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MicroMillions III: AAligator33 feasts on Event #2 field ($1+R NLHE, 3x-Turbo)

"There are times when u cannot cash in a 180 and now u send 45,000 players to the rail."

AAligator33 summed up the life of a low-stakes grinder pretty well with that statement. To be exact, 42,940 players were on the rail and AAligator33 had nearly a billion of the 1,316,577,000 chips in play. Yep, that's right. Billion, with a "B." He defied the odds just to get there and although he arrived at the final table of Event #2 well behind runaway chip leader adolfkruft, AAligator33 hit his rush at the perfect time and went on to make a buffet of his opponents, eliminating every single one of them to take down his first MicroMillions title and nearly $18,000.

It's hard to believe, but at 42,942 players, Event #2 was only the second-largest field of the MicroMillions opening day, although the 190,347 rebuys and 20,557 add-ons resulted in the largest prize pool at $230.999.86. 5,625 places were paid with first place set to earn $18,536.10. Four Red Spades took a dip in this virtual sea of players-- Marcin Horecki, Pierre "Zoutechamp" Neuville, Grzegorz "DaWarsaw" Mikielewicz, and Naoya "nkeyno" Kihara-- but none emerged with a cash finish.

With 17 players remaining, Russia's adolfkruft eliminated two players on a single hand and took a commanding chip lead. Holding A♠T♠ against rokefla's A♥9♠ and marcste's J♥J♣, adolfkruft flopped a ten and turned trips to move up to 336 million in chips-- more than two and a half times the stack of second-place Onkiss^..^. Adolfkruft furthered that lead to 412 million when he picked up big pairs back-to-back, taking out piobar1126 in 13th with A♣A♦ vs 9♠9♥ and BillManuel in 12th with jacks against nines.

MMx200070 was crippled to one small blind on the final table bubble after button shoving K♠4♣ into JB 683's A♦K♦. During hand-for-hand play, MMx200070 managed to triple the 3.8 million he had left to 13 million two hands later, then doubled to 28.5 million on the next deal. Meanwhile on the other table, giladkiller moved all in for 67.2 million (9.5 BB) with A♦8♦, and don064 called with A♠Q♣. Giladkiller didn't improve and departed in tenth place, setting the final table.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: adolfkruft (409,422,930 in chips)
Seat 2: don064 (159,270,401 in chips)
Seat 3: ScoobyNL (153,649,714 in chips)
Seat 4: xaltepico (71,553,720 in chips)
Seat 5: MMx200070 (28,579,344 in chips)
Seat 6: StarsManiak (79,411,284 in chips)
Seat 7: Onkiss ^..^ (181,694,749 in chips)
Seat 8: AAligator33 (148,903,498 in chips)
Seat 9: JB 683 (84,091,360 in chips)

Blinds: 3,500,000/7,000,000, ante 700,000

Amuse-bouche: Chilled MMx200070 crudo and deep-fried don064

MMx200070 made the final table with four big blinds and put his last 23 million in on the second hand, three-bet shoving from the cut-off . AAligator33 reshoved for 146 million from the big blind and initial raiser don064 called.

AAligator33: K♣K♥
don064: 9♥9♣
MMx200070: K♦J♦

The board ran out T♣T♥4♥T♠4♣, all 326 million in the pot landing with AAligator33, who made tens full of kings. Don064 fell to 106 million and MMx200070 was eliminated in ninth place, earning $967.88.

StarsManiak doubled through adolfgruft when his Q♣Q♦ held up against A♥J♠, but handed those chips off to JB 683 two hands later. Holding A♦J♥, JB 683 turned a queen-high straight and snapped off StarsManiak's A♥A♣, raking in a 153.5 million pot. Meanwhile, don064 was still hanging on with 12 big blinds and three-bet shoved for 95.7 million when he picked up K♦J♠. AAligator33 looked him up with pocket sixes and the small pair held, the board arriving 3♥T♣5♣A♥7♦ to end don064's run in eighth place.

Appetizer: StarsManiak souffle and ONkiss^..^ skewers

After eliminating MMx200070 and don064, AAligator33 held a slight chip lead over former chip leader adolfkruft and widened the gap when he prevailed in a three-way all-in. StarsManiak open-shoved for 49.9 million from the cut-off, Onkiss^..^ reshoved for 139.6 million on the button, and AAligator33 moved all-in for 391.8 million from the small blind. JB 683 ducked out of the way and the cards went on their backs:

AAligator33: A♦K♥
StarsManiak: K♠2♠
Onkiss^..^: A♥9♦

Once again, the favorite held, AAligator33 out-kicking his opponents on the 8♣8♠3♦Q♦8♦ board. StarsManiak went out in seventh place, earning $2,420.87 while Onkiss^..^ finished sixth for $3,485.78.

