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MicroMillions 4: wallysnooper super duper, wins Event #96, $36K ($11 NLHE Sunday Storm Special Edition)

50,506 players! That's how many played Event #96 of MicroMillions 4 -- a Special Edition of the "Sunday Storm" -- which developed into a veritable monsoon thanks in part to a $300K guarantee having been included the tourney's forecast. That huge field meant the money was raining down on those making deep runs, with wallysnooper ultimately enjoying the largest deluge of cash with a whopping $36,662.15 first prize.

Prior to Event #96, only one other tourney in the MicroMillions 4 series had drawn over 50,000 players -- Event #1, the $0.11 re-buy event that kicked it all off a week-and-a-half ago. But this one featured an $11 buy-in, which meant by the time late registration closed the prize pool had ballooned to more than half a million dollars, easily besting the event's guarantee.

Ultimately the top 6,633 finishers would divide the $505,060 prize pool, with four-figure scores guaranteed the top 15 finishers, more than $10K awaiting each of the final five, and that $36,662.15 payday claimed by eventual winner wallysnooper. Again not counting today's Main Event, that marked the second-biggest prize awarded in MicroMillions 4, exceeded only by the $37,020.78 won by BelaLany in last week's Sunday Storm Special Edition (Event #31).

From 50,506 to 100

It would take just over five hours for the 50,000-plus to be reduced to 1,000, with a couple of red-spade sporting players having made the money by that point -- Shane "shaniac" Schleger of Team Online (6,499th, $20.20) and Friend of Team PokerStars Charlotte "Sjlot" Van Brabander (2,874th, $30.30).

Still in the hunt with 1,000 left was Team PokerStars Pro Martin "AABenjamin" Hrubý, then battling with an average stack.

Meanwhile five players had crossed the 1 million-chip mark to claim spots at the top of the leaderboard -- I am acadien, clause.ly, Economy2811, megistos10, and Eldariukstis.

From 100 to 18

About two hours later they were down to 100, led by lucas5091 (9,603,210), PokerProking (7,975,983), and haca12 (6,729,469). And Hrubý was still with chips as well, having just added a few to push just inside the top 30.


Team PokerStars Pro Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hrubý

The tourney moved forward, and as it crossed the eight-hour mark fewer than 50 were left. secky_yuki was leading then with more than 14.8 million, yankeestar83 next with about 13.6 million, and chinoczech and Zigslick both sat with just over 10 million.

Hrubý was still in as well, although now with a stack about half the average as he had just over 6.2 million. Then with 40 players left Hrubý was all in and at risk with A♣K♠ against the 3♣3♦ of Top Color's, but a king came on the turn to preserve the Czech player's run.

From 18 to 9 (Hrubý hangs on)

An hour after that they were down to two tables. PETERRETEP62 was in the top spot then with more than 34.1 million, with mikeinu in second with about 28.9 million, the only other player with more than 20 million.

Meanwhile, Hrubý was sitting in 17th position out of 18 players with about 4.5 million (not quite eight big blinds). Hrubý survived another all-in to double up with A♠J♠ versus the leader PETERRETEP62's 2♦2♥ when the community cards included a jack. Then after a while Hrubý doubled up once more with Q♥Q♠ versus yankeestar83's 8♣8♦.

Meanwhile three more players fell -- luftwaffe22 (18th), former leader secky_yui (17th), and Topvorm (16th) -- each earning $792.94. They were eventually followed by gregzila (15th), Zigslick (14th), and Toni0710 (13th), with those three each taking away $1,111.13.

Soon they'd cross the 10-hour mark, then Hrubý knocked out yankeestar83 in 12th ($1,439.42). But alas for Hrubý he'd soon lose most of his stack after pushing with 5♠5♦, getting called by mikeinu who had 3♣3♥, then watching a trey come among the board cards.

micromillions4-event96-hrubyallin.jpgHrubý did manage one small double-up, then found himself committed all in for less than two BBs from the big blind in a three-way hand in which Hrubý had 9♣7♦ versus nesklonny's K♦J♣ and PETERRETEP62's J♥9♦. But the board ran out 8♥Q♣5♦3♣6♠, that six on the end giving Hrubý the straight and survival.

