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MicroMillions II: Icegg 15rus takes down Event #03 ($3.30 6-Max NLHE)


Event #03 of Micromillions II is done, only 97 more to go.

The third event of the day featured 6-max NLHE action. While this format tends to entice lots of fast-paced action, it was a bit of a slowdown from the previous two events. Event #01 and Event #02 had a 3X-turbo format and unlimited rebuys for the first 90 minutes.

These crazy formats are akin to strapping a jet engine on a car. Everyone shoved their stacks in at neck-break speeds to make it to the top. Event #03 was more like driving a sportscar down a highway. You're still speeding and breaking several traffic laws, but things are under control.

The player who managed to outdrive everyone and cruise their way to victory today was Icegg 15rus from Russia. Icegg 15rus outlasted a field of 40,897 and -- after almost 11 hours of play -- won $9,506 for his first MicroMillions victory.

A handful of Team PokerStars Online and Pro players were also in the field today. While none of them cashed, Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hrubý made it the furthest, finishing in 9,596th place. If Hrubý had outlasted about 4,000 more players, he would've made the money.

The top 5,400 players of this event cashed for a minimum of $6.13. But all eyes were on the grand prize. A final table would guarantee players a $996.25 payday, while taking the title would earn $10,822. Here's another glimpse at Event #03's numbers:

Entrants: 40,897
Guarantee: $150,000
Prize pool: $122,691.00
Paid Players: 5,400

But turning 40,897 into six takes some time. In Event #03's case, this process took almost 10 hours.

Our final table bubble was short-lived, only taking three minutes to pop. It was $711.60 to finish 7th, and $996.25 for 6th, the popper of this $284.60 bubble was our eventual champion, Icegg 15rus.

Bubble Time

With 400,000/800,000 blinds and a 100,000 ante, Icegg 15rus raised to 4 million from the small blind. ohyrkovlexa was in the big blind and only had 3,291,666. ohyrkovlexa called all-in with 8♣4♣ and was up against Icegg 15rus's A♦8♥. The flop brought Icerugg the A♥ and ohyrkovlexa was eliminated in 7th place. This brought us to our final table.

The Final Table


Seat 1: Bamberger40 -- 10,517,544
Seat 2: jet235 -- 14,324,568
Seat 3: jan78 -- 62,760,953
Seat 4: Icegg 15rus -- 36,784,995
Seat 5: LaMeRiX -- 46,069,080
Seat 6: Franky69 IT - 33,927,860

jan78 had a healthy chip lead and was the first player to get a final table knockout. Bamberger40 survived one double up when he went all-in pre flop against LaMeRiX. Bamberger40 showed a pair of nines against LaMeRiX's A♥T♠. The flop brought Bamberger40 a third nine and the double-up.

But Bamberger wouldn't survive his next all-in. With 500,000/1,000,000 blinds and a 125,000 ante, jan78 raised to 3 million from middle position. Icegg 15rus called from the cutoff and Bamberger40 moved all-in for 16,635,088 from the big blind.

jan78 reshoved for 58 million and Icegg15rus folded.

Bamberger40 showed T♦T♥. It was a better than the last pair he moved in with, but it was still worse than jan78's A♦A♥. The board ran J♦Q♠3♠7♦K♥ and Bamberger40 became our 6th place finisher. For his finish, Bamberger40 earned $996.25.

Our next elimination came soon after. Franky69 IT raised to 2.4 million from the small blind and jet235 moved all-in for 11,194,136 from the big blind. Franky69 IT called and showed 7♠7♥. jet235 was going to need some help with A♠6♣.

The flop came J♣K♥Q♣, giving jet235 two clubs. But the turn was the 2♦ and jet235 lost all flush possibilities. Only an ace on the river could save jet235, but it brought the K♠ instead. jet235 finished in 5th place and earned $1,560.62.

Icerugg 15rus then took the lead away from jan78:

RSS readers - click through to see replay

Icegg 15rus struck again and his lead grew even more. Blinds were 600,000/1,200,000 with a 150,000 ante and LaMeRiX raised to 2,567,890 from under the gun. Action was folded to Icegg 15rus, who raised to 10,800,000. LaMeRix moved all in for 24,587,839 and Icegg 15rus called.

