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MicroMillions III: A win for finnster123 in Event #99 ($3.30 NLHE Turbo)

Ninenty-nine tournaments of poker are done, ninety-nine tournaments are done.

Event #99 has just ended and the third MicroMillions is soon to be concluded. While the Main Event was going on, 21,151 players were playing in a $3.30 NLHE turbo with a $63,453 prize pool. While 2,700 players would get a drop of the prize pool, the grand prize would go to finnster123.

The final table


Seat 1: johhny12 -- 18,394,642
Seat 2: cgn_gambler -- 13,306,030
Seat 3: tryui -- 7,587,269
Seat 4: sundsundsund -- 15,649,616
Seat 5: squadraverdi -- 11,373,958
Seat 6: finnster123 -- 7,103,542
Seat 7: robson05 -- 16,640,804
Seat 8: Smaxx440 -- 10,270,534
Seat 9: supertornako -- 4,763,595

The final table was set, supertornako was short-stacked and moved all-in for 6,513,595 from under-the-gun. We were five hands into the final table and tryui reshoved for 7,937,279. The rest of the table folded and we had our first final table showdown.

tryui: A♦A♥
supertornako: K♦Q♦

The board ran 2♣3♣K♠5♦9♦ and supertornako was eliminated in 9th place. supertornako earned $380.71 for being the first final table elimination.

Share the wealth

With supertornako gone, finnster123 was the shortstack. With that being the case, finnster123 did what shortstacks tend to do, go all-in. finnster123 moved all-in from under-the-gun for 4,078,542 and johhny12 reshoved for 18,734,642.

finnster123 showed pocket 5s while johhny12 turned over pocket 4s. The board ran 9♣A♦2♥2♦2♣ and finnster123 doubled-up to 11.1 million while johhny12 was down to 14.6 million.

cgn_gamblger then doubled-up to 16.3 million with pocket 3s against robson05's K♥J♣.

Both double-upers would then go head-to-head. finnster123 held 10s while cgn_gambler turned over 6s. finnster123 hit a set of 10s on the flop and double up to 19.6 million.

The very next hand, johnny12 would get some chips back and get an elimination.

With 700K/1.4MM blinds and a 175K ante, Smaxx440 moved all-in for 9,695,534 from early position. johhny12 called and showed A♦Q♥ to Smaxx440's A♣J♣. Smaxx440 was dominated and the 9♠4♥8♥7♦7♠ board did nothing to improve that.

Smaxx440 was eliminated in 8th place and won $571.07 for the finish.

Take and give

squadraverdi was shortstacked with only 2,473,958 and put all the chips in the middle from the hijack. robson05 called from the button and showed A♦A♠ to squadraverdi's 5♠5♣.

The flop came 7♣A♥8♠ and robson05 hit a set. The turn was a 5♦ and squadraverdi hit a set as well. squadraverdi needed a fourth 5, but the river brought a T♣ instead.

squadraverdi was eliminated in 7th place and took home $951.79.

While the last hand gave robson05 a decent amount of chips, the Belgian player would soon find himself shortstacked and at risk. With 1MM/2MM blinds and a 250K ante, cgn_gambler moved all-in for 7,859,952 from under-the-gun. robson05 called all-in from the small blind and players showed their hands:

robson05: A♦7♦
cgn_gambler: J♦J♠

robson05 was in need of some help and the T♣Q♠3♣Q♦6♦ board brought none. robson05 was eliminated in 6th place and took home $1,586.32.

There goes johhny

The blinds were large -- 1.25MM/2.5MM -- and the pots were larger. Just a few big blinds resulted in a 10 million chip shift. With only 105.7 million chips in play, there wasn't much space to maneuver for the final 5 players.

johhny12 was left with 11 million and moved all-in from the button. tryui called from the big blind and showed 5♣5♦ to johhny12's 9♣8♥. The T♠2♥9♥ flop gave johhny12 the lead, but a 5♥ on the turn gave tryui the set. The river was a 6♠ and johhny12 was eliminated in 5th place. The 5th place finish at this final table earned johhny12 $2,220.85.

Four ways

With johhny12 gone, a deal was struck. The remaining players divvied up the remaining prize pool according to stacks and the new payout turned out to be:

finnster123: $3,537.91
cgn_gambler: $3,834.20
tryui: $4,902.81
sundsundsund: $5,214.09

After the deal, finnster123 doubled up to 24.5 million when his K♥T♣ held up against cgn_gambler's J♠6♠. WIth 1.5MM/3MM blinds, finnster123 raised to 6 million, cgn_gambler called all-in and tryui called from the big blind.

Both tryui and finnster123 checked down the 2♣6♣9♦Q♦5♥ board. finnster123 and cgn_gambler mucked on the river while tryui showed 5♣4♦ and took down the pot. cgn_gambler was eliminated in 4th place and earned $3,834.20.

Heads up

finnster123 then doubled up one last time before we got heads up:

RSS readers click through to see replay

sundsundsund then moved all-in for 16.2 million from the button. tryui called from the big blind and we had a showdown.

sundsundsund: 9♦7♣
tryui: A♥K♣

The T♣8♥5♦ flop gave sundsundsund a straight draw, but neither the 5♥ on the turn or the 4♠ on the river completed it. sundsundsund was eliminated in 3rd place and got $5,214.09 for the finish.

finnster123 then doubled up and took the lead.

With 1.5MM/3MM blinds and 375K ante, finnster123 raised to 6 million and tryui called, bringing a 9♥4♣3♥ flop. tryui check-raised finnster123 to 60 million. finnster123 called all-in and showed K♣K♥. tryui turned over Q♥6♥ and the board came 9♥4♣3♥K♠8♠. finnster123 doubled up to 69 million and tryui was left with 36 million.

A few hands later, finnster123 raised to 6 million and tryui called, bringing a T♦2♣8♥ flop. finnster123 bet 6 million when checked to and tryui moved all-in for 21,084,136. finnster123 called and showed T♠4♥ to tryui's 8♠3♠. The board came T♦2♣8♥Q♠A♥ and finnster123 hit a pair of 10s and won Event #99.

tryui was our runner-up finisher and took home $4,902.81. This made finnster123 the champion of Event #99, a title worth $4,137.91.

MicroMillions III #99 ($3.30 NLHE Turbo) Final Table Results:

Entrants: 21,151
Prize pool: $63,453
Places paid: 2,700

1st: finnster123 -- $4,137.91*
2nd: tryui (Norway) -- $4,902.81*
3rd: sundsundsund (Germany) -- $3,807.18*
4th: cgn_gambler (Germany) -- $2,855.38*
5th: johhny12 (Hungary) -- $2,220.85
6th: robson05 (Belgium) -- $1,586.32
7th: squadraverdi (Portugal) -- $951.79
8th: Smaxx440 (Germany) -- $571.07
9th: supertornako (Brazil) -- $380.71

* Denotes a four-way deal

And there goes Event #99. The series is coming to a close and while there aren't any more tournaments to register for, you can check out the leader board at the MicroMillions homepage. The Main Event is still going on too, so be sure to check that out and see the largest payouts the MicroMillions has to offer.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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