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MicroMillions II: cuore2010 cuts them down wins event #92 ($1+R NL Hold'em [3x-Turbo, Sunday Spark Special Edition])

MicroMillions logo.pngWith four players left cuore2010 was down to just 8.75 big blinds, despite being dwarfed by the other three players the Romanian staged a remarkable rags to riches victory to take down event #92 for $8,708.44.

A mammoth 15,245 players entered this event, 61,304 re-buys and 6,479 add-ons swelled the prize pool to $75,554.57, which would be split between 2,025 players. Coming agonizingly close to the cash was Team PokerStars Online's Andre 'acoimbra' Coimbra, but he busted in 2,211th place.

As the final table approached Aleksey835 was leading the field, helped in no small part by this triple elimination with 17 players left.

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The Russian had a lead over N_meets_D and when the German eliminated BORMAK in tenth the final table was set. With blinds 900,000 - 1,800,000 ante 180,000 and an average stack of 47,109,666 this is how the final table lined up.

micromillions II_event #92_final table screenshot.jpg

The brightest sparks

Seat 1: N_meets_D, Germany, 74,864,800
Seat 2: Aleksey835, Russia, 96,283,176
Seat 3: Wolle83, Germany, 9,025,002
Seat 4: captainn41, Lebanon, 30,367,117
Seat 5: rsca.champ, Belgium, 25,894,852
Seat 6: Salvatrucho9, Canada, 62,423,720
Seat 7: b87reb, Romania, 37,376,217
Seat 8: Welcomewoll, Russia, 60,200,976
Seat 9: cuore2010, Romania, 27,551,140

Two hands one out

On just the second hand of the final there was elimination, Welcomewoll opened to 5,400,000, Wolle83 moved all-in for 8,845,002, captainn41 then re-raised all-in 30,187.117 and Welcomewoll got out the way.

Wolle83: A♦K♣
captainn41: J♠J♥

The board ran 3♣7♥5♠8♠3♠, Wolle83 collected $453.32 for finishing ninth.

Two more for one more

Just two hands later the field would be reduced from eight to seven. From the cut-off rsca.champ moved all-in for 24,424,852 with A♠Q♦, Salvatrucho9 decided to give him a spin with A♥J♣ and connected the best with the T♣J♠2♣9♠7♦ board, rsca.champ had to be content with $679.99.


Those two early exits saw talk of a deal rear its head. 'Anyone for deal?' said N_meetsD. First to reply was b87reb who simply said: 'yes'. Unfortunately b87reb wouldn't have the chance to deal as the Romanian was next out.

Yet again Salvatrucho9 was the executioner and yet again the Canadian got it in dominated but got there. It folded to Salvatrucho9 who raised enough to set b87reb all-in, the latter called all-in for 27,356,217.

Salvatrucho9: K♦J♥
b87reb: A♣J♣

The A♠3♦Q♣ flop was a good one for the at risk player, the 7♠ kept b87reb in front, but the T♠ river gave Salvatrucho9 braodway and eliminated b87reb in seventh place, $1,322.20 was the Romanian's reward.

Captain Canada

Salvatrucho9 was now the clear chip leader and it was soon extended further. Welcomewoll opened to 7,200,000 from a stack of 44,289,836, Salvatrucho9 re-raised all-in with 6♣6♠ and Welcomewoll called all-in with A♦8♥. It was a near 90 million-chip flip and the pair held up as the board came 3♣T♥4♣2♦4♠. For finishing 6th Welcomewoll pocketed $2,039.97.

The ups, downs and demise of captainn41

Former chip leader Aleksey835 had been usurped and the Russian then lost more chips as captainn41 doubled through him with pocket kings against K♣8♣, in a 130 million pot that left Aleksey835 with just under 28 million. The Russian was soon back in it though, getting some back from captainn41, this time it was Aleksey835 who had the kings and they held against captainn41's A♦Q♥ in an 82 million chip pot.

Five hands later N_meets_D found pocket tens, captainn41 yet again had A♦Q♣, it all went in pre-flop but once again the pair held up a board of K♣9♥J♠5♠ 2♦.

That hand reduced the captainn41 to 26 million and it went in the next hand with pocket fives, Aleksey835 found A♥7♥ and got there on the K♠6♣A♠7♦8♦ board. Three hands in quick succession saw the captainn41 thrown overboard in fifth place, $2,795.51 his catch of the day.

Worst to first with a double double

As four handed play began the stacks looked like this:

Seat 1: N_meets_D, Germany, 103,248,704
Seat 2: Aleksey835, Russia, 125,361,230
Seat 6: Salvatrucho9, Canada, 167,354,625
Seat 9: cuore2010, Romania, 28,022,441

Cuore2010 was very much the short stack, but not for long. First the Romanian doubled through Salvatrucho9 - aces against A♣3♥ - then the very next hand the Romanian got a full double up through Aleksey83.

