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MicroMillions III Day 2 review: Total prizes cross $1.25 million mark

If popular psychology held any weight whatsoever, you might think PokerStars' low-limit festival would get a complex. All we do all day long as talk about how small its buy-ins are or how "micro" it is. Some people might have even called it "cute." It's the type of thing that could give a festival a real self-image problem.

Somehow, the third iteration of the MicroMillions series has managed to avoid the taunts and jabs. In just the first 15 events, the series has put together $1.25 million in buy-ins, as if to say, "Who you callin' little?"

Think about that for just one moment. This isn't a handful of high-rollers blithely throwing their $25,000 into the pool. We're talking about tens of thousands of people putting the cost of a cup of coffee in the pot and making it look like $1.25 million. It's startling and a lot of fun.

To this hour, the MicroMillions series has crowned 15 of its 100 champions. In all, they've played for $1,253,301 in prize money.


Events played: 15
Total MicroMillions III prize pool: $1,253,301

MicroMillions reports
Event #1: poker izrod8 plows through Event 1 ($0.11+R NLHE), wins $1,761.22
Event #2: AAligator33 feasts on Event #2 field ($1+R NLHE, 3x-Turbo), banks $17,952.06
Event #3: Devil_DuckDK scorches field and wins Event #3 $3.30 NL 6-Max, scores $11,580.93
Event #4: Easy as ABC for ADP1985 in Event #4 ($3.30+R NLHE), takes $14,096.69
Event #5: MUFC9999 wins Event #5 $3.30 NL Hold'em
Event #6: Alfons777999 presses to victory in Event #6 ($2.20 2X-Turbo Rebuy), collects $7,371.32
Event #7: magpie1985 flies away with victory in Event 7 ($5.50 NLHE)
Event #8: Barthold09 bowls over Event 8 ($4.40 NLHE, 2X Chance)
Event #9: All's well that ends well for fgromwell in Event 9 ($8.80 PLO)
Event #10: akarrin carries the day in Event #10 ($1+R NLHE 3x-turbo)
Event #11: Not sad at all, Sladjan 68 wins Event #11 ($11 6-