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MicroMillions 6: VeTaXa1988 leads the way to win Event #11 ($11 NLH 6-Max)

The MicroMillions series always draws massive fields to the tables and Event #11 was no different. PokerStars set up the No Limit Hold'em 6-Max tournament with a $75,000 guaranteed prizepool and players more than doubled that number for a $170,940 prizepool and $22,022 to the winner for just the $11 buy-in.

The tournament drew 17,094 players and less than half of them were around when registration closed two hours after the start. The average stack sized stayed constantly deep throughout the tournament but that did not stop a lot of players from making moves in the 6-Max format.

Play drastically slowed down as the players neared the big money atop the payouts and the final four tables played a lot of interesting hands. Hand-for-hand on the final table bubble lasted 20 hands before Poland's kasjerka lost K♠J♠ against J♥J♣ at the three-handed table.

All six players began the final table with plenty of chips with low player SmuldersN holding more than 20 big blinds while chipleader VeTaXa1988 was sitting with over 42. The 6-Max structure generates a lot of action from the players but they each had remove the make plays.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: IkillU2012 (14,894,228 in chips)
Seat 2: whisp01 (16,887,689 in chips)
Seat 3: SmuldersN (10,302,885 in chips)
Seat 4: FirmanBoys_ (14,036,661 in chips)
Seat 5: Nimorga1 (7,887,374 in chips)
Seat 6: VeTaXa1988 (21,461,163 in chips)

Blinds: 250k/500k with 62.5k ante

IkillU2012 loses race, eliminated in 6th

IkillU2012 began the final table in the middle of the pack with nearly 30 big blinds, more than enough to move up to make moves up the leaderboard but ran into a big early hand. It was just a few hands into the final table when IkillU2012 was involved in a race with FirmanBoys_.

FirmanBoys_ three-bet from the small blind before IkillU2012 put a fourth bet for all his chips. IkillU2012 was ahead with 9♠9♣ but lost the coin flip when FirmanBoys_ flopped an Ace while holding A♠K♥. The hand left IkillU2012 will less than a small blind and put them in the middle under the gun on the very next hand.

No miracle comeback when Nimorga1 isolated from the small blind with K♦3♠ which was ahead, and outflopped, IkillU2012's Q♥6♠ to knock him out in 6th place for $2,022.

SmuldersN gets outflopped, eliminated in 5th

FirmanBoys_ put IkillU2012 on the brink and wasted no time getting involved in another hand. SmuldersN opened for a min-raise which prompted FirmanBoys_ to three-bet from the button before SmuldersN instantly shoved for his final 11,210,385. FirmanBoys_ quickly called but was behind with Q♥A♦ against SmuldersN's A♥K♥.

SmuldersN was only ahead for a short time as the flop came 5♥Q♠3♣ to put a dent in his chances. No help came on the 2♠ turn or 6♥ river and SmuldersN ran out luck to be sent out in 5th place for $3,191 while FirmanBoys_ moved into second position with 38,733,707.

Nimorga1 defends big blind, eliminated in 4th

Nimorga1 was the shortest stack of the four remaining player but was still holding nearly 25 big blinds when he took a stand from the big blind. Other players were taking shots at Nimorga1 and the German shoved those chips in the middle from the big blind after whisp01 min-raised from the button.

It turned out to not be the best time to take a stand with Q♦T♣ when whisp01 showed A♣A♠. Nimorga1 needed a lot of help to stay alive but completely missed the 6♠5♣3♠ flop. No love on the 5♣ turn and Nimorga1 was drawing dead to be eliminated in 4th place for $5,555.

whisp01 makes a deal, eliminated in 3rd

There was talk during much of the final table about making a deal but nothing came of the conversation until the tournament was three handed and all players were holding relatively equal stacks. Once the deal was made, it was only a few hands before one of the players took a shot at leading the way towards the remaining $1,500 in the pool

FirmanBoys_ opened from the button before VeTaXa1988 three-bet shoved from the small blind. whisp01 called the bet and FirmanBoys_ released his hand to let them play. For the second time at the six handed final table it was Big Slick against pocket Nines.

VeTaXa1988: 9♥9♠
whisp01: A♣K♠

The board was unkind to whisp01 as it ran out a low 6♥4♥2♣6♣7♦ without hitting his overcards. whisp01 made the best out of his final table deal to finish in 3rd place for $15,755.

VeTaXa1988 stays ahead to win Event #11

VeTaXa1988 began the final table with the chiplead and stayed that way for most of the way. With the big knockout of whisp01, VeTaXa1988 enjoyed a better than 2-to-1 chip advantage during heads up play.

FirmanBoys_ (27,033,707 in chips)
VeTaXa1988 (58,436,293 in chips)

With 85 big blinds in play between the two, FirmanBoys_ did well to make a battle of the match but in the end just ran out of luck. VeTaXa1988 limped from the button and called a raise from FirmanBoys_ to see the A♣3♠3♣ flop. The both played it slow with FirmanBoys_ led for 2,000,000 and VeTaXa1988 just called.

The 5♠ turn prompted FirmanBoys_ to bet another 3,000,000 and VeTaXa1988 min-raised. FirmanBoys_ responded with a shove thinking Aces up with Big Slick A♠K♠ but couldn't have been happy when VeTaXa1988 tabled K♥3♥ for trip threes. FirmanBoys_ did well to move up the leaderboard but was knocked out in 2nd place for $15,009 while the Ukraine's VeTaXa1988 won Event #11 for $17,733.

MicroMillions-011: [$11 NL Hold'em 6-Max]
Entrants: 17,094
Prize pool: $170,940
Places paid: 2,400

1. VeTaXa1988 (Ukraine) $17,733.90*
2. FirmanBoys_ (Poland) $15,009.29*
3. whisp01 (United Kingdom) $15,755.42*
4. Nimorga1 (German) $5,555.55
5. SmuldersN (Netherlands) $3,191.44
6. IkillU2012 (Vietnam) $2,022.22
* - denotes three-way deal

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