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MicroMillions II: SoyDelGlobo wins Main Event!

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngThis was it. The culmination of ten days of micro-limit madness on the PokerStars tables. We'd already seen 99 players turn pocket change into significant chunks of money. Four and five-figure stacks of cash had been given away to players every day. They were great prizes but we couldn't exactly call it life-changing money...that is, until today.

It was the one event of the MicroMillions II series where several players were going to be able to turn a measly $22 investment into life-changing sums of money. It was the chance to make dreams become a reality. It was the Main Event.

The prize pool was guaranteed at a staggering $1 million for the MicroMillions II Main Event, with the winner assured of at least $150,000. Incredible numbers right there, but if there's one thing we've learnt about PokerStars, it's that guarantees are made to be broken!

The event ended up attracting a massive field of 65,063 to create a prize pool of $1,301,260. It was an amazing turnout with the winner to receive $166,210.57 - all that for the price of a Sunday roast and a pot of beer at the pub.

The top 8,505 players would reach the money - that's right, you could be the 8,000th best in this one and still make a profit! A min-cash was worth $52.05 with Russian REFREGERA540 claiming the unwanted honours of the bubble, falling in 8,506th place.

The red spade was sprinkled throughout the enormous field as the Team PokerStars Pros were out to grab a slice of the MicroMillions II pie. Victor Ramdin, Martin Staszko, Fredy Torres, João Nunes, Toni Judet, Maxim Lykov and Jude Ainsworth all finished in the top third of the field but were short of the cash, as we could only spot three red spades that finished in the money.

Nacho Barbero took $52.05 for 6,487th, Adrienne Rowsome pocketed $91.08 for 2,196th while Dutchman Marcel Luske wins the last longer after taking 557th place for $156.15 in prize money.

With two tables left, smellmuth, $trateGema and Subtlety89 were contending for the chip lead, with over twelve hours of grinding required before the players had found their way to the final table. Subtlety89 didn't quite make it, falling in 12th place with pocket fives pipped by Mr oO12's pocket sixes, before the short-stacked NavNavigator ran two pair into a straight to exit in 11th.

Olga12323 was the unfortunate final table bubble, virtually blinding out in 10th place as the MicroMillions II Main Event final table was set:


Final Table Lineup
Seat 1: smellmuth (32,983,672 in chips)
Seat 2: Mr oO12 (39,554,195 in chips)
Seat 3: SoyDelGlobo (69,389,367 in chips)
Seat 4: cokars (59,727,592 in chips)
Seat 5: I_call_U_22 (44,555,196 in chips)
Seat 6: ankara733 (123,430,760 in chips)
Seat 7: $trateGema (108,286,607 in chips)
Seat 8: Kuconi (123,593,344 in chips)
Seat 9: miu004 (49,109,267 in chips)

The first few hands of the final table were spent discussing the possibility of a nine-way deal. Normally an impossible task to coordinate, but with so much money to play for, it seemed a valid option for the players.

Many players were chatting, and stalling, as they tried to encourage all players to find, and click, the "Discuss a deal" option in their settings. It seemed that most were interested in talking, considering the massive jump between $5.5k for 9th and $166k for 1st.

However after several minutes had past, it became clear that someone wasn't interested in talking deals as the cards continued to be dealt.

The stalling seemed to get to $trateGema who was first to crack despite holding the second biggest stack on the final table. After open-shoving from the small blind $trateGema only had to worry about one opponent, and unfortunately that player was the chip leader Kuconi who incredibly woke up with A♥A♦ in the big blind. $trateGema must've felt sick to show 5♣6♣ as $trateGema's handy equity in the tournament was zeroed when the board ran out T♣4♥6♦4♦2♠. A bitterly disappointing end to a great run for $trateGema, who pocketed $5,556.38 in prize money.

With some wind in the sails, Kuconi decided to play the rush and moments later shoved the old 9♣7♥ from middle position. With five players to fade, it was perhaps considered a touch aggressive, but even more surprising was that smellmuth called it off with J♦T♥. smellmuth was in front on the A♠6♥K♣ flop, but the 9♠ turn put Kuconi on top and it stayed that way on the 8♣ river. smellmuth picked up $8,341.07 for 8th place.

The significant blinds and antes ensured that the action didn't slow, as just two hands later we lost another one. This time it was Mr oO12 who shoved around 3.5 big blinds with A♥K♦ and was looking good for a double up when SoyDelGlobo isolated with A♠Q♥. However the poker Gods had other ideas when the Q♠6♦3♠Q♣7♥ board was spread. SoyDelGlobo found trip queens to see Mr oO12 gone in 7th place which was worth an impressive $13,832.39.

Kuconi was still in front and extended that lead by winning the next three pots, with the third hand seeing the elimination of miu004 in a rather brutal battle of the blinds:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Kuconi managed to turn rags into riches, flopping the straight to eliminate miu004 in 6th place for $22,134.43 in prize money.

