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MicroMillions 6: langace66 holds out for a better deal, wins Event #23 ($1+R NLHE [3x-Turbo])

There's a reason so many turbos end with a deal. As stacks grow shallower, luck plays an ever-increasing role. Any edge a player might have had over an opponent gradually disappears. With so few chips in play relative to the blinds, everyone is at the mercy of the deck and thousands of dollars can potentially change hands over the flip of a coin. The final six in Event #23 were well aware of this, and with less than 100BB in play, they paused to consider an ICM chop. While four agreed to the terms, two players held out. Although one of them lost out on a five-figure payday by holding out for a larger share, langace66's confidence carried him to an outright win and twice the cash he would have netted in the proposed deal.

Event #23 drew a massive crowd. It's 33,681 players made 162,093 rebuys and 19,714 add-ons for a total prize pool of $196,094.08. 4,275 spots were paid with first place set to earn $17,750.23. Eight Red Spades decided to buy the ticket and take the ride including Martin Hruby, Stavros "IDOLLS" Kalfas, Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen, Caio Pessagno, and Pierre Neuville. Three finished in the money: Andre Coimbra (2,432nd), Tyler "frosty012" Frost (2,337th), and Naoya "nkeyno" Kihara (1,686th).

Blinds were up to 2.25M/4.5M with ten players remaining and tyber181 was all-in from the big blind for his last 2.36 million. Trams666 called the balance from the small blind, his K♥7♥ dominating tyber181's 7♣T♠. Tyber181 didn't get any help on the 9♦5♦5♣5♠6♦ board and busted on the final table bubble.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: kljaczg (75,261,905 in chips)
Seat 2: langace66 (165,888,125 in chips)
Seat 3: HellRaiserSB (54,272,362 in chips)
Seat 4: vanway (162,530,498 in chips)
Seat 5: tuttenkonig (213,970,238 in chips)
Seat 6: Tzitzi989 (51,311,972 in chips)
Seat 7: LUC@5Y5 (99,959,141 in chips)
Seat 8: bajawa (89,620,008 in chips)
Seat 9: Trams666 (265,927,751 in chips)

Tzitzi989 and bajawa the first to fall

Short stack Tzitzi989 wasn't long for this final table and open-shoved 42.6 million from the cutoff on Hand #4. Trams666 called, his A♥J♦ in fantastic shape vs. A♣3♣. Trams666's dominating hand held up and Tzitzi989 hit the rail in ninth place, earning $929.48.

Soon afterward, bajawa opened for an 11 million raise and HellRaiserSB three-bet to 27.5 million from the small blind. Bajawa called and they saw a J♠8♥4♥ flop. HellRaiserSB led out for 16.5 million, bajawa min-raised and HellRaiserSB called all-in, revealing Q♥Q♠. Bajawa was in a world of trouble with A♥Q♦ and didn't improve on the 7♦ turn or the 4♠ river. Left with only 12.8 million, bajawa moved in from the small blind a few hands later and Trams666 called with 7♦3♠. Trams666 flopped a three and bajawa's 4♦5♥ did not improve. For eighth place, bajawa collected $1,580.51.

HellRaiserSB takes the chip lead

WIth the blinds up to 4M/8M, kljaczg looked down at A♦8♥ and opened for a min-raise. HellRaiserSB called from the cutoff and tuttenkonig came along from the small blind. Tuttenkonig checked the 9♥7♣6♥ flop over to kljaczg, who continued for 24 million. HellRaiserSB raised to 48 million, tuttenkonig folded, and kljaczg shipped in all 89.8 million of his chips. HellRaiserSB called, turning over 6♠6♣ for a set. Kljaczg's A♦8♥ needed a five or a ten to make a straight, but blanked out on the turn and river, the 4♠ and the J♦ falling to eliminate him in seventh place ($2,321.75).

HellRaiserSB and langace66 kibosh six-way chop

As HellRaiserSB moved into the chip lead with 393.6 million, the final six broached the subject of a deal. It took a bit of convincing but at last, every player checked the requisite box and the action was paused. Here's a look at how they stacked up at the time.

