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MicroMillions 6: gongass fills tank with $21K after Event #94 win ($5.50 NLHE, 1R1A)

It's been a great week-and-a-half of low buy-in, big cash-reward fun in the MicroMillions 6, with Event #94 one of 10 last events scheduled on this final day of play. A $5.50 no-limit hold'em affair with "1R1A" (one re-buy and one add-on), the tournament drew 17,399 entrants, and after almost 10-and-a-half hours it was gongass of Portugal prevailing to earn a big $21,011.96 first prize.

That big field of players ended up re-buying 12,642 times and taking 5,871 add-ons, meaning the prize pool totaled $179,560 -- more than twice the event's $75K guarantee -- with the top 2,250 finishers dividing up that money.

After seven-and-a-half hours the big field had been whittled all of the way down to 100 players, with eril777 leading all at that point as the only player with more than 5 million chips. About 45 minutes after that they were down to 50 players with Canibus555 having pushed in front with a stack of more than 13 million, about 4 million ahead of the chasing pack.

By the nine-hour break they were down to 18 players gathered around the final two tables. By then eril777 was out in 29th for a $305.25 cash, but Canibus555 was still near the top with almost 20 million with only AstroDo with more, sporting a stack of more than 23 million.

It took a half-hour more for nine more to fall. nokobono (18th), MaNok23 (17th), and AdrianoK20 (16th) each took away $368.09 for their finishes. teo99Elia (15th), leoy12 (14th), and JulieDja (13th) picked up $538.68 apiece. And xarat990 (12th), MrRabanne (11th), and Eshmat13 (10th) each saw $718.24 added to their PokerStars accounts.

The knockout of Eshmat13 happened on the last hand before the nine-and-a-half-hour break, which meant the final nine players got to relax for five minutes with gongass having moved well in front of the remaining players with more than 51 million.


Seat 1: AstroDo (Romania) -- 12,937,894
Seat 2: Canibus555 (Estonia) -- 33,465,726
Seat 3: SQUA99 (Romania) -- 21,049,104
Seat 4: J. Dinnowich (Denmark) -- 13,624,427
Seat 5: Lord Codita (Romania) -- 15,901,284
Seat 6: klotespeler (Belgium) --- 18,511,872
Seat 7: skadaha (Denmark) -- 6,080,360
Seat 8: gongass (Portugal) -- 51,708,585
Seat 9: SamTeymour (Iran) -- 6,280,748

Once play resumed, it took about 15 minutes for the first final table elimination to arrive.

With the blinds 500k/1m, J. Dinnowich open-shoved for 10,424,427 from the cutoff seat and when it folded to the big blind skadaha called. J. Dinnowich had picked up an ace with A♣7♠, but skadaha had two of them with A♠A♥. The board came 8♦J♥7♦9♦4♥, and J. Dinnowich was done in ninth.

About five minutes later the blinds had increased to 600k/1.2m when it folded around to SamTeymour who open-raised all in for more than 12.7 million from the small blind with 7♥7♣, and AstroDo called off 8,375,788 from the big blind with A♠3♣. The community cards came 9♥9♠4♣, then 6♦, then 8♦, SamTeymour won with nines and sevens, and AstroDo was eliminated in eighth.

gongass would continue to lead, then the next knockout resulted in a nearly 60 million-chip pot that extended the leader's advantage over the field still further.

That hand began with a min-raise by gongass to 2.4 million from middle position, then Canibus555 reraised to 6 million from the button. It folded back to gongass who called, and the pair saw a flop come J♥5♣5♥.

gongass checked, and Canibuss555 led for 7.2 million. gongass then check-raised to 14.4 million, prompting an all-in shove by Canibus555 for 22,315,726 total that gongass quickly called.

Canibus555 had A♣J♣ for jacks and fives, but gongass had A♠5♦ for trip fives. The A♥ turn made a full house out of gongass's hand, and after the 6♥ river Canibus555 was out in seventh while gongass had more than 95 million -- almost three times what nearest challenger SQUA99 had with six players left.

