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MicroMillions III: Big fun, $14K for woltomierz, Event #96 champ ($3.30+R NLO 6-max. 3x-turbo)

Omaha. Haha. All who've tried the no-limit variety of Omaha know how wacky the game can be. The myriad of possibilities afforded by four hole cards can lead to all sorts of crazy consequences, especially when the chips all go in before the flop. Make the game Hi/Lo, short-handed (6-max.), a turbo tourney (five-minute levels), and toss in an extended re-buy period (90 minutes), and the fun multiplies exponentially. As do the funnies. Hahaha. HahahaHAhaHA.

Such was the formula offered by PokerStars in MicroMillions III Event #96, a $3.30 buy-in NL Omaha Hi/Lo "3x-turbo" tourney. Another big field of 6,050 fun-seekers took part, and after taking 22,557 re-buys and 2,706 add-ons, the total prize pool ballooned to $93,939, well over the event's $50K guarantee. And after a little over five frantic hours of all-ins, split pots, and scoops, it was woltomierz of Poland walking away with the title and a big $14,329.48 first prize.

It took about two-and-a-half hours for the field to be whittled down to 780 players and the money, at which point MR Q Myers (United Kingdom), $$Iv%eR$$NLH (Russia), and Nova´s Chip$ (Germany) were leading the way.

Also still with chips at that point were four representatives of Team PokerStars: Shane "shaniac" Schleger and Kristian "CharismA3" Martin of Team Online, and Team Pros Marcin "Goral" Horecki and Martin "M. Staszko" Staszko.

Martin was soon knocked out in 687th ($28.18) in a hand versus Denis1_85. Then Schleger soon followed suit after getting eliminated in 600th ($29.12) by tupakkayaska. They then made it through the three-hour break, and shortly after Staszko went down in 230th ($51.66), falling victim to H33haaaaaw.

Meanwhile, Horecki continued to remain with chips as the tourney shrunk down to 200 players. Horecki, of course, entered this last day of MicroMillions III with the lead in the Player of the Series race, and the longer he lasted in this one the more TLB points he would pick up.

The German player Chocoyote was one of those who entered play on Sunday with a shot at catching Horecki, and Chocoyote came into the chatbox at Horecki's table to offer some congratulations to the Polish Team Pro member.

Chocoyote (observer): gg goral
Chocoyote (observer): thats it
Chocoyote (observer): :)
Goral: :)
Chocoyote (observer): well deserved
Chocoyote (observer): well runned
Chocoyote (observer): _D
Goral: you can win main and hyper :)
Goral: dont give up :)
Chocoyote (observer): pffff
Chocoyote (observer): not with that run
Goral: but yeah ty, had a nice MMs

Indeed, there were still more tourneys to go, but Horecki's lead -- which would be more than 100 points after his score in this event -- meant those chasing him would have to win one of the remaining events (for 100 points) and then some to catch Horecki.

It was just a few minutes after they returned that Horecki found himself all in before the flop versus two opponents, with cesium68 being the one to win the hand and knock "Goral" out in 161st, good for a $65.75 payday plus 20 more Player of the Series points.


Team PokerStars Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki

Soon just 100 players remained, led by adkaf (Slovakia), cesium68 (Sweden), and villmansky2 (Poland). They'd take another hour or so to play down to just a dozen players, with all three of those former leaders having been eliminated -- villamansky2 in 41st ($253.63), adkaf in 36th ($300.60), and cesium68 in 16th ($587.11)

Meanwhile, woltomierz (Poland) had moved to the top of the counts, and would stay there as the next six players hit the rail. Lionfight3r (12th), Wildan (11th), and S.FILTH (10th) each claimed $774.99 cash prizes, while MJ2203 (9th), donoval (8th), and Burkoló (7th) each earned $967.67 for nearly making the six-handed final table.

As they approached the tourney's five-hour mark, just six players were left.


