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MicroMillions III: akarrin carries the day in Event #10 ($1+R NLHE 3x-turbo)

"Kick a buck." Such is the line delivered -- repeatedly -- by Paul Newman as the title character in 1967's Cool Hand Luke during a prison stud game. It's one of the all-time best poker scenes, with Luke bluffing street after street, nonchalantly tossing out another dollar each time.

On Friday nearly 20,000 players saw fit to "kick a buck" and join MicroMillions III Event #10, a $1 buy-in turbo tournament with re-buys and a nifty $50K guarantee. Those players predictably kicked in a few more bucks with lots of re-buys and add-ons, and in the end it was akarrin of Australia ultimately topping that huge field to earn the title and a handsome five-figure first prize.


This "3x" tourney featured an extended registration/re-buy period of 90 minutes. During that time players could re-buy as many times as they liked -- actually for a little less than a buck ($0.91) -- to get 3,000 more chips should they fall below the starting stack. Then the add-on period offered the irresistible bargain of 30,000 chips for the same price.

By the time late registration closed, there were 19,811 entered, with those players re-buying a whopping 94,849 times and 10,133 of them taking the add-on as well.

That meant a total prize pool of $113,561.63, more than double the guarantee, with 2,700 places paid and $11,368.69 scheduled to go to the winner barring any final table deals.

Not a bad return just for kicking a buck! Or two. Or heck, even ten or twenty.

Finding a final table

By that point about half the field had been wiped out already, and with a little over 10,000 players still battling it was SHUSHA100 of Russia sitting atop the bunch with a stack of nearly 500,000.

Five-minute levels ensured a rapid pace, and by just after the three-hour mark they were already down under 1,000 players.

florininu73 (Romania), oh yeah692 (Belgium) and akarrin (Australia) had climbed to the top of the leaderboard by then, all hovering around 3 million chips, but with more than 647 million chips in play there was obviously a lot standing between everyone and the finish line.

About an hour later they were down to 100 players. During the interim, ganatodoAA (Venezuela) became the first player to amass a stack of 10 million chips. Then as the field continued to shrink, Belgium's oh yeah692 stormed back in front to be the first to 20 million, 30 million, 40 million, and 50 million.

As they approached the six-hour mark, it was DJ-Manni02 of Germany pushing past oh yeah692 and everyone else to top the 100 million-chip mark, then 150 million before coming back to the pack. Meanwhile Ukraine's Andriyko1982 surged to the top, with oh yeah692 among the fallen, taking 21st for $204.41.

The last nine out prior to the final table were Ducha0565 (18th), bubibibou (17th), and li pin (16th) who earned $232.80 each, lekura (15th), MWAKI (14th), and Hugenband (13th) who took away $329.32 for their efforts, and Alexanders47 (12th), mineral6666 (11th), and Jo4chim (10th) each of whom saw $425.85 added to their PokerStars accounts.

The final table was set.


Seat 1: End now (Latvia) -- 30,882,980
Seat 2: THEODORO_BB (Brazil) -- 78,992,509
Seat 3: lipoliveira (Portugal) -- 61,844,728
Seat 4: fontanina 90 (Germany) -- 35,791,724
Seat 5: kadi75555 (Hungary) -- 64,506,436
Seat 6: Talousnakki (Finland) -- 35,890,956
Seat 7: DJ-Manni02 (Germany) -- 90,813,086
Seat 8: akarrin (Australia) -- 112,751,001
Seat 9: Andriyko1982 (Ukraine) -- 136,496,580

The blinds were already an eye-popping 2.25m/4.5m by the time the final table began -- and continuing to rise rapidly -- and thus the all-ins expectedly began right away.

fontanina 90 falls in ninth

Talousnakki survived one with A♣A♦ versus fontanina 90's 7♦7♣. Then, with the blinds already up to 2.75m/5.5m, fontanina 90 was the one open-raising all in for 13,802,492 from the button and getting a single caller in kadi75555 from the small blind.

fontanina 90 had T♠9♦ and kadi75555 A♦6♦, and when the board came Q♦2♣5♣K♣8♣ they were swiftly down to eight.

End now ends run in eighth

Just moments later End now open-shoved for 25,182,980 from early position, then saw THEODORO_BB reraise all in over the top from a seat over to push everyone else aside.

End now was taking a stand with K♦Q♠ while THEODORO_BB had 8♦8♥. The community cards then came six-high, rolling out 5♣6♥6♠3♣4♥, meaning THEODORO_BB's eights had held and End now's end had come in eighth.

DJ-Manni02 downed in seventh

Amid tentative chatbox gesturing toward talking about a chop, DJ-Manni02 survived multiple all-ins as the blinds rose to 3.5m/7m.

Finally a hand came in which it folded around to DJ-Manni02 in the small blind who shoved for 36,424,696 with A♦3♥, and akarrin called from a seat over with K♠8♠.

The flop brought a king, coming K♣9♣5♣, and after the T♦ turn and J♠ river, DJ-Manni02 was out in seventh.

kadi75555 KO'd in sixth

akarrin would claim the next final table victim as well in kadi75555.

