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MicroMillions III: Alfons777999 presses to victory in Event #6 ($2.20 2X-Turbo Rebuy)

The nuts again??? Sigh. Grumble.

If a person plays poker long enough they will see patterns of what seems like a player's luck will never right out. In MicroMillions Event #6: NLHE 2X-Turbo Rebuy ($20,000 guaranteed) it seemed like all the cards were stacked in Alfons777999's favor. Two big hands would give the Russian the title and a chopped $7,371.32 score, but does not tell the whole story. For that narrative you will need to read below.

Not sure what the first 300 players were looking for but they found a way to gift their chips quickly to donate their two bucks in the first 15 minutes of the tournament, partially thanks to the five minute turbo levels and perhaps some early bad luck. On the bright side they were saving money thanks to the unlimited rebuys in the first hour along with a two dollar add-on which would net five times the starting 2,000 chip stack.

The $20,000 guarantee would be crushed before that add-on became available as players continued to pour funds into the prize pool via rebuys with hopes of taking away a decent stack rebuy period closed. Thanks to the 2X-turbo setup the normal 30 minute rebuy period was lengthened to 60 minutes to give our gamblers this evening twice as time to dip into their bankrolls for another bullet.

At the end of the of the first hour $50,790 worth of buy-ins (6,876), rebuys (15,284), and add-ons (3,235) would set out a hefty $7,729.47 for our champion tonight. Not a bad start to the third edition of the MicroMillions.

Only 1,000 players would return for the second hour as eliminating 100 players to get to the 900 money spots would only take minutes as Faaarst blinked through a very quick hand-for-hand round and the Portuguese found the zero dollars for finishing in 901st place.

As the third hour approached with under 150 players left a familiar name peaked on the leaderboard. Matt "lapozie" Lapossie has a European Poker Tour (EPT) final table under his belt and was looking to add major online event to that resume. After finishing in seventh place for $171,143 in at the 2009 Barcelona event the Canadian would be hoping for a little luck down the stretch.


Matt "lapozie" Lapossie

Unfortunately, the cards did not hold up for Matt tonight, after losing a two million chip flip with Eatmy7's ironic pocket sevens 7♣7♦ holding up versus A♠8♦, Lapossie would be out on the very next hand finishing in 54th place ($88.37).

In less than four hours our field of 6,876 was down to a landfill full of spent rebuys and two tables of hopefuls still in it for the $7,729.47 first place prize. 13 players would take their chips into the fourth hourly break before our final table with NLSPEEDCORE holding a hefty 15 million in chips (four million more than second place) yet "only" holding 50 big blinds thanks to the five minute turbo blinds.

In only seven minutes hand-for-hand play would break out after SHIMMER777 (Canada), bid23biz (Romania), and Bluffer1414 (Canada) finished in 11th through 13th place all while Sc_Nac sitting out looking to drag a dead stack into the final table. Somehow the empty chair would be all-in against dragonik007's pocket kings and managed to river two pair with queen-trey.

It would be heck of a river card as on the very next hand at the other table with the blinds at 180K/360K ante 36K. matvej1988 would raise it up to 1.8 million and Dr. SuperEgo three-bet to 3.24 million from the big blind. Holding pocket tens T♥T♦ matvej1988 shoved for 3.76 million total as Dr. SuperEgo snap-called with jacks J♠J♥. Despite catching trips on the river 8♠ 9♦ Q♣ 2♣ T♣ Dr. SuperEgo's straight would take down the 7.89 million pot and open up the final table of Event #6 below:


Seat 1: Dr. SuperEgo, 13,661,887
Seat 2: Sharif1990, 6,665,360
Seat 3: KING_CLUB8, 4,139,725
Seat 4: NLSPEEDCORE, 15,531,214
Seat 5: dragonik007, 4,961,378
Seat 6: Sc_Nac, 472,980 (sitting out)
Seat 7: NoEmoti0n, 933,212
Seat 8: GRACH SGO, 9,863,052
Seat 9: Alfons777999, 20,441,192

DOA for Sc_Nac

Since we are unable to see Sc_Nac sitting behind either a dead connection or watching patiently with hopes of moving further up the pay scale there was a reward tonight for the Canadian's persistence. With the blinds at 200K/400K ante 40K Sc_Nac's disconnected stack would be all-in preflop as GRACH SGO, Dr. SuperEgo, and dragonik007 would limp into the family pot. All players checked down the J♠2♥8♣7♣3♣ board as dragonik007's flopped top pair top kicker J♣A♦ raking in the small pot and handed $393.62 to Sc_Nac in ninth place.

Inflated Ego

Four hands later with the blinds still at 200K/400K ante 40K NoEmoti0n showed some aggression by shoving all-in for 3.7 million from the hijack seat as Dr. SuperEgo looked in from the small blind and also shoved for 16.9 million. Sharif1990 wanted nothing to do with either player and folded. T♦T♥ for Dr. SuperEgo trying to avoid NoEmoti0n's 8♦A♦. The only diamond that showed up to the party was on the 3♣ K♣ 7♠ 2♣ Q♦ river as NoEmoti0n could now let out a scream after winning $609.48 in eighth place.