Seat 1: bonittaa (Latvia) -- 26,222,192
Seat 2: woltomierz (Poland) -- 38,556,548
Seat 3: pstpst.666 (Sweden) -- 20,388,628
Seat 4: bedias (Brazil) -- 14,666,127
Seat 5: TheDzuu (Estonia) -- 34,915,313
Seat 6: king rei (Brazil) -- 32,252,192

It wouldn't take long for the first final table elimination to occur. With the blinds all of the way up to 500k/1m, woltomierz open raised all in for more than 33 million from under the gun and got a single caller in TheDzuu who committed a short stack of 5,505,357 from the button.

wotomierz had A♦A♣T♦2♥ while TheDzuu had A♠K♦Q♥3♦. The board came J♦6♠6♣8♠Q♠, meaning no low hand and the better two pair (aces and sixes) for wotomierz, thus sending TheDzuu railward in sixth.

woltomierz would handle the next elimination as well by knocking out pstpst.66 in fifth. In that hand, woltomierz open-shoved from the small blind for almost 40 million and pstpst.666 called from the big blind for 30,566,285. woltomierz showed a double-suited hand -- A♦K♠J♠5♦ -- while pstpst.666 also had a hand with a lot of potential with A♣4♥3♣2♣.

But the community cards came J♥9♠9♣3♠8♦ -- again, no low and the better two pair for woltomierz -- and they were down to four.

They reached the five-hour break, with woltomierz way ahead with more than 82 million and king rei the closest challenger with about 57 million.

When play resumed, eight small hands went by as the blinds climbed to 600k/1.2m. Then bedias open-raised all in for 9,686,127 from UTG and got a single caller in king rei from the button. bedias showed A♠K♣J♥2♠ and king rei A♥T♥8♦2♣, and when the board came T♠T♦J♦5♦2♦, king rei's full house (tens full of deuces) was enough to eliminate bedias in fourth.

It wasn't long after that hand that woltomierz was cutting deep into king rei's stack in a hand that saw the latter quartered, thus pushing woltomierz up over 140 million while both king rei and bonittaa were down under 20 million. Soon the two short stacks were pitted against one another, with king rei open-pushing from the small blind for nearly 19 million and bonittaa calling from the big blind for 7,638,596.

bonittaa had 8♥5♣3♥2♠ and king rei A♣T♠9♥9♦. The board again brought no low hands, coming 6♠8♦Q♦6♥J♦. bonittaa had but eights and sixes while king rei had made a queen-high straight, and suddenly they were down to two.

RSS readers click through to view replay

Heads-up play began with woltomierz way out in front with 138,579,368 versus king rei's 28,421,632. king rei would survive an all-in with a split pot on the first hand, but seven hands later the end would finally come.

In the final hand, the blinds were 750k/1.5m when woltomierz limped in from the button and king rei checked. The flop came 2♠J♣7♠, prompting an all-in push for 32,621,632 from king rei and a call from woltomierz.

king rei: J♠9♠7♥6♦
woltomierz: K♥K♠T♣T♠

king rei had flopped top two pair and was hoping the hand would hold versus woltomierz's flush draw or any other backdoor funny business to ruin things for king rei.

But the turn was the Q♥ and river the A♦ -- ha! -- thereby giving woltomierz a Broadway straight and the win.

RSS readers click through to view replay

Congratulations to woltomierz of Poland who had the most fun of anyone in Event #96, taking away a cool $14K-plus first prize for a $3.30+R event!

MicroMillions III Event #96 $3.30+R 6-max. NL Omaha (3x-Turbo) final table results:
1st: woltomierz (Poland) -- $14,329.48
2nd: king rei (Brazil) -- $10,098.44
3rd: bonittaa (Latvia) -- $7,280.27
4th: bedias (Brazil) -- $4,462.10
5th: pstpst.666 (Sweden) -- $2,663.17
6th: TheDzuu (Estonia) -- $1,409.08

Entrants: 6,050
Re-buys: 22,557
Add-ons: 2,706
Prize pool: $93,939.00
Places paid: 780

MicroMillions III is winding down, but you can still check out all of the stats from all 100 events over on the MicroMillions page.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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