Palate cleanser

As play turned five-handed, AAligator33 led the pack with 596.7 million, adolfkruft was in second with 375.9 million and ScoobyNL was third in chips with 136.8 million. Short stack xaltepico doubled to 159 million when his pocket sixes stood up to adolfkruft's pocket fives, leaving JB 683 on the bottom. However, JB 683 squirmed out when his K♥J♥ held against AAligator33's Q♦5♦ in a preflop all-in, doubling his stack to 109.5 million.

At this point, everyone but adolfkruft wanted to pause and take a look at chip count chop numbers. ScoobyNL suspected a language barrier might be at work with the Russian and a translator was procured to confirm whether or not adolfkruft wanted to discuss a deal. But adolfkruft's response was swift and clear.

"Let's play," adolfkruft wrote.

Main Course: Filet of JB 683, steamed ScoobyNL, and puree of adolfkruft

Adolfkruft took a bit of a slide once action resumed, doubling up both ScoobyNL and JB 683. But JB 683 ultimately fell victim to AAligator33 after calling off his remaining 44 million with K♣J♠. AAligator33 was behind with 8♦9♦, but picked up a nine on the turn to send JB 683 to the rail in fifth place.

Three hands later, AAligator33 had more prey in sight as ScoobyNL moved in for 120.4 million on the button. AAligator33 called, his A♦6♣ just outkicking ScoobyNL's A♥5♣. And while this situation ends in a chop more than a third of the time, AAligator33's six ended up playing on the 7♠4♥2♠T♣7♦ board. ScoobyNL was out in fourth, earning $6,966.95.

With three players remaining, AAligator33 was up to 927 million while xaltepico and adolfkruft were virtually tied with about 195 million apiece. However, xaltepico put an end to that when he doubled through AAligator33, his A♦8♣ holding against A♥2♦. Adolfkruft attempted to do the same, calling off his chips with A♣T♠ in the big blind when AAligator33 set him all-in from the small. AAligator33 trailed with J♦8♣, but not for long, the flop falling 8♥8♠3♦ to make him trip eights. Adolfkruft did not improve and the one-time chip leader ended his run in third place with a $8,724.86 score.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 4: xaltepico (293,314,880 in chips)
Seat 8: AAligator33 (1,023,262,120 in chips)

AAligator33 dropped one medium-sized pot to xaltepico before asking if he was still interested in a deal. The action was paused and they quickly agreed to a chip count chop that left $3,000 still in play for the winner. AAligator33's 965.6 million in chips gave him a $14,952.06 share while xaltepico's 350 million awarded him $13,928.90, about $585 more than second-place money.

Dessert: xaltepico pie a la mode

Xaltepico and AAligator33 played another 11 hands heads-up, AAligator33 winning all but two of them. Xaltepico got his money in good in the final, 354 million-chip pot, but his A♠4♦ fell to AAligator33's K♥7♥ when a seven hit the turn:

Congratulations to AAligator33, who made a clean sweep of his final table opponents en route to a MicroMillions title. He earned $17,952.06 for the win while runner-up xaltepico banked $13,928.90.

PokerStars MicroMillions III Event #2 ($1+R NLHE 3x-Turbo) results

Players: 42,942 (190,347 rebuys, 20,557 add-ons)
Prizepool: $230,999.86
Places paid: 5,625

1. AAligator33 (Germany) $17,952.06*
2. xaltepico (Mexico) $13,928.90*
3. aldolfkruft (Russia) $8,724.86
4. ScoobyNL (Netherlands) $6,966.95
5. JB 683 (Germany) $5,225.21
6. Onkiss^..^ (Russia) $3,485.78
7. StarsManiak (Czech Republic) $2,420.87
8. don064 (Russia) $1,647.02
9. Mmx200070 (Turkmenistan) $967.88

*= reflects the result of a heads-up deal that left $3,000 in play for the winner

We're just getting started with the MicroMillions III and with 96 events left on the docket, there's something for everyone. Click over to the MicroMillions page for more information and a full tournament schedule.

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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