The latter opened to 9,600,000 (three big blinds) from under-the-gun and cuore2010 called from the big blind. Both players checked the 2♦T♠Q♣ flop and the 4♥ turn before the action exploded on the 4♣ river. First to act cuore2010 led for 9,936,000, Aleksey835 made it 19,872,000, cuore2010 jammed for 47,724,882 and Aleksey835 made the call. The Romanian showed 4♦4♠ for quads, whilst Aleksey835 had the slow played A♠Q♥.

When, five hands later, curore2010 won a mid-size pot from Salvatrucho9 the Romanian had taken the chip lead just eight hands after four handed play had started.

Adios Aleksey

With the blinds now 2,000,000 - 4,000,000 ante 400,000, you could sense an exit was coming and sure enough start of final table chip leader Aleksey835 was soon out the door. It folded to N_meets_D in the small blind, the German set Aleksey835 in for 48,476,348 and the Russian made the call:

N_meets_D: 8♠8♦
Aleksey83: K♣T♠

The board ran 3♦4♣2♠A♠2♠ sending Aleksey83 to the rail $3,551.06 richer.

So long Salvatrucho

Long time chip leader Salvatrucho9 had slipped to the role of short stack by the time three-handed play began, although with a stack of nearly 74,000,000 there was no need to panic.

However, the Canadian's stack would slide all the way to just over 25,000,000 before they all went in. From under-the-gun Salvatrucho9 raised all-in for 25,042,110 with A♥5♠ and N_meets_D made the call with 4♣4♥. The board ran out K♦4♦6♠8♠Q♦, to send Salvatrucho9 out in third, winning $5,062.15.


As heads-up play got underway the blinds were 2,500,000 - 5,000,000 ante 500,000 and there wasn't that much between the two players.

Seat 1: N_meets_D, Germany, 238,282,940
Seat 9: cuore2010, Romania, 185,704,060

The players paused the tournament to discuss a deal the original payouts were:

1st. $9,454.17

They quickly agreed on a chip chop deal and with $1,500 left to play for the adjusted payouts were:


N_meets_D had the better of the early exchanges, stretching out to a 294,000,000 to 129,000,000 advantage, before curore2010 scored a double up. It was all-in pre-flop, curore2010 held 7♥7♣, N_meets_D A♠K♥. The 9♠J♥6♥ flop kept the pair in front, the 4♥ turn gave the German more outs for the title, but all were missed as the J♦ completed the board.

This gave cuore2010 a 258,408,268 to 165,578,732 advantage and that was converted into a victory just five hands later. With blinds of 2,750,000 - 5,500,000 ante 550,000, N_meets_D raised to 11,000,074, curore2010 came over the top, making it 24,835,000 and N_meets_D made the call.

On the 8♥8♠J♦ flop curore2010 c-bet 22,846,500, call from N_meets_D. The 2♦ fell on the turn, bet of 43,048,350 from curore2010, call from N_meets_D. Going to the river there was over 183,000,000 in the pot and effective stacks of 112,788,882 behind. The 9♠ completed the board, curore2010 set N_meets_D all-in and the German made the call, cuore2010 showed Q♦T♦ for the rivered straight, N_meets_D showed an, ahead to the river, A♣2♥.

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The title, glory and $8,708.44 belonged to the Romanian, whilst N_meets_D collected $7,341.64 for finishing second.

MicroMillions II event #92 $1+R NL Hold'em 3x-Turbo, Sunday Spark Special Edition

Number of players: 15,245
Number of re-buys: 61,304
Number of add-ons: 6,478
Total prize pool: $75,554.57

Final table payouts.

1st. cuore2010, Romania, *$8,708.44
2nd. N_meets_D, Germany, *$7,341.64
3rd. Salvatrucho9, Canada, $5,062.15
4th. Aleksey835, Russia, $3,551.06
5th. captainn41, Lebanon, $2,795.51
6th. Welcomewoll, Russia, $2,039.97
7th. b87reb, Romania, $1,322.20
8th. rsca.champ, Belgium, $679.99
9th. Wolle83, Germany, $453.32

Today is the final day of the MicroMillions II the main event, a $22 buy-in, $1M guaranteed starts at 2.30pm EST, you can find it on the client under Events>MicroMIllions. You can satellite into it for as little as $0.44.

One man who'll definitely be playing in it is Andre 'acoimbra' Coimbra, he decided to play all 100 MicroMillion's events. He (and his girlfriend) have been keeping a diary which you can watch here

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