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MicroMillions 6: I travel OZ takes Event #89 title down under ($5.50 NL 5-Card Omaha Hi/Lo)

At its start, this final table was anybody's game. Stacks were shallow, blinds were high, and, well, it's 5-Card Omaha. Fortunes can change in a flash, and they did just that for I travel OZ when he hit running cards to make a wheel and win one of the largest pots of the tournament when play was still eight-handed. I travel OZ seized the chip lead and rode it all the way to the finish, defeating it5tricky (in his third final table appearance of the MicroMillions 6!) to win the title.

2,411 players bought in to Event #89, the prize pool topping out at $12,055. 304 places were paid with first place set to earn $2,050.62. Team Online's Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome represented the Red Spades in this field, but she unfortunately made an early exit.

With nine players remaining, blinds were up to 30,000/60,000. Three players had stacks below 10 BB and were playing chicken with the final table bubble. Ultimately tominator09 shoved 366,426 from the button and I travel OZ called from the big blind.

torminator09 A♠3♠4♣7♦K♥
I travel OZ A♦2♦3♣9♣K♦

I travel OZ couldn't have asked for a better flop. It fell T♦4♦3♦, giving him the nut flush and the nut low draw. I travel OZ made his low with the 7♥ on the turn and improved it even further with the 6♥ on the river. I travel OZ scooped and sent torminator09 to the rail.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: it5tricky (1,980,628 in chips)
Seat 2: HectorPva (3,038,135 in chips)
Seat 3: KillionaireX (523,888 in chips)
Seat 4: I travel OZ (1,769,682 in chips)
Seat 5: gaz1210 (1,245,508 in chips)
Seat 6: Wh0DatN!nja (539,004 in chips)
Seat 7: Tambelina (1,514,090 in chips)
Seat 8: yaridim (1,444,065 in chips)

KillionaireX runs hot

No doubt relieved to have dodged the final table bubble, short stack KillionaireX moved in straight away with A♥2♠7♣9♣J♣ and HectorPva called with A♦4♥5♥6♣J♦ from the big blind. KillionaireX flopped middle pair and turned jacks and sevens while HectorPva made jacks and fives. Although both players flopped low draws, the board finished out K♣7♥5♦J♥T♦, giving KillionaireX the scoop and a double-up to 1.1 million.

Then, on the very next hand, gaz1210 opened for a min-raise to 160,000 and KillionaireX moved in from the big blind. Gaz1210 called, his A♦2♦2♠8♣J♠ up against A♥A♠3♠7♥8♠. KillionaireX hit the nut flush draw on the J♥5♣4♥ flop while gaz1210 made top pair and the nut flow draw. Gaz1210 made a wheel on the 3♣ turn, but KillionaireX hit an incredibly lucky 2♥ river to make his flush for high and a wheel for low.

Quartered and left with only 687,000, gaz1210 could only mutter, "Run better."

What goes around...

Two hands later, KillionaireX opened for a 4.5x raise to 360,000 on the button. Both I travel OZ and gaz1210 called from the blinds. I travel OZ moved all-in for 1.27 million on the J♥8♥2♣ flop and both gaz1210 and KillionaireX called.

I travel OZ A♥3♠5♠7♠7♥ (nut flush draw, nut low draw, pair of sevens)
KillionaireX A♦2♦4♦4♥K♥ (second nut flush draw, low draw, pair of fours)
gaz1210 A♣2♥6♥T♥T♦ (flush draw, low draw, pair of tens)

KillionaireX struck gold again, the 4♣ turning to make him a set of fours. It was also gin for I travel OZ, who made the nut low and picked up a wheel draw for high. The river, however, was devastating for KillionaireX, the A♠ falling to make I travel OZ a wheel. His set snapped off, KillionaireX was knocked back down to 647,000. I travel Oz scooped both main and side pots and gaz1210 was eliminated in eighth place ($120.55).

The blinds rose to 50,000/100,000 and HectorPva opened for 200,000 on the button. KillionaireX called from the small blind and I travel OZ shoved for 4.14 million from the big. HectorPva got out of the way and KillionaireX called.

KillionaireX A♠2♦3♦6♠8♣
I travel OZ A♥2♣5♠7♠T♣

Both players hit top pair on the A♣Q♥J♠ flop. The 9♠ turn gave KillionaireX an ace-high flush draw, but I travel OZ made aces up on the river with the 5♣ to take it down. KillionaireX was eliminated in seventh place, collecting $241.10.