While cokars was still lobbying for a deal, ankara733 had raised all in from under the gun and the action had folded around to I_call_U_22 in the big blind. With a little more than two big blinds in total, and one of those already committed in the big blind, I_call_U_22 decided to take the gamble with K♠8♦. Unfortunately, I_call_U_22's timing was astray as ankara733 had found A♠A♥. The board of 9♠8♣T♥4♦5♣ landed without incident as I_call_U_22 won an impressive $35,979.83 for 5th place.

Suddenly we were four-handed and cokars continued to push for a deal.

cokars said, "cheep deal friends??"
cokars said, "chip chop"
cokars said, "good to deal?"
cokars said, "see numbers?"
Kuconia said, "listen guys i kinda wanna 1st place money cause am absolute + the deal is great to u cause u re short and lot of money on line and u lower tremendous variance"
Kuconia said, "yo we wait until i call u bust or double and then we can talk"
SoyDelGlobo said, "lets play guys! :)"

cokars needed to double, and was able to do just that with A♣J♦ spiking an ace on the flop to better Kuconi's 2♣2♦. cokars then followed that up with the elimination of ankara733.

cokars shoved the small blind with 2♦2♥ and ankara733 made the call for around six big blinds with K♦8♠. It was pretty much over on the flop, as the board fell J♦Q♣2♣3♣3♥. cokars flopped a set and ended with a full house to bury ankara733 in 4th place for $55,368.61 in prize money.

When SoyDelGlobo doubled through Kuconi with pocket tens against pocket eights, the roles had reversed as SoyDelGlobo held the negotiating power with the chip lead.

Kuconi said, "i am ready to reconsider deal maybe"
cokars said, "ok"
cokars said, "deal friends"
SoyDelGlobo said, "lets see numbers"

With the clock paused, the chip counts were as follows:

Seat 3: SoyDelGlobo (325,887,124 in chips)
Seat 4: cokars (189,941,140 in chips)
Seat 8: Kuconi (134,801,736 in chips)

Kuconi initially wanted a similar amount to cokars but SoyDelGlobo was adamant that it would be a chip chop or no deal. The chip chop numbers were:

SoyDelGlobo - $134,054.72
cokars - $112,787.12
Kuconi - $104,161.02
Winner - $20,000

SoyDelGlobo and cokars were happy to agree to that, but Kuconi thought about the decision for over 15 minutes. SoyDelGlobo was clearly frustrated and attempted to call the clock on the deal-making decision time, but the support staff explained that with so much money at stake that Kuconi should be allowed more time to consider the decision.

Eventually Kuconi couldn't accept the deal as the cards were reluctantly back in the air.

It initially seemed that Kuconi had made a wise choice after doubling through with A♥2♦ making a wheel straight against SoyDelGlobo's K♥J♠. But SoyDelGlobo got it back again with 7♠7♣ holding against Kuconi's shove with K♣3♥.

Moments later and Kuconi was all in again, this time with K♣Q♣ as SoyDelGlobo made the call with A♣9♠. The board ran out 2♦9♦A♠2♥Q♥ to give SoyDelGlobo two pair and end the gallant resistance of Kuconi in 3rd place for $83,072.43.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 3: SoyDelGlobo (398,247,720 in chips)
Seat 4: cokars (252,382,280 in chips)

With the blinds at 6M/12M with a 1.5M ante, there wasn't much room to move and the two remaining players were pretty happy to take a chip chop deal and play for the remaining $20k.

Just three hands later and it was all over.

cokars raised the button before SoyDelGlobo moved all in. cokars made the call with A♠8♣ as the race for the title was on against SoyDelGlobo's 4♣4♦.

cokars would need to improve but the flop landed T♠4♠6♦ to give SoyDelGlobo a set for a near lock on the hand. cokars would need a miracle, but instead the 4♥ landed to give SoyDelGlobo the unbeatable quads as it was all over!


The river fell the Q♠ to see cokars receive a post-deal total of $130,711.75 for 2nd place as SoyDelGlobo wins the MicroMillions II Main Event title for Argentina and a whopping $157,218.68 in prize money! Congratulations!

MicroMillions II Main Event final table results

Entrants: 65,063
Prize pool: $1,302,260
Places paid: 8,505

1st SoyDelGlobo (Argentina) - $157,218.68*
2nd cokars (Colombia) - $130,711.75*
3rd Kuconi (Serbia) - $83,072.43
4th ankara733 (Russia) - $55,368.61
5th I_call_U_22 (Germany) - $35,979.83
6th miu004 (Costa Rica) - $22,134.43
7th Mr oO12 (Germany) - $13,832.39
8th smellmuth (Canada) - $8,341.07
9th $trateGema (Germany) - $5,556.38

* denotes heads-up chip chop deal

Check out the MicroMillions II home page for final stats for the series and to see who ended up on top of the leader board.

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