Hrubý then knocked out nesklonny in 11th on the next hand for a $1,439.42 cash, and the final 10 made it to the 10-and-a-half-hour break with wallysnooper on top with 47.5 million and PETERRETEP62 next with 44.6 million.

Play resumed, and it looked like chinoczech would surely be bubbling the final table after being all in with 9♦9♠ against wallysnooper's Q♠T♠, then seeing the first four streets come Q♦3♣4♦, then J♦. But the river was the 9♥ to save chinoczech, and they played on.

Hrubý then survived another all-in versus PETERRETEP62 (A♥Q♦ vs. J♠7♠), then, AuVBasti knocked out El_dzik in 10th ($1,439.42) and the final table was swiftly underway.


Seat 1: wallysnooper (United Kingdom) -- 54,289,838
Seat 2: UnderDgun (Portugal) -- 50,364,092
Seat 3: Maldanado (Canada) -- 9,190,136
Seat 4: AuVBasti (Germany) -- 34,760,745
Seat 5: mikeinu (Canada) -- 11,167,140
Seat 6: chinoczech (Czech Republic) -- 16,553,420
Seat 7: PETERRETEP62 (Slovakia) -- 34,604,555
Seat 8: Team PokerStars Pro Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hrubý (Czech Republic) -- 13,809,770
Seat 9: MikaLie85 (Canada) -- 27,790,304

Another Hrubý escape, then Maldanado meets end in ninth

The stacks were deep, but so were the blinds (900k/1.8m). So it wasn't too surprising to see Hrubý open-shoving all in from under the gun on the sixth hand of the final table and getting called by UnderDgun from a couple of seats over. Hrubý had K♥Q♥ and UnderDgun A♠A♦, then the board ran out K♠3♥7♠, then 4♦, then... Q♦!

Two pair for Hrubý! And another improbable rescue from elimination!

On the very next hand, wallysnooper raised to 3.96 million from middle position and Maldanado shoved all in for 13,870,136 from a couple of spots over. It folded back to wallysnooper who quickly called, turning over A♠K♣ to Maldanado's A♣Q♣.

The board came 9♣J♦8♦A♥9♠, and Maldanado was out in ninth.

chinoczech checks out in eighth

Five hands after that the blinds were 1m/2m when chinoczech open-pushed for 15,813,420 from UTG, then UnderDgun reraised all in from the button and the blinds got out.

chinoczech had A♦Q♥ and UnderDgun T♥T♣. The flop came 6♦T♠J♥ to give UnderDgun a set, although chinoczech could still win with a straight. But the turn was the 5♥ and the river the Q♦, and chinoczech was out in eighth.

mikeinu outkicked, kicked out in seventh

A while later they'd passed 11 hours' worth of poker in Event #96, and with the blinds up to 1.25m/2.5m, UnderDgun raised to 5 million from the hijack seat and got two callers in mikeinu (button) and PETERRETEP62 (small blind).

The flop came 6♦3♣T♣, and when PETERRETEP62 led for 12.5 million, UnderDgun folded. mikeinu raised all in, however, for 31,628,560, and PETERRETEP62 called.

mikeinu: J♥T♦

Both had top pair, but PETERRETEP62's kicker was better. The turn was the 9♠ and river the T♠, giving both trips but knocking mikeinu out in seventh.

Hrubý rubbed out in sixth

Soon it was Team PokerStars Pro Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hrubý open-pushing for 11,695,540 from the cutoff seat, then watching MikaLie85 reraise-shove from a seat over to force folds from both blinds. Hrubý had J♦6♦ and needed to improve against MikeLie85's 9♦9♥, but the board came A♦8♣4♠K♠4♥.

Hrubý had run out of comebacks, but had nonetheless managed to outlast 50,500 others for a sixth-place finish.

MikaLie85 laid low in fifth

With Hrubý's knockout the payouts had now reached five figures, with $10,348.67 due the next player to go.

Seven hands later they'd reached Level 60 (blinds 1.5m/3m, ante 300k) when MikaLie85 raised all in from under the gun for 22,669,844 and it folded around to chip leader PETERRETEP62 in the big blind who called.

