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MicroMillions 6: ahtzii runs over the final table in Event #82 ($2.20 NLHE) triumph

The rise, the climax, the denouement of this story today involved its winner, Estonia's ahtzii. Aggressive throughout after starting off as one of the smaller stacked ahtzii took down the MicroMillions 6 Event #82 $2.20 NLHE tournament with brute force. While the runner-up, SARMAT26, gave the champ a run during heads-up play and taking away the chip lead briefly, ahtzii's downhill run towards the $3,179.19 first place prize was not going to denied by anyone of the 11,333 other players in this tournament.

The MicroMillions 6 Player of the Series race seems to have the same names popping up near the top of the leaderboard. quixote123 continues to lead the race with 400 points as of this morning. Despite no wins, quixote123 has racked up two final tables and 24 cashes total thus far to lead the race over kekec24 (380 points) and Event #1 champ LordAgrael (335 points). Only kekec24 would gain any ground in this event. quixote123 could not get any momentum, LordAgrael was cut short of the money, but kekec24 did manage a minor cash in 618th place to grab 10 points and cut quixote123's lead to 10 points overall with those 26 Sunday Million buy-ins awaiting the winner.

Through eight and half hours of play TITAN960 and Viktoriys89 would exit the tournament in back-to-back hand finishing in 13th and 14th place respectively ($83.87). The downpour of exits did not slow down as two hands later buffy jackie would take Q♥K♠ up against RichOne666's T♦A♣ all in preflop for a 2.8 million chip pot with the blinds at 100K/200K ante 25K. The results were not in buffy jackie's favor as two aces hit the 6♦ J♥ A♥ 9♠ A♠ board to slide $113.34 over to the Hungarian in 12th place.

Three hands later on the same table with the same blinds Jindrich IIV min-raised from the small blind as SARMAT26 made the call. 5♣5♠8♥ flop got Jindrich IIV to shove immediately holding pocket aces A♦A♠. Lucky for SARMAT26 to flop four outs with 7♣9♥ because one of them showed up on the turn 6♦. Queen on the river Q♥ and cracked aces are worth $113.34 today in 11th place.

Kimbo-Live would try to lay the smackdown on the blinds with a shove to 2.05 million holding big slick K♣A♣. LOUSH however was up for the battle calling out of the big blind with pocket eights 8♣8♠. The flopped set 7♠ 8♦ T♥ 2♣ 9♦ was more than enough to put this flip to bed as our final nine gathered up below:


Seat 1: Pinguinu007 (1057696 in chips)
Seat 2: RichOne666 (4484414 in chips)
Seat 3: Finalchriz (14339412 in chips)
Seat 4: dunse1720 (4973209 in chips)
Seat 5: LOUSH (8807428 in chips)
Seat 6: ahtzii (2332423 in chips)
Seat 7: SARMAT26 (9465508 in chips)
Seat 8: Podar0k (9847076 in chips)
Seat 9: xXMSPXx (1362834 in chips)

ahtizii goes on a run

To start off the final table with a grand entrance, ahtizii would double up to 5.7 million on the sixth hand, collect a 4.5 million chip pot on the seventh hand, then became the hunter on the eighth hand. With the blinds going up to 125K/250K ante 31,250 xXMSPXx tried to stop ahtizii's streak with a 1.02 million chip shove from UTG. ahtizii however was waiting on the button and three-bet to 1.8 million holding Q♦A♦. After the blinds folded xXMSPXx flipped up the dominated K♥Q♥ and missed on the rivered straight draw T♥ 2♠ 6♣ J♦ 8♠ to finish in ninth place ($154.14).

ahtzii threatening to run the table

Ten hands later with the blinds holding at 125K/250K ante 31,250 ahtzii was back in the mix making a 3BB raise from middle position as shortstacked Pinguinu007 jumped in with a call all-in holding a mid-ace 8♣A♦. ahtzii showed the king-queen Q♥K♣ and the 5♠ J♦ 3♥ Q♣ 9♥ board showed one as well as ahtzii claimed another elimination and Pinguinu007 claimed $226.68 in eighth place.

It's... ahhhhhhtizzzziii!