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skadaha was the next to go in sixth place after pushing all in for 6,204,047 (less than five big blinds) with Q♣T♦ from middle position and getting called by SamTeymour sitting in the big blind with A♥7♥. The board came 7♦A♣8♠5♦2♥ to give SamTeymour two pair and cut the field to five.

Next it was Lord Codita pushing for 11,652,568 from under the gun and getting one caller in SQUA99 from the big blind. Both had pocket pairs, with SQUA99's K♠K♥ ahead of Lord Codita's 7♣7♦, then the T♠T♥T♦ flop gave both full houses but only hurt Lord Codita's cause. The turn was the 9♣ and river the 3♦, and Lord Codita was knocked out in fifth.

The final four players moved to Level 54 where the blinds were 800k/1.6m with a 200k ante. Soon gongass raised to 3.2 million from the button, then SamTeymour shoved for 14,367,741 from the small blind. SQUA99 responded with a push all in for more than 46 million from the big blind, and gongass got out.

It was K♠Q♣ for SamTeymour while SQUA99 had picked up another big pocket pair with J♠J♥. The flop brought a king, but also a jack, coming 7♦K♣J♦, and after the 9♥ turn and 6♣ river, SamTeymour's tournament run had ended in fourth.

Play continued, and gongass pushed up over 126 million while SQUA99 sat in a distant second with just over 34 million and klotespeler was in third with about 19.3 million. Then gongass was min-raising again to 3.2 million from the button, SQUA99 shoved for 33,866,133 from the small blind, klotespeler folded, and gongass called.

SQUA99 had A♦K♦ this time while gongass was holding J♥J♣. The board rolled out eight-high -- 8♠8♥7♣5♠3♦ -- and SQUA99 was eliminated in third.

With that hand gongass had a huge advantage to start heads-up play with 162,014,160 to klotespeler's 17,545,840. But despite the more than 9-to-1 chip disadvantage, klotespeler still had a proposition to make as the first hand was dealt.

klotespeler: MAKE A DEAL AMIGO
gongass: lol

klotespeler managed to double up on the first hand between the pair after calling gongass's shove, then watching J♦T♣ beat gongass's 9♠7♠. klotespeler would subsequently win some more to move up over 50 million and cut further into gongass's big lead. But then -- with the blinds up to a whopping 1m/2m (with a 250k ante) -- the final hand took place.

It began with klotespeler raising to 4 million from the button, then gongass reraising to 10 million and klotespeler calling.

The flop came 4♣K♦9♥, gongass led for 16 million, and klotespeler called once more. The turn brought the 2♣ and a big 52.5 million bet from gongass -- more than twice what klotespeler had left. klotespeler called off that last 25,591,680, turning over Q♣T♦ for a gutshot draw. gongass was drawing, too, with A♦3♦, but had the edge with the ace.

The river then brought the A♠ to improve gongass to a pair and it was all over -- gongass had won!

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Congratulations to gongass for topping a huge field of 17,399 to turn just a few bucks into a huge $21K-plus payday!

MicroMillions-094: $5.50 No-Limit Hold'em (1R1A)
Entrants: 17,399 (12,642 re-buys, 5,871 add-ons)
Prize pool: $179,560.00
Places paid: 2,250

1. gongass (Portugal) $21,011.96
2. klotespeler (Belgium) $15,262.60
3. SQUA99 (Romania) $11,671.40
4. SamTeymour (Iran) $8,080.20
5. Lord Codita (Romania) $6,284.60
6. skadaha (Denmark) $4,489.00
7. Canibus555 (Estonia) $3,052.52
8. AstroDo (Romania) $1,616.04
9. J. Dinnowich (Denmark) $1,077.36

Results of all 100 MicroMillions 6 events can be found over on the official MicroMillions 6 page, as well as other statistics and more.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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