 16,383rd heads-up match of the day had been decided.

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Congratulations to dunko44, winner of 14 straight heads-up matches to claim the Event #95 title and a $2,612.62 first prize!

MicroMillions 4 Event #95 ($2.22 NLHE Heads-Up, Hyper-Turbo):
1st: dunko44 (Croatia) -- $2,612.62
2nd: VityaLyashuk (Russia) -- $1,658.34
3rd (tie): Snakee1984 (Germany) -- $837.56
3rd (tie): fdsfds25 (Portugal) -- $837.56
5th (tie): Faaqs (Netherlands) -- $461.46
5th (tie): Meri Gold113 (Ukraine) -- $461.46
5th (tie): RadyGR (Belarus) -- $461.46
5th (tie): POKER-ITSELF (Greece) -- $461.46

Entrants: 16,384
Prize pool: $35,717.12
Places paid: 2,048

For all of the results of whirlwind that has been MicroMillions 4, check out the MicroMillions site.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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