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MicroMillions II: Chalk up a victory for Chalkyman in event #65 ($4.40 NL Hold'em 6-Max)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngThe writing was on the wall from the very start of the final table as United Kingdom's Chalkyman started with the chip lead and took just 27 minutes to become the latest player to be able to say: 'I am a Micro Millions II champion.'

It was a supreme performance and but for a brief period when the chip lead was snatched from him during heads-up play, the Brit went wire to wire, winning $5,029.44 in the process. Chalkyman defeated a field of 8,376, to claim the title 1,080 players in total would get paid, but Team PokerStars Online'sAndre 'acoimbra' Coimbra was not among them as he busted in 2,955th place.


'The guy on the other table is crushing the other two,' said AQRN during hand-for-hand play. Indeed Chalkyman was, with seven players left the Brit was on the table of three and mercilessly picked on the other two players. During this period Chalkyman chipped up from 9,700,000 to 14,197,657.

When todietryin eliminated kesaman in seventh place (jacks holding against ace-king) the final table was set. With blinds at 100,000 - 200,000 ante 25,000 those trying to hang onto Chalkyman's coat tails stacked up like this:

micromillions II_event #65_final table screenshot.jpg

The final six

Seat 1: Vic220v, Brazil, 1,804,520
Seat 2: ARQN, Australia, 5,221,197
Seat 3: kuba813, Poland, 5,766,893
Seat 4: todietryin, Australia, 8,999,542
Seat 5: Chalkyman, United Kingdom, 14,197,657
Seat 6: IvoVB, Netherlands, 5,890,191

Left chasing chalk dust

Any hopes of overhauling Chalkyman's chip lead disappeared quickly as within the first three hands of the final table the Brit eliminated two players.

First out was Vic220v the Brazilian shoved all-in for 1,754,520 over the top of Chalkyman's 400,000 button raise, back on Chalkyman, the Brit called off the extra.

Vic220v: A♣Q♣
Chalkyman: A♠8♦

The Brazillian was in dominating shape but a flop of 5♦7♥8♠ vaulted Chalkyman from worst to first and the 4♦4♠ turn and river meant Vic220v was out in sixth, winning $502.56.

On the very next hand Chalkyman again opened to 400,000, kuba813 three-bet to 1,000,000, call. On the Q♣A♣5♥ flop, kuba813 moved all-in for 4,691,833, snap call from Chalkyman.

kuba813: A♦9♦
Chalkyman: 5♠5♣

The 5♦ turn gave Chalkyman quads, the meaningless 7♥ completed the board and sent kuba813 tumnbling out $837,60 richer.

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Three versus one

By now Chalkyman had over half the chips in play - 23 million - the nearest challenger was todietryin, who had just under nine million. But, the Australian was about to close the gap.

By this point the blinds were 125,000 - 250,000 ante 31,250. It folded to ARQN, who opened to 572,500 from the small blind, todietryin made it 1,799,333, ARQN moved all-in for 5,183,697 and todietryin made the call.

todietryin: 6♥6♠

it seemed flopping sets was the order of the day, the 7♦3♣6♦ flop gave todietryin a near lock on the hand. The 4♠ turn opened up the possibility of a chop, but the 9♥ fell on fifth street, meaning ARQN fell in fourth place for a $1,507.68 payday.

IvoVB out in third

With three left IvoVB was very much the poor relation. The Dutchman's stack of just over four million equated to a little over 17 big blinds and it wasn't long before he wagered all of it. From the small blind Chalkyman raised to 4,000,000 with K♦5♠, IvoVB called all-in for 3,627,691 and was ahead with A♥7♦. But, a board of 6♠7♣4♦K♣2♣ sent the pot Chalkyman's way, the $2,512.80 that IvoVB collected, hopefully some consolation.


Blinds were by now 125,000 - 250,000 ante 31,250 and although Chalkyman had more than a two to one chip lead todietryin still had a healthy stack of 53 big blinds.

Seat 4: todietryin, Australia, 13,351,989
Seat 5: Chalkyman, United Kingdom, 28,528,011

Over the first ten hands of heads-up play todietryin had slightly the better of it and on the 11th the Australian would take the lead. From the button Chalkyman made it 750,000 to play, call from todietryin.

Flop: J♥Q♦K♦ - check, check
Turn: 4♠ - bet of 600,000 from todietryin, raise to 1,800,000 from Chalkyman, call
River: 2♠ - check, bet of 3,900,000 from Chalkyman, call from todietryin.


Chalkyman: J♠5♠
todietryin: K♥Q♥

The Australian dragged a near 13,000,000 chip pot to take the chip lead, the hand led to a bit of chat between the two:

Chalkyman: lol wtf?
Chalkyman: why you take so long with a monster
Chalkyman: I thought you had bare king you so you fold
todietryin: few hands can beat me there u bet enough

The chat had barely died down before Chalkyman would win the pivotal pot of the tournament. The Brit made it 750,000 from the button, call from todietryin. On the flop of T♥5♠7♦, todietryin check-called a bet of 900,000. The two of them saw the J♦ hit the turn. It checked to Chalkyman who bet 2,700,000, todietryin came over the top, raising to 5,400,000, Chalkyman moved all-in for 17,590,511 and todietryin made the call.

Chalkyman: 9♠8♣ - turned straight
todietryin: J♥T♠ - turned top two pair

The Australian had a re-draw to end the tournament right here, but the 4♣ completed the board sending a 38,556,022 pot to Chalkyman and leaving todietryin with just 3,323,978.

Despite doubling up once the Australian couldn't recover sufficiently, this is how the final hand played out. From the button todietryin completed, Chalkyman made it 1,200,000 and todietryin called.

Both players checked the 3♣4♣8♥ flop and the 4♠ fell on the turn, Chalkyman fired out a bet of 1,600,000, todietryin moved all-in for 6,297,956 and Chalkyman made the call.

todietryin: 9♠7♠
Chalkyman: A♦Q♣

Chalkyman had made an excellent call with just ace high and the ace high held up as the A♥ river improved the Brit's hand further.

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MicroMillions event #65 $4.40 NL Hold'em 6-max

Number of players: 8,376
Total prize pool: $33,504.00
Places paid: 1080

Final table payouts:

1st. Chalkyman, United Kingdom, $5,029.44
2nd. todietryin, Australia, $3,517.92
3rd. IvoVB, Netherlands, $2,512.80
4th. ARQN, Austalia, $1,507.68
5th. kuba813, Poland, $837.60
6th. Vic220v, Brazil, $502.56

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