Letting the Ego get in the way

Alfons777999 did not want to let go, and Dr. SuperEgo was not very happy about this 26.6 million chip bad beat. Watch below:

RSS readers please click through to view video

After hitting a set on the flop 6♥8♥4♠ Dr. SuperEgo would raise Alfons777999 two million chip flop bet as the doctor was holding pocket fours 4♥4♦. Alfons777999 would try to bluff with J♥Q♠ by shoving for 18.7 million which Dr. SuperEgo called. After calling Dr. SuperEgo watched with dread as the T♣ then 9♠ fell on the turn and river to give Alfons777999 the runner-runner straight and ship the massive pot to the koala avatar. Dr. SuperEgo got it in as good as a player can but ended with seventh place ($1,117.38).

No more fire

dragonik007 was unable to fire up a short stack as the blinds moved up to 275K/550K ante 55K. Holding just 2.17 million chips, the meagre stack would take the plunge. GRACH SGO would fire the first bullet by raising to 1.65 million as dragonik007 shoved from the big blind holding A♠5♥. No need for a math call here as GRACH SGO had the goods A♦Q♥. A queen on the flop 7♣Q♠4♠9♦3♣ put this one quickly to bed as dragonik007 flew away with $1,625.28 in sixth place.

Grach has no scratch left

As the blinds moved up to 300K/600K ante 60K GRACH SGO would be left with 2.5 million chips after a series of getting none of the blinds or hands for the previous level despite knocking out dragonik007. In the cut-off, GRACH SGO would shove holding a couple of Broadway cards T♣K♦ as it folded to KING_CLUB8 in the big blind waiting to call with a medium ace 6♦A♦. The medium ace quickly became a pair of aces. The 7♠A♣7♣4♦9♣ borard sent GRACH SGO to the rail in fifth place ($2,133.18).

Well that was a whole lot of nothin'

Immediately after GRACH's exit the remaining four tried to hash out a deal, but the far away chip leader, Alfons777999, holding 56 million to the remaining three's 20 million wanted first place cash locked up. After a little bluster and no traction, the cards were put back in the air.

No, Sharif doesn't like it

Rock the casbah? Not tonight for Sharif1990. With the blinds at 350K/700K ante 70K NLSPEEDCORE would min-raise from the cut-off as Sharif1990 shoved from the small blind for 6.1 million holding big slick K♥A♠. NLSPEEDCORE covered and had an equally good hand in pocket queens Q♦Q♥ while making the call. An ace on the door A♦8♥7♣ made it look like we would play four-handed a little longer. The queen on the turn Q♠ however would spell the end of the night for Sharif1990 (fourth, $2,793.45) as the 13.2 million chip pot slid to NLSPEEDCORE.

The need for speed

For anyone to have a reasonable chance against the massive stack of Alfons777999 the stacks had to be combined by one of the final three. NLSPEEDCORE had already taken Sharif1990's stack, so why not add one more? Four hands after that lovely turned queen, with the blinds still at 350K/700K ante 70K, KING_CLUB8 would shove 6.4 million from the button. NLSPEEDCORE held Q♠A♦ and also shoved giving Alfons777999 second thoughts about calling from the big blind. The chip leader folded. KING_CLUB8 flipped up Q♦J♣ and both watched the 5♣8♣2♦2♠K♠ board go without a jack as KING_CLUB8 collected $4,063.20 in third place.

Can I have $6,500?
No, NLSPEEDCORE you may not. But, you can have the chip chop numbers shown below leaving $400.00 aside for tonight's champion:

Alfons777999 (Russia) $6,971.32
NLSPEEDCORE (Netherlands) $6,072.02

Yep, it's Alfons777999's night tonight

The massive chip lead. The runner-runner straight. And now watch below as Alfons777999 comes from behind to take down the MicroMillions III Event #6:

RSS readers please click through to view video

With the blinds at 350K/700K ante 70K and NLSPEEDCORE inching back into this quick heads-up match down 20.2 million to 56.4 million both players decided to end things pre-flop by trading bets until 40.4 million was sitting in the middle. NLSPEEDCORE got the break that was needed holding a dominating A♥8♣ to Alfons777999's 6♥A♣. The 3♠2♥5♠ flop added four more outs for Alfons777999 but NLSPEEDCORE was still very much in the lead. A turned J♠ changed nothing, but this was Alfons777999's night and no one else's as the inevitable 4♣ hit the higher straight draw to make Alfons777999 the Event #6 champion!

MicroMillions III Event #6 $20,000 guarantee NLHE 2X-Turbo Rebuy results (11-16-12):

Players entered: 6,876
Rebuys: 15,284
Add-ons: 3,235
Places paid: 900
First prize: $7,729.47

1. Alfons777999 (Russia) *$7,371.32
2. NLSPEEDCORE (Netherlands) *$6,072.02
3. KING_CLUB8 (Canada) $4,063.20
4. Sharif1990 (Netherlands) $2,793.45
5. GRACH SGO (Ukraine) $2,133.18
6. dragonik007 (Belarus) $1,625.28
7. Dr. SuperEgo (Canada) $1,117.38
8. NoEmoti0n (Russia) $609.48
9. Sc_Nac (Canada) $393.62

(* denotes part of two-way deal)

Be sure to check back daily (if not hourly) for the around the clock coverage of the MicroMillions III tournament series right here at the PokerStarsBlog.

David Aydt is a freelance contributor

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