PETERRETEP62 showed J♠J♣, which was better than MikaLie85's T♠T♥, and five cards later -- A♣4♣6♠2♣K♦ -- the jacks were still best and they were down to four.

UnderDgun done in fourth

The palindromic PETERRETEP62 had moved in front, having pushed up over 120 million with wallysnooper the nearest challenger with about 85 million. Soon wallysnooper was open-raising for nearly that entire stack from the small blind and UnderDgun called all in for 15,079,112 from the big blind.

wallysnooper showed T♣5♥ and UnderDgun A♦2♠. The flop was okay for UnderDgun, coming 7♠7♦3♦. But the turn was the T♦ to hit wallysnooper's hand. The river was the Q♠, and UnderDgun's run had ended in fourth place.

AuVBasti busted in third

The short stack AuVBasti would subsequently survive a couple of all-ins, then the three made it to the 11-and-a-half-hour break. By then it was wallysnooper in front with 113,275,121, PETERRETEP62 having slipped to second with 78,722,959, and AuVBasti third with 60,531.920.

When they returned from the break, PETERRETEP62 unfortunately began experiencing some connectivity problems, and extra time was given (with the tourney clock stopping) in order to try to give the player from Slovakia a chance to reestablish a connection. PETERRETEP62 would end up missing four hands altogether, but thankfully was able to get back into the game just as the blinds were increasing to 2m/4m (with a 400k ante).

After that AuVBasti would survive an all-in with 2♠2♣ versus wallysnooper's J♠T♣ when a deuce flopped and AuVBasti's hand held. Then a little later PETERRETEP62 was all in with A♣T♥ against wallysnooper's A♥Q♦ and the board came K♥J♥3♦4♣Q♠ to give PETERRETEP62 a straight to survive.

Then with the blinds up to 2.5m/5m, AuVBasti pushed all in again from the small blind for 38,363,840 with 6♦6♠ and PETERRETEP62 called from the big blind with A♦Q♥.

The flop came Q♠A♠7♥ to pair PETERRETEP62 twice, then the A♥ fell on the turn to improve PETERRETEP62 to a full house and make the river 9♣ no matter.

Just two remained.

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PETERRETEP62 put out in second, wallysnooper wins

Somewhat uncannily, the two players had almost dead even stacks to start their heads-up duel, with wallysnooper having 126,420,242 and PETERRETEP62 sitting with 126,109,758.

There was no talk of deal-making -- indeed, there hadn't been for the entire final table -- as wallysnooper began to chip out in front during the first few hands between the two.

In one big hand wallysnooper used pocket queens to pick up a 61 million-chip pot in a hand in which PETERRETEP62 had flopped a middle pair of sevens, and after 20 hands between the two wallysnooper was up over 198 million while PETERRETEP62 had slipped to just over 54 million.

Then suddenly a hand arose that saw PETERRETEP62 open-push from the button and wallysnooper call. PETERRETEP had K♣2♠ and wallysnooper A♣J♦. The board came 3♥6♠6♣, then Q♥, then 5♦, and after almost exactly 12 hours since the tournament had begun, wallysnooper had won!

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Congratulations to wallysnooper for outlasting more than 50,000 players to turn an $11 buy-in into a $36,662.15 tidal wave of cash and a MicroMillions title!

MicroMillions 4 Event #96 ($11 NLHE Sunday Storm Special Edition):
1st: wallysnooper (United Kingdom) -- $36,662.15
2nd: PETERRETEP62 (Slovakia) -- $26,449.99
3rd: AuVBasti (Germany) -- $17,283.15
4th: UnderDgun (Portugal) -- $13,803.28
5th: MikaLie85 (Finland) -- $10,348.67
6th: Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hrubý (Czech Republic) -- $6,909.22
7th: mikeinu (Canada) -- $4,798.07
8th: chinoczech (Czech Republic) -- $3,272.78
9th: Maldanado (Canada) -- $1,929.32

Entrants: 50,506
Prize pool: $505,060.000
Places paid: 6,633

For results from all 100 events of MicroMillions 4, check out the MicroMillions site.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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