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MicroMillions III: yayo8422 closes out the Russians in Event 26

The Russians have been clobbering the heck out of the 2012 MicroMillions III, so nobody was surprised when three of them made the final table of 2012 MicroMillions III Event 26, $2.20 NLHE (6-max, 2R1A). Yet after a four-handed deal took most of the suspense out of the final table, Panamanian yayo8422 emerged on top of the pile as the latest MicroMillions champion.

A player's maximum investment in Event 26, after accounting for the buy-in, taking both of the rebuys and using the available add-on, was $8.20. There's no telling how many of the 7,687 starters used that maximum investment, but we do know that there were 10,572 rebuys (an average of 1.375 per player) and 2,582 add-ons (0.34 per player) for an average player investment of $5.63.

The rebuys and add-ons, by the way, pumped up the prize pool to more than $41,000, easily eclipsing what seemed like an ambitious $25,000 guarantee. 1,020 players received at least $9.58 for making it into the money. Reaching the final table was worth a minimum of $625.53, about 65 times more than that. And for the winner? How does $6,257.04 sound?

That's what these six players were gunning for when they reached the final table of Event 26 just prior to 11am server time on Sunday.

MM3 Event 26 final table.jpg

Seat 1: yayo8422 (26723920 in chips)
Seat 2: sabaeva-elen (7628306 in chips)
Seat 3: arev_d (7296564 in chips)
Seat 4: Cuba_papa (11609039 in chips)
Seat 5: JONYJUICE (8658508 in chips)
Seat 6: blagodete1 (42288663 in chips)

Level 47: 200k-400k blinds, 50k ante
Average: 17.3 million (43 BBs)

The deal that wasn't

The final table fit in just two hands before the 11am break started. At that time, JONYJUICE, blagodete1 and yayo8422 all suggested considering a deal. sabaeva-elen agreed, but Cuba_papa and arev_d remained silent. No deal yet.

Talk of a deal continued after play resumed and blinds rolled up to 250k-500k. The lone holdout appeared to be Cuba_papa, who apparently didn't realize clicking the "Discuss deal" checkbox was required to pause the tournament. Chip leader blagodete1, a Russian like Cuba_papa, helped Cuba_papa find the checkbox by translating a few sentences into Russian and finally the tournament paused.

The players immediately began wrangling over whether ICM or chip-chop numbers should form the foundation of the deal. The chip leader, blagodete1, argued in favor of chip-chop (unsurprisingly, as it tends to favor the chip leader). The other players wanted to use the ICM numbers, which offered blagodete1 about $1,400 less than the chip-chop numbers.

"If not chip chop, we play," blagodete1 flatly declared. Yet only yayo8422 and arev_d would agree to a straight chip chop. The other two Russians at the table, Cuba_papa and sabaeva-elen, struggled to keep up with the flow of the discussion, finally prompting blagodete1 (who had been partially translating for them) to request a Russian-speaking administrator.

In the meantime, JONYJUICE, one of the shorter stacks, stated that no deal would be possible unless JONYJUICE's chip-chop payout was increased by $250. The other players refused. JONYJUICE relented, and on another round of voting, everyone except sabaeva-elen agreed to the chip chop proposal. sabaeva-elen's chip-chop payout was scheduled at $1,547, but sabaeva-elen held out for $2,000 and refused to budge. The deal fell apart and play resumed.

The deal that was

The other players probably felt like it was karma justice when sabaeva-elen became the first casualty of the final table. Knocked down to 3.5 million in chips, sabaeva-elen opened the small blind to 1.5 million, then called all in for 2 million more after arev_d shoved. sabaeva-elen's two live cards, 5♣7♥, didn't overcome arev_d's K♦9♣ as arev_d made two pair, kings and nines, on a 7♦K♣2♦9♦2♣ board.

A lucky river card helped JONYJUICE cripple Cuba_papa in advance of Cuba_papa's 5th-place elimination. The two got the chips all in pre-flop on a flip, with Cuba_papa showing down A♠Q♥ against JONYJUICE's pocket 10s. A queen spiked on the turn, but JONYJUICE caught a river 10 to make a set of 10s. The very next hand, yayo8422 finished off Cuba_papa by calling Cuba_papa's 2.0 million chip shove. Cuba_papa's K♥J♥ was badly dominated by yayo8422's pocket kings and never seriously challenged for the lead in the hand.

After Cuba_papa's 5th-place elimination, the four remaining players tried dealing again. The proposal still on the table was a straight chip chop. JONYJUICE held out, asking for $200 more than the chip chop would offer. blagodete1 and yayo8422, the two chip leaders by a large margin, agreed to each take $100 off of their payout to seal the deal, leaving $500 to go to the champion.

With the deal secured, the short-stacked arev_d shoved two hands in a row. The second hand, yayo8422 called for 7.7 million with A♣J♠. arev_d, who tabled Q♦9♥, did not improve and finished in 4th place.

blagodete1 had the chance to notch a double knockout after JONYJUICE moved all in pre-flop and both blagodete1 and yayo8422 called to the flop. Here's how it played out from there:

RSS readers: click through to see replay

No double knockout for blagodete1, as yayo8422 won the hand. JONYJUICE, however, didn't survive and finished in 3rd place. The hand left yayo8422 with the slight chip lead over blagodete1 to start heads-up play.

The last $500

Although heads-up play lasted about a dozen hands, yayo8422 never relinquished the chip lead. On the final hand, with blinds at 400k-800k, blagodete1 opened to 1.6 million before calling yayo8422's three-bet to 3.2 million. The flop came ace-high, 4♦K♥A♣. yayo8422 made a small bet of 1.6 million. blagodete1 immediately raised to 3.2 million, a raise that drew a re-raise from yayo8422 to 5.6 million. blagodete1 called.

The turn was the 5♣. yayo8422 bet another 5.6 million and again blagodete1 called. On the river A♥, yayo8422 made a massive bet of 20.8 million. blagodete1 raised all in to 31.4 million; yayo8422 quickly called with A♦6♠, trip aces. blagodete1 showed K♠9♦ for two pair, aces and kings, and was eliminated from the tournament as the runner-up.

It looked for sure like Event 26 was going to be another big MicroMillions III win for the Russians. In the end, however, yayo8422 made sure that Panama is well-represented on the MicroMillions III big board.

2012 MicroMillions III Event 26 $2.20 NLHE (6-max, 2R, 1A) results (* denotes four-way deal):

1st: yayo8422 ($5,169.83)*
2nd: blagodete1 ($5,277.91)*
3rd: JONYJUICE ($2,790.18)*
4th: arev_d ($2,397.57)*
5th: Cuba_papa ($1,042.05)
6th: sabaeva-elen ($625.23)

Today is Day 4 of the 2012 MicroMillions III and we're only about a quarter of the way through the series. Check out the results so far, the stats for the series, and the remaining tournaments that you can enter by visiting the MicroMillions home page.

Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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