Maybe ahtzii should have had some walk-in music to the tune of Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" because the chip leader has been rising up to the challenge of all rivals thus far and breaking them like poker equivalent of Rocky IV's Ivan Drago. As the blinds moved up to 150K/300K ante 37,500 ahtzii would call a 3BB raise from Podar0k from the big blind as both looked towards the 5♣5♠4♠ flop. Both would check the flop as the action was coming on the turned 4♦. ahtzii checked again as Podar0k bet 900,000. ahtzii min-checkraised as Podar0k tried to shove for 6.9 million holding ace-high Q♣A♥. ahtzii called with the flopped trips and turned boat 5♥2♦ locking up the 16 million chip pot as Podar0k left with $453.36 in seventh place.

LOUSH lets us know there are others at the table

Up to this point the news has been ahtzii, ahtzii, ahtzii. Check out the hand below as the next deal after Podar0k left we would be down to five:

RSS readers please click through to view video

It was a smaller pot, only 2.3 million total, but LOUSH's 6♣A♦ took care of the shortstacked dunse1720's T♠K♣ on the 8♣ J♥ 7♥ 2♥ A♥ board to knockout dunsel1720 in sixth place ($680.04).

Finally someone stands up to the bully

ahtzii has been rocking this table with an eye firmly on the $3,179.19 sitting up top. But, SARMAT26 finally took the chip leader for something more than the blinds by doubling up off ahtzii for a 17.2 million chip pot. Newly funded six hands later, SARMAT26 would make a standard 3BB raise from the hijack seat as LOUSH called from the small blind. LOUSH would try to check-raise all-in for 5.1 million after the club-laden 4♣K♣T♣ flop. SARMAT26 would make the call with a straight draw and nut flush draw A♣J♠ as LOUSH showed top pair K♠Q♥. 4♠ turn changed nothing but the A♦ river gave SARMAT26 the higher pair sending the battle of the uppercase names and sending LOUSH off in fifth place ($906.72).

Not going away

ahtzii briefly lost the chip lead to SARMAT26 and got motivated quickly to get it back. With the blinds up to 200K/400K ante 50K ahtzii would min-raise from the cutoff as RichOne666 saw dollar signs from the small blind and shoved for 5.55 million. Holding pocket sevens 7♦7♥ and still holding 17 million behind, ahtzii made the call. The Q♦ J♥ J♦ J♣ 6♠ spit out enough jacks to ship the 11.7 million chip pot and chip lead to ahtzii as RichOne666 received $1,133.40 in fourth place.

Down to the mat

Despite three players at the table it seemed like only ahtzii and SARMAT26 were the ones there. In a string of 17 hands either ahtzii or SARMAT26 took down the pot basically handcuffing Finalchriz. After a long wait with the blinds moving up to 250K/500K ante 62.5K Finalchriz tried a different tactic and limped from the button as SARMAT26 raised from the big blind to three million. Bait taken Finalchriz may have thought after shoving for 6.67 million with Q♦K♥. Well, sometimes the aggressive players have it as SARMAT26 showed big slick K♣A♥ and got through the J♥ 8♠ A♦ J♠ 5♥ board to claim the 13.7 million chip pot as Finalchriz earned $1,632.09 in third place.

It's ahtzii with the final knockout

Despite the 33.8 million to 22.7 million chip lead starting up heads-up play and both fairly aggressive players, they would tangle for the Event #82 title for over 15 minutes. Then with the blinds up to 300K/600K ante 75K the grand finale of ahtzii's dash through this final table would be complete. Watch below as ahtzii's run from starting shorter stack to bullying chip leader ends with a MicroMillions victory:

RSS readers please click through to view video

ahtzii would call SARMAT26's 7.9 million chip shove with 7♥J♥ but holding an extra 40 million chips behind allowed the luxury as SARMAT26 flipped up T♦A♠. A jack on the turn 6♦ 5♣ K♣ J♦ 6♥ would make the difference as ahtzii claimed the $3,179.19 first place prize and the Event #82 title!

MicroMillions-082: $2.20 NLHE
Entrants: 11,334
Prize pool: $22,668.00
Places paid: 1,440

1. ahtzii (Estonia) $3,179.19
2. SARMAT26 (Russia) $2,312.13
3. Finalchriz (Germany) $1,632.09
4. RichOne666 (Brazil) $1,133.40
5. LOUSH (Qatar) $906.72
6. dunse1720 (United Kingdom) $680.04
7. Podar0k (Russia) $453.36
8. Pinguinu007 (Romania) $226.68
9. xXMSPXx (Australia) $154.14

David Aydt is a freelance contributor

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