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MicroMillions 4: virgo_49 rising for Event #9 win; 4h1story top cash after five-way deal ($8.80 PLO)

Event #9 sported one of the bigger buy-ins in the MicroMillions 4 series, with players needing $8.80 to play the pot-limit Omaha tournament with a $20,000 guarantee. Ultimately 4,663 would do so, together creating another guarantee-busting prize pool, this time totaling $37,304. In the end it was Denmark's virgo_49 earning the victory and a $3,245.11 payday, with 4h1story of Russia earning a top cash prize of $4,753.67 for finishing third after a five-way final table chop.

It would take almost four hours for the field to be trimmed down to 585 and the money bubble to burst, at which point Mr_Okil led all, followed by acefromplup, Ooklander, and IbetUbust.

An hour-and-a-half later the filed had shrunk to less than 100 players, with neXOTa having grabbed the lead as the first player over 1 million chips. Sixty minutes later they were down to 32, with neXOTa starting to run away from everyone with a stack of more than 5 million when the nearest challenger, ternoplayer, had less than 1.7 million.

As they approached the seven-hour mark of the tournament, just 18 players were left, with neXOTa still on top but others finally starting to close the gap. Boertl (18th), tristano00 (17th), and Ooklander (16th) then went out, each earning $111.91 for their finishes. the_CHAD_02 (15th), Biffmeister (14th), and (13th) enjoyed $167.86 paydays. Then it was magwitch78 (12th), AOEst (11th), and leN0x86 (10th) being successively eliminated to earn $232.82 each.

neXOTa continued to lead for most of that final stretch, but near the end 4h1story took over the top spot to begin the final table with a big lead after neXOTa had slipped back down the chip counts.


Seat 1: virgo_49 (Denmark) -- 2,808,029
Seat 2: mkalti85 (Austria) -- 704,316
Seat 3: ternoplayer (Slovakia) -- 1,216,027
Seat 4: JennyNicks (Canada) -- 2,748,866
Seat 5: kim_veb (Poland) -- 635,444
Seat 6: LeviTheKing1 (Hungary) -- 1,244,205
Seat 7: Lerusik25 (Latvia) -- 877,020
Seat 8: 4h1story (Russia) -- 10,901,554
Seat 9: neXOTa (Belarus) -- 2,179,539

Working from 9 to 5

On just the third hand of the final table, the blinds were 60,000/120,000 when kim_veb opened for 420,000 from middle position, then neXOTa three-bet to 1.44 million from the button. The blinds got out, then kim_veb called with the 215,444 left behind.

kim_veb had A♦6♣5♣4♦ and neXOTa K♠Q♦T♥9♣. The board rolled out J♥7♠K♣T♣8♥, giving neXOTa straight and leaving kim_veb unimproved, thus sending the latter out in ninth.

About a dozen hands later the blinds were 70,000/140,000 when neXOTa min-raised from middle position, ternoplayer called the 280,000 from the button, then JennyNicks made it 1.26 million to go from the small blind. It folded to neXOTa who reraised all in for 2,174,983, ternoplayer folded, and JennyNicks called all in for 252,839.

JennyNicks: A♥A♣K♥2♦
neXOTa: Q♣J♠9♦8♦

JennyNicks had the aces, but neXOTa's hand had lots of potential to draw to something better, and when the five community cards came 6♥8♣3♦5♦7♥, neXOTa had made a second straight to send another player to the rail.

Just a couple of minutes after that hand, neXOTa again raised 2x from middle position, then mkalti85 reraised to 980,000 from the small blind. neXOTa repopped it, mkalti85 called all in for 108,632, and the players turned over their cards.

mkalti85 had A♣K♣J♦4♥ and neXOTa K♠K♦T♥5♦. The five community cards brought nothing significant to affect either hand, coming 9♥2♥2♣5♠9♠, which meant neXOTa's kings and nines were best. That made three straight knockouts for neXOTa, with mkalti85 going out in seventh.

They had very nearly reached the eight-hour break, with the blinds moving up once more to 80,000/160,000, when LeviTheKing1 open-raised 3x from the small blind and Lerusik25 called all in for 227,020 from the big blind. LeviTheKing1 had Q♣8♦8♣4♠, while Lerusik25 had been dealt K♦T♥8♥5♠. The board came J♦7♦A♦, then 3♣, then 7♥, which meant LeviTheKing1's hand of eights and sevens was best and Lerusik25's run had ended in sixth.