LaMeRiX: A♦J♣
Icegg 15rus: A♥K♦

The flop came 3♥K♠5♣ and Icegg 15rus hit top pair. The turn was the 3♣ and nothing could save LaMeRiX. The river was a taunting J♥, too little too late. LaMerix was eliminated in 4th place and got $2,721.28 shipped straight to his PokerStars account.

This last hand gave Icegg 15rus 104 million. jan78 entered three handed with 71 million while Franky69 IT was the short stack with 28 million.

The lead then took a turn when jan78 raised to 3.6 million from the small blind. Icegg 15rus called and the flop came T♥9♠Q♠. jan78 bet 2.4 million and Icegg 15rus called, bringing the T♠ on the turn.

jan78 fired out another 2.4 million bet and Icegg 15rus raised to 6 million. jan78 3-bet to 13.2 million, Icegg 15rus called and a J♣ fell on the river. jan78 led out for 29 million and Icegg 15rus raised to 58 million. jan78 only had about 17 million behind, but called anyways, putting himself all-in.

jan78 showed 9♥9♦ for a full house while Icegg 15rus showed T♣8♦ for the rivered straight. This put jan78 up to 132 million and left Icegg 15rus with 44 million. Icegg then made it back up to 80 million and brought the tournament into heads-up mode.

Icegg 15rus raised to 3.6 million and Franky69 IT re-raised to 6 million. Icegg 15rus moved all-in for 49,035,816 and Franky69 IT called all-in with his remaining 29 million.

Icegg 15rus: A♣Q♣
Franky69 IT: J♠J♣

The flop came 8♣2♣9♦ and Icegg 15rus picked up a flush draw. The turn was the Q♦ and Icegg 15rus hit top pair instead. The river was the 7♥ and Franky69 IT was eliminated in 3rd place. For being the heads-up bubble, Franky69 IT earned $5,229.09.

Heads Up

jan78 -- 125,259,282
Icegg 15rus -- 79,225,718

When play got heads-up, players decided to make a deal based on chip count. After putting numbers through PokerStars's magic computer, the new payouts looked like this:

Icegg 15rus: $8,705.31
jan78: $9,179.81

There would be $800 left over for the winner and all bragging rights still went to the champion.

For the first part of the heads-up match, Icegg 15rus's stack oscillated between the 60 million and 90 million mark. Our eventual champion didn't take the lead until he took a giant pot off of jan78 without a showdown.

Blinds were 1,000,000/2,000,000 with a 250,000 ante and jan78 raised to 4 million from the small blind. Icegg 15rus re-raised to 28 million and jan78 called, bringing a T♦8♥7♣ flop.

Icegg 15rus moved all-in for 63 million and jan78 folded. Icegg 15rus took the lead with 120 million while jan78 was down to 84 million. Icegg then took a few more pots off of jan78 before delivering the final blow. jan78 raised to 2 million and Icegg 15rus 3-bet to 6 million. jan78 moved all-in for 51,784,282 and Icegg 15rus called.

jan78 showed A♥J♥ and Icegg 15rus showed a pair of queens, Q♦Q♥.

The board was low and filled with pairs. The final board of Event #03 read 9♠2♣8♠8♥9♦ and Icegg 15rus became a MicroMillions champion. jan78 earned $9,179.31 for his finish while Icegg 15rus took home $9,506.31.

MicroMillions II Event #03 $3.30 6-Max NLHE results:
1st: Icegg 15rus -- $9,506.31*
2nd: jan78 -- $9,179.81*
3rd: Franky69 IT -- $5,229.09
4th: LaMeRiX -- $2,721.28
5th: jet235 -- $1,560.62
6th: Bamberger40 -- $996.25
* Prizes reflect a two-way deal

There are still 97 events of MicroMillions action ahead. Don't miss out on your chance at MicroMillions glory. Check out the MicroMillions page for schedules, leader boards, satellite information and everything you need to now about MicroMillions II.

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