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MicroMillions 6: zlajin survives quick final table to win Event #93 ($2.20 NLHE)

Nine hours and thirty minutes to eliminate 16,313 players from MicroMillions 6 Event #93 $2.20 NLHE tournament. With a 30BB average going into the final nine it appeared a drawn out battle was about to commence for the next few hours. Instead the chip leaders preyed upon the less fortunate and managed to name zlajin of Austria the champion. zlajin would defeat guy8080 heads-up after 37 minutes of total final table play to win $3,828.74 for just two bucks!

Nine players would make the ninth hourly break. Yes, the final table bubble would burst on the last hand before the five minute as our lucky nine would get a reprieve before jousting for the MicroMillions 6 title. With the blinds up to 150K/300K ante 37.5K and despite a sizable 30BB average the field would get trimmed quickly from two tables to one.

Within 35 minutes a sea of Russians, Romanians, Dutch, Ukrainians, and one from Belarus would appear in black lettering on the player field list. NHLKA (Netherlands), RusWin777 (Russia), and bogdann1982 (Romania) would collect $66.92 in 16th through 18th place. nastena24rus (Russia), astrum28 (Belarus), and S_Valyuha (Ukraine) found $97.94 next to their names in 13th through 15th place. alexfsr (Russia) and barty1180 (Netherlands) took down $130.59 as hand-for-hand play would start up just before the break.

Playing five-handed zlajin would raise to 1.23 million from the button as DSCSTAR had little choice but to call from the big blind for 272,626 chips holding 6♦4♣. The shortstack was up against zlajin's pocket nines 9♠9♦ and despite catching a pair A♣ Q♦ 4♦ J♥ 8♠ the German was asked to leave right before break in tenth place starting up the final table below:


Seat 1: ghost19766 (7406266 in chips)
Seat 2: XstepBYstepX (3004816 in chips)
Seat 3: PromeTex666 (2782206 in chips)
Seat 4: Siveens99 (7452385 in chips)
Seat 5: grzenia777 (12709845 in chips)
Seat 6: guy8080 (18366230 in chips)
Seat 7: demo_ev (5610258 in chips)
Seat 8: zlajin (15757022 in chips)
Seat 9: buluvic (8530972 in chips)

Nine times? Nine times.

Only nine hands into the final table we would ask one of the players to please report to the cashier for their winnings. The blinds already moving up to 200K/400K ante 50K causing the shorter stacks to rethink their strategy about waiting for a premium hand. PromeTex666 would from the cutoff for 1.91 million chips after an UTG min-raise from guy8080. The original raiser was also the chip leader and could afford to gamble a bit with 7♠6♣. PromeTex666 did flip up a decent A♥J♥ but failed to connect with the 9♥ 8♣ 7♣ Q♦ 8♠ board as guy8080's pair of eights sent PromeTex666 $195.88 in ninth place.

Increasing the pace

This is not a turbo-style tournament yet the cadence of the last 45 minutes has been turbo-like. Just five hands later with the blinds staying the same grzenia777 would min-raise from middle position as demo_ev got excited and shoved for 5.38 million from the button. A♥Q♣ was enough to make the call for grzenia777 was demo_ev showed an interesting 9♠K♥. Neither player could touch the all-low 8♣ 4♣ 4♠ 6♦ 7♠ board as grzenia777's ace-high collected 11.7 million chips and demo_ev finished in eighth place ($293.83). Chalk up a second MicroMillions final table for demo_ev who claimed a sixth place finish back on MicroMillions 3 Event #63.

Could not catch a break

As the blinds moved up to 250K/500K ante 62.5K zlajin and grzenia777 would trade bets until the river as zlajin's set of fours would haul away 32.6 million chips. Five hands later with a demolished stack grzenia777 would three-bet shove for 3.21 million over an UTG min-raise by Siveens99. Siveens99 made the call holding a couple of high hearts T♥Q♥ as the now shortstacked grzenia777 clung to a pair of fives 5♣5♥ for tournament life. Ten on the flop, queen on the turn, and no five on the river J♥ 3♦ T♠ Q♣ 2♥ sent grzenia777 to the showers in seventh place ($555.01).

Some guy is back

After splashing onto the final table scene as the chip leader, guy8080 took the backseat to the action for a little while as the torrid pace of this final table continued. With the blinds still at 250K/500K ante 62.5K watch below as guy8080 starts the ascent towards the top of the chip count:

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Pocket kings K♥K♣ for guy8080 did not disappoint as buluvic's pocket eights 8♥8♦ whiffed on a river straight draw 6♠ T♣ 7♣ 5♥ 3♣ to finish in sixth place ($816.20).

Siveens strains more chips off the table

Just three hands later and 25 minutes into the final table XstepBYstepX would shove from the hijack seat for 2.77 million chips as Siveens99 did the same for 13.1 million in the cutoff holding big slick K♦A♥. XstepBYstepX need to shuffle step around the dominate hand with kicker problems A♠7♠. A lack of spades and sevens on the 2♥ T♣ Q♣ 5♣ 3♠ board dashed and chance for XstepBYstepX to continue as the UK player earned $1,142.68 in fifth place.

Some guy wants to win this tournament

A flopped flush for a 33 million chip pot against Siveens99 would put guy8080 back near the chip lead held by zlajin. Then, as the blinds moved up to 300K/600K ante 75K, guy8080 took the rest of Siveens99's chips to retain the lead. Down to 2.53 million chips, Siveens99 would shove from the small blind as guy8080 made the call from the big blind holding J♠A♠. Siveens99's 4♥Q♠ missed the 5♦ K♥ 8♦ 3♥ T♠ board leaving guy8080's ace-high victorious as Siveens99 collected $1,469.16 in fourth place.

Done in under 30 minutes?

As noted before this was not a turbo tournament yet 30 minutes from the ninth hourly break we would be left with just two players contending for the MicroMillions 6 Event #93 title. With the blinds holding at 300K/600K ante 75K and six hands after Siveens99 left the silent ghost19766 spooked the table with a 10.3 million chip shove from the button. Holding 35 million and pocket sixes 6♦6♥ in the big blind zlajin decided to make the call. Flipping against ghost19766's K♥J♣ the sixes would survive the turned open-ended straight draw 8♦ Q♦ 5♣ T♦ 3♣ and collect the 21.2 million chip pot as ghost19766 faded off the table in third place ($2,122.12).

Some guy does not win Event #93

Heads-up play was interestingly the longest stretch of the final table without an elimination. zlajin's 46.1 million to 35.4 million chip lead proved to be too much for guy8080 to overcome. Watch below as six minutes into the heads-up battle and just 37 minutes into the final table zlajin would stand alone:

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With the board showing 5♥ 3♣ 8♠ 8♦ A♦ guy8080 tried to represent the ace or an eight on the river by shoving for 11.8 million with a pair of fives 5♠9♠. But zlajin did have an eight J♥8♣ and made the MicroMillions 6 Event #93 winning call collecting $3,828.74!

MicroMillions-093: $2.20 NLHE
Entrants: 16,324
Prize pool: $32,648.00
Places paid: 2,250

1. zlajin (Austria) $3,828.74
2. guy8080 (Israel) $2,775.08
3. ghost19766 (United Kingdom) $2,122.12
4. Siveens99 (Latvia) $1,469.16
5. XstepBYstepX (United Kingdom) $1,142.68
6. buluvic (Denmark) $816.20
7. grzenia777 (Poland) $555.01
8. demo_ev (Ukraine) $293.83
9. PromeTex666 (Russia) $195.88

David Aydt is a freelance contributor

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