HellRaiserSB - 383,618,534
tuttenkonig - 244,108,333
Trams666 - 176,487,369
langace66 - 138,638,125
LUC@5Y5 - 131,019,140
vanway - 104,870,499

Langace66 asked to see ICM figures and the host provided the following numbers:

HostTannerS (Administrator): HellRaiserSB:$11,169.66
HostTannerS (Administrator): tuttenkonig:$9,606.58
HostTannerS (Administrator): Trams666:$8,505.65
HostTannerS (Administrator): langace66:$7,731.15
HostTannerS (Administrator): LUC@5Y5:$7,556.74
HostTannerS (Administrator): vanway:$6,899.00
HostTannerS (Administrator): Left To Play for place 1: $2,500.00

Trams666, vanway, tuttenkonig, and LUC@5Y5 were all quick to agree, but langace66 and HellRaiserSB wanted some modifications. HellRaiserSB asked for $13,000 while langace66 said he'd close the deal if he got an additional $800, bringing his share up to about $8,500. The other four weren't keen on either idea. Although langace66 lowered his price to $8,300 at the last second, he got no takers and cards went back in the air with no deal in place.

Vamooo vanway

Short stack vanway hit a rush as six-handed play continued. First, his A♣K♥ made a heart flush vs. HellRaiserSB's pocket queens, good for a double-up to 206 million. Next, van way found J♥J♦ in the big blind and snap-called LUC@5Y5's UTG+1 shove for 88 million. LUC@5Y5 turned over A♠8♥ and did not improve on the 7♠5♣4♣9♥4♦ board. For sixth place, LUC@5Y5 picked up $3,345.36.

langace66 takes control

Langace66 was still holding on in the middle of the pack when Trams666 open-shoved for 205 million from UTG. Langace66 looked down at pocket nines and called all-in for 201 million, his opponent revealing J♠T♠. Trams666 didn't get any help on the board and langace66's nines moved him into the chip lead with 439 million. Trams666 was left with only 3.9 million and was eliminated in fifth place on the next hand ($5,016.08).

HellRaiserSB sputters out

Vanway continued running hot and squeezed out of a terrible situation when he took his A♣3♦ up against tuttenkonig's J♥J♣. Vanway made trip threes on the flop and filled up with an ace on the river, taking his stack up to 261 million.

"I said it I'm super hot," vanway proclaimed. "I'm shipping this."

Meanwhile, former chip leader HellRaiserSB had fallen on hard times and was down to 79 million. With the action folded to him on the button, HellRaiserSB shoved with Q♣6♣ only to run into tuttenkonig's A♣4♠ in the big blind. Tuttenkonig flopped an ace and HellRaiserSB was out in fourth place, earning $6,686.80-- about $4,500 less than the share he turned down during deal negotiations

langace66 halts vanway's rush

With three players left, langace66 was out front with 580 million. Tuttenonig wasn't far behind with 414 million and vanway was the short stack with 184 million. It only took five more hands to eliminate vanway, who called langace66's small blind shove with pocket fives. Langace66 turned over K♦6♠ and flopped a king to snatch the lead. Langace66 turned trip kings and rivered kings full of sixes, ending vanway's hot run in third place ($8,261.45).

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 2: langace66 (778,596,528 in chips)
Seat 5: tuttenkonig (400,145,472 in chips)

Langace66 and tuttenkonig only played three hands heads-up. In the first two they traded the blinds and on the third hand, langace66 opened for a min-raise to 42 million. Tuttenkonig called and they saw a A♠Q♥9♠ flop. Tuttenkonig led out for 63 million, langace66 raised to 189 million and tuttenkonig called. The rest of tuttenkonig's chips went in on the turn, but his Q♣3♦ trailed langace66's A♣3♣. The river was the 5♣ and langace66 put an exclamation point on an incredible final table run.

Congratulations to langace66 on his first MicroMillions title! He banked $17,750.23 for the win, more than twice the amount he turned down in the six-handed deal negotiations. Kudos are also due to runner-up tuttenkonig, who earned $12,808.86 for his run.

MicroMillions-023: ($1+R NLHE [3x-Turbo])
Entrants: 33,681 (162,093 re-buys, 19,714 add-ons)
Prize pool: $196,094.18
Places paid: 4,275

1. langace66 (Austria) $17,750.23
2. tuttenkonig (Germany) $12,808.86
3. vanway (Chile) $8,361.45
4. HellRaiserSB (Germany) $6,686.80
5. Trams666 (Sweden) $5,016.08
6. LUC@5Y5 (Brazil) $3,345.36
7. kljaczg (Croatia) $2,321.75
8. bajawa (Canada) $1,580.51
9. Tzitzi989 (Romania) $929.48

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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