Wh0DatN!nja nabbed in sixth

One orbit later, yaridim opened for a 3x raise to 300,000 and Wh0DatN!nja called all-in from the big blind. Yaridim's A♣A♠2♥7♥9♣ held up against Wh0DatN!nja's 2♦2♠4♦6♠K♣ on the T♣9♦4♥Q♠5♦ board, the pocket aces enough to scoop the pot. Wh0DatN!nja hit the rail in sixth place, earning $361.65 for his run.

HectorPva felled in fifth

Meanwhile, HectorPva had slipped to 752,000 in chips. Holding A♥3♦8♦9♠J♣, he open-shoved from under-the-gun and both I travel OZ and it5tricky called. I travel OZ and it5tricky checked down the flop and turn on the J♠T♥7♥J♥ board, but I travel OZ folded to it5tricky's 360,000 bet on the 4♦ river. It5tricky turned up A♦2♣4♥8♠J♦ for jacks full of fours, crushing HectorPva's jack-high straight with A♥3♦8♦9♠J♣. It5tricky raked in the 2.34 million pot and HectorPva went out in fifth place, taking home $602.75.

Tambelina turns up

Down to 1 million in chips with the blinds up to 70,000/140,000, Tambelina three-bet shoved from the small blind and it5tricky called. Tambelina's A♦2♦5♥8♠T♦ made a pair of eights and an 8-7-4-2-A low on the K♦8♥4♥7♠9♥ board, outdoing it5tricky's pair of fives and 8-7-4-3-2 low. Tambelina doubled to 2.1 million and on the very next hand, opened for 280,000 on the button. Yaridim called and they saw a K♣J♦5♠ flop. Yaridim checked, Tambelina moved in for 1.89 million and yaridim called off his remaining 485,000, revealing A♥A♦3♣9♠Q♣. Tambelina turned over a set of kings with A♠8♠K♠K♥K♦
and survived the turn and river, the Q♠ and the 9♣ falling to eliminate yaridim in fourth place ($843.85).

Get me to the bottle shop

The hourly break hit just as play turned three-handed. The chip leader with 5.5 million, a jubilant I travel OZ was already poised for celebration.

I travel OZ: can we have 10mins? need to got to the bottle shop!!!
HostMickP (Commentator) Unfortunately I can not extend break times
I travel OZ: damn. Have to make a vodka lime and soda then
HostMickP (Commentator): I've been stuck with worse choice before =)
I travel OZ: . If i knew I was playing for 8 1/2 hrs I would've got more beer!!
I travel OZ: What a gr8 day though, smashed the poms in the cricket, sunny sunday with cold beer and final 3 in MM

Only seconds after the break finished, all three players limped in and saw a T♣6♥4♥ flop. Tambelina led out for 200,000, it5tricky folded and I travel OZ called. The turn came the 6♣ and Tambelina fired another 200,000. I travel OZ raised to 800,000 and Tambelina called. The river was the K♥ and Tambelina moved in for 1.24 million. I travel OZ called. Although Tambelina rivered a king-high flush with A♣2♥3♦8♦T♥, I travel OZ turned sixes full of fours with 2♦3♠4♠6♦9♣ and ended Tambelina's run in third place ($1,140.88).

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 1: it5tricky (3,493,228 in chips)
Seat 4: I travel OZ (8,561,772 in chips)

It wasn't long before I travel OZ was finally free to run off to the bottle shop. It5tricky had chipped up to 4.67 million when he picked up A♥3♦3♥5♣Q♣ and open-shoved. I travel OZ snap-called with A♠A♦2♦7♣9♣ and scooped with aces up to seal the win:

Congratulations to I travel OZ on an excellent weekend, both on the felt and in cricket. He banked $2,050.62 for the win here, while runner-up it5tricky collected $1,446.60.

MicroMillions-089: [$5.50 NL 5-Card Omaha Hi/Lo]
Entrants: 2,411
Prize pool: $12,055.00
Places paid: 304

1. I travel OZ (Australia) $2,050.62
2. it5tricky (United Kingdom) $1,446.60
3. Tambelina (Malta) $1,140.88
4. yaridim (Ukraine) $843.85
5. HectorPva (Romania) $602.75
6. Wh0DatN!nja (Canada) $361.65
7. KillionaireX (New Zealand) $241.10
8. gaz1210 (United Kingdom) $120.55

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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