A deal, then 5 become 2

The break then arrived, and the remaining five players took that opportunity to talk about making a deal to divide up most of the remaining prize money.

4h1story was still the leader at that point with almost 8.89 million, with neXOTa next with about 4.76 million, LeviTheKing1 third with 3.65 million, virgo_49 fourth with 3.37 million, and ternoplayer fifth with 2.63 million.

The "chip chop" numbers were produced (leaving $400 for which to play), but LeviTheKing1 wanted more than he was being offered. Discussion followed, with 4h1story, neXOTa, and ternoplayer all ultimately agreeing to give up some dollars to add $350 to LeviTheKing1's total. With the deal in place, play soon resumed.

Not long after the blinds were 80,000/160,000 when virgo_49 raised to 560,000 from the button and both ternoplayer (small blind) and LeviTheKing1 (big blind) called. The flop came 5♣K♣K♥, and it checked to virgo_49 who bet 1.68 million. ternoplayer then check-raised all in for 1,752,053, LeviTheKing1 folded, and virgo_49 called.

ternoplayer had K♠Q♥J♠J♦ (trip kings) while virgo_49 had A♠A♣4♥2♣ (aces and a flush draw). The turn then brought the 6♣ to improve virgo_49 to a club flush, and after the 3♠ river ternoplayer had been eliminated in fifth.

The next three eliminations came in rapid fashion, occurring in the space of just eight hands.

First with the blinds at 100,000/200,000, neXOTa raised to 700,000 from under the gun and 4h1story called from the big blind. The flop came all hearts -- 2♥8♥A♥ -- and when 4h1story checked, neXOTa pushed all in for 1,220,578 and 4h1story quickly called.

4h1story had 8♠7♥6♥6♦ for a heart flush while neXOTa had Q♥J♣T♦5♣ -- in other words, neXOTa was already drawing dead with two cards to come, and they were down to three.

That hand gave 4h1story the lead, but just a couple of hands later virgo_49 would double through 4h1story in a hand that saw all the chips go in following a 2♠9♦A♦ flop. 4h1story had A♣K♥Q♠T♣ for aces while virgo_49 had K♠K♣K♦T♦ for a diamond draw, and when the 4♦ landed on the turn virgo_49 had the unbeatable flush and 21 million-plus chip pot.

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A couple of hands later the blinds were 125,000/250,000 when 4h1story open-pushed for 348,186 with 8♦6♥6♣3♦ and virgo_49 quickly called with A♦A♣7♥7♦. The community cards came 8♣5♥A♥2♦2♣, and 4h1story was out in third.

virgo_49 for the victory

Heads-up play began with virgo enjoying a better than 10-to-1 chip lead over LeviTheKing1 with 21,274,570 to the latter's 2,040,430. The pair played two small pots, with each winning one, then came a hand in which virgo_49 limped in from the button (for 250k) and LeviTheKing1 checked.

The flop came 9♥6♦Q♥, and LeviTheKing1 led for 500,000. virgo_49 then raised to 2 million, and LeviTheKing1 called with the 1,290,430 left behind.

LeviTheKing1: Q♣J♣6♣2♥ -- two pair, queens and sixes
virgo_49: K♥Q♦8♥3♣ -- queens, plus a flush draw

The turn was the 3♦, giving virgo_49 a second pair but keeping LeviTheKing1 in front. Then came the river... the 7♥! A flush for virgo_49! And after almost eight-and-a-half hours of poker, a tournament victory.

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Congratulations to virgo_49 for the win, and kudos as well to the other four players who chopped, including 4h1story who took away the biggest payday of all 4,663 entrants.

MicroMillions 4 Event #9 ($8.80 PLO) (*reflects five-way deal)
1st: virgo_49 (Denmark) -- $3,245.11*
2nd: LeviTheKing1 (Hungary) -- $3,300.26*
3rd: 4h1story (Russia) -- $4,753.67*
4th: neXOTa (Belarus) -- $3,265.09*
5th: ternoplayer (Slovakia) -- $2,468.16*
6th: Lerusik25 (Latvia) -- $1,212.38
7th: mkalti85 (Austria) -- $839.34
8th: JennyNicks (Canada) -- $466.30
9th: kim_veb (Poland) -- $298.43

Entrants: 4,663
Prize pool: $37,304.00
Places paid: 585

There's still more than a week's worth of MicroMillions fun left to go. Check the MicroMillions site for information about the 80-plus remaining events in the MicroMillions 4 schedule.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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