In that hand, the latter pushed all in for 54,498,928 from the button and akarrin called from the big blind, tabling K♥T♣ to kadi75555's Q♥T♠.

The board then came K♦9♠K♣9♥T♦, giving akarrin a winning full house and sending kadi75555 railward in sixth.

The final five chop it up

After another orbit or so, the remaining players paused the tourney to discuss a possible deal. Here's how the counts appeared at that moment:

akkarrin -- 222,951,727
Andriyko1982 -- 177,746,581
Talousnakki -- 98,231,476
lipoliveira -- 79,264,728
THEODORO_BB -- 69,775,488

There was a small amount of back-and-forthing, but before long the five had agreed to "chip chop" numbers, leaving $1,000 for which to play, and the cards were soon back in the air.

Talousnakki taken down in fifth

Not long after the deal-making, a three-way all-in hand arose involving lipoliveira, Talousnakki, and THEODORO_BB.

With the blinds up to 4m/8m, lipoliveira min-raised to 16 million from under the gun, then Talousnakki reraised all in from the cutoff for 65,431,476. It folded to THEODORO_BB in the big blind who called all in for 19,286,080, and lipoliveria called as well.

lipliveira: 7♣7♠
Talousnakki: K♠9♦

Talousnaaki was hoping to pair either that king or nine to survive. But the cards came T♥T♦6♠2♥6♥, giving the side pot lipoliveira, the main pot to THEODORO_BB, and knocking Talousnakki out in fifth.

lipoliveira loses chips, leaves in fourth

A big chip swing soon followed when lipoliveira lost another huge preflop all-in with 9♠9♦ versus Andriyko1982's A♥6♥ when the latter flopped a full house.

Losing that 230 million-plus chip pot meant lipoliveira was down to less than 15 million, and before long lipoliveira was calling all in from the small blind following an opening button raise by THEODORO_BB. akarrin called as well from the big blind, and the two remaining players checked the 4♥7♣6♠ flop. akarrin then led at the J♥ turn card, getting a fold from THEODORO_BB.

akarrin showed 9♠3♣ for a gutshot straight draw while lipoliveira still had hope with Q♠T♦. But the river was the 5♠, filling akarrin's straight and eliminating lipoliveira in fourth.

Andriyko1982 cast aside in third

The torrid pace continued, as just after that hand it was Andriyko1982 min-raising to 18 million from the button, THEODORO_BB reraising to 45 million from the small blind, Andriyko1982 pushing all in for 156,307,082, and THEODORO_BB quickly making the call.

THEODORO_BB turned over A♠K♣ and Andriyko1982 9♥9♦. The flop came A♣2♠5♥ to put THEODORO_BB in front and leave Andriyko1982 searching for one of the two remaining nines. The turn was the Q♠ and river the J♣, however, and less than 40 minutes after the final table had started they were down to two.

Heads-up: THEODORO_BB vs. akarrin

Following the pattern of the tourney and final table, heads-up play went quickly as well, ending in just half a dozen hands.

Thanks to that knockout of Andriyko1982, THEODORO_BB had the advantage to begin heads-up play with 453,523,562 to akarrin's 194,446,438 (blinds 4.5m/9m). But on just the third hand of heads-up play, akarrin called THEODORO_BB's opening all-in push from the button, showing A♣3♣ to THEODORO_BB's A♥9♠.

THEODORO_BB was best after the Q♥5♣8♦ flop and 7♣ turn, but the 6♣ on the river gave akarrin a club flush and the chip lead. Take a look:

RSS readers click through to view replay

Just three hands after that one, the blinds were 5m/10m when akarrin opened for 20 million from the button, THEODORO_BB pushed for 197,147,124, and akarrin snap-called.

Both players had been dealt aces once again, only this time akarrin had A♠K♥ while THEODORO_BB had A♥6♥. No help came for THEODORO_BB, as the board rolled out 8♥A♣5♣3♣9♥, and six hours and 36 minutes after it had started, akarrin had won MicroMillions III Event #10.

RSS readers click through to view replay

Congratulations to Australia's akarrin for topping a field of 19,811 to win the $10,295.16 first prize... and it all started with just kicking a buck!

MicroMillions III Event #10 $1+R NLHE (3x-Turbo) final table results (*reflects five-way deal):
1st: akarrin (Australia) -- $10,295.16*
2nd: THEODORO_BB (Brazil) -- $5,639.76*
3rd: Andriyko1982 (Ukraine) -- $8,216.37*
4th: lipoliveira (Portugal) -- $5,866.21*
5th: Talousnakki (Finland) -- $6,318.83*
6th: kadi75555 (Hungary) -- $2,839.04
7th: DJ-Manni02 (Germany) -- $1,703.42
8th: End now (Latvia) -- $1,022.05
9th: fontanina 90 (Germany) -- $681.36

Entrants: 19,811
Re-buys: 94,849
Add-ons: 10,133
Prize pool: $113,561.63
Places paid: 2,700

MicroMillions III is just getting underway, with another week-and-a-half's worth of events on the schedule. Check the MicroMillions page for details about the remaining events.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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