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Micro Millions III: All's well that ends well for fgromwell in Event 9 ($8.80 PLO)

fgromwell eliminated exactly two players from the 2012 MicroMillions III Event 9 $8.80 PLO final table. Two. They were an important two. fgromwell eliminated the 3rd-place finisher and the 2nd-place finisher to emerge as the last player seated at a wild, crazy and swing-y final table. For that, fgromwell is the champion of Event 9.

Event 9 was the first event of the series in which something other than no-limit hold'em was played. At a buy-in of $8.80, it was also the most expensive tournament of the series so far. That didn't stop 3,442 players from creating a prizepool of $27,536, almost triple the $10,000 guarantee that PokerStars put on the tournament.

One Team PokerStars Pro entered Event 9. If you followed the coverage of MicroMillions I, you may remember that Marcin "Goral" Horecki played 89 of the 100 events and cashed 34 times en route to winning Player of the Series and a 2013 PCA package. Horecki was back at in Event 9, scraping into a 401st-place finish and a payout of $14.89.

That left the 1st-place prize of $4,325 to be claimed by one of these nine final table players:

MM3 Event 9 final table.jpg

Seat 1: CERBERA86 (2335349 in chips)
Seat 2: kitkatman67 (739816 in chips)
Seat 3: fgromwell (758760 in chips)
Seat 4: lora2030 (2611108 in chips)
Seat 5: sir_ax3lotl (1670145 in chips)
Seat 6: benzi1986 (1832744 in chips)
Seat 7: Apsibrezk (4676362 in chips)
Seat 8: EatMypyjamas (579146 in chips)
Seat 9: arhigos21 (2006570 in chips)

Level 37: 50k-100k
Average: 1.9 million (19 BBs)

Alive and well - for now

After just two hands at the final table, blinds moved up to 60k-120k and arhigos21 seized the chip lead from Apsibrezk by doubling up with a set of aces. arhigos21 check-raised that set after Apsibrezk led the A♣2♣9♠ flop for 300k. Apsibrezk picked a bad time to move in with Q♦Q♠5♣Q♣, as no more clubs hit the board on the turn or river.

After the 1pm break, the final nine got right back into the action. EatMypyjamas was eliminated first, in a three-way all in that saw arhigos21 come away with the pot:

RSS readers: click through to see replay

Two more eliminations quickly followed. First kitkatman67 was sent to the rail in 8th place, all in pre-flop with a desperate 2♣5♥6♦T♠ against fgromwell's A♠A♦J♥J♠. When neither player improved, frgomwell grabbed the chips and kitkatman67 could drown his or her sorrows in chocolate.

Four hands later it was Apsibrezk's turn on the chopping block. Despite starting the final table as chip leader, Apsibrezk finished in 7th place after opening the small blind to 360,000. arhigos21, winner of the earlier three-way all in, called from the big blind and then called another 360,000 on a queen-high flop, 3♥Q♣T♦. Apsibrezk kept firing on the 6♠ turn with a large bet of 1,080,000. arhigos21 moved in for 2.98 million total; Apsibrezk quickly called all in for 500,000 less. The river 5♥ left arhigos21 as the winner, K♦Q♠T♠9♠ besting A♦T♣5♦3♣ by making queens and tens against Apsibrezk's tens and fives.

The chips continued to fly around the table. Nobody was able to open up any kind of significant chip lead. As soon as one player started to pull away, somebody else would double through that player and bring them back to the pack. benzi1986 wound up on the short end of the stick too many times and sank to the bottom of the counts with just 383k. Those chips went into the middle from first position during the 80k-160k level. CERBERA86 three-bet the pot with K♥K♦9♠5♠, chasing all other players. benzi1986's T♥9♦7♣7♠ didn't flop, turn or river anything of note. That spelled the end of benzi1986's Event 9 run in 6th place.

Well begun is half done

Play paused ever so briefly with five players remaining. That's not to say hands weren't dealt, but for the most part the action settled down. A raise or two and most hands were over. That changed when lora2030 potted pre-flop to 700,000 and was faced with an all-in three-bet from button player sir_ax3lotl for 1.5 million. lora2030 called with A♦J♣J♠T♥ and rivered a straight, K♦4♥9♥5♠Q♠. That left sir_ax3lotl's two pair, kings and fours K♣J♦A♣4♦, without a chair at the table.

arhigos21 took over the chip lead once again by eliminating CERBERA86 in 4th place. CERBERA86 tried three-betting the small blind to 1.4 million pre-flop, over the top of a raise to arhigos21 to 400k. It didn't shake arhigos21, who called to a 9♠2♣8♦ flop and then called as CERBERA86 bet a final 769k. CERBERA86 had a total airball, A♦4♦T♠3♦. arhigos21 was in better shape with a pair of tens and a draw, J♥T♣T♥7♣. The turn and river were running clubs, Q♣ and 4♣, to improve arhigos21 to a flush. That was more than enough to knock CERBERA86 out of Event 9 in 4th place.

Play immediately paused to consider a three-handed deal. Although arhigos21 was the chip leader (7.2 million) but lora2030 (5.1 million) and fgromwell (4.7 million) weren't far behind. The three players agreed to chop the remaining prize pool using an ICM model and leaving $200 for the winner. That distribution gave $3,384.32 to arhigos21, $3,153.22 to lora2030, and $3,095.37 to fgromwell. In effect, each player received 2nd place money.

From there it was a speedy affair. After some small re-shuffling of the chips, fgromwell took out arhigos21 by flopping two pair on a T♦6♣8♥ and getting the chips in against arhigos21's top pair, top kicker. arhigos21 did improve to a better two pair, but fgromwell improved to trips to notch the elimination.

That left fgromwell and lora2030 to battle it out for the title of Event 9 champion. The two players didn't wait long. On the second hand of their heads-up battle, lora2030 opened to 750k pre-flop from the button. fgromwell called, then bet 750k into lora2030 on a king-high flop, K♥5♠9♥. lora2030 raised pot to 3.75 million; fgromwell called.

The rest of the chips went in on the turn 6♣ as fgromwell led for 5.5 million and lora2030 called all in for 2.3 million. fgromwell showed K♦4♦A♣4♠, a pair of kings; lora2030 turned up Q♠Q♥4♥3♠, a pair of queens, a flush draw and a straight draw. The river 9♠ was a complete brick that gave fgromwell the pot and the Event 9 victory.

2012 MicroMillions III Event 9 $8.80 PLO results (* denotes three-way deal):

1st: fgromwell ($3,295.37)*
2nd: lora2030 ($3,153.22)*
3rd: arhigos21 ($3,384.32)*
4th: CERBERA86 ($1,583.32)
5th: sir_ax3lotl ($1,184.04)
6th: benzi1986 ($908.68)
7th: Apsibrezk ($633.32)
8th: kitkatman67 ($357.96)
9th: EatMypyjamas ($220.28)

Day 2 of the MicroMillions III has only just begun. There are still several events you can enter today and more than 80 other MicroMillions III tournaments that you can play over the next nine days. Get all the MicroMillions III information you could ever want - schedules, results, point standings and more - at the Micro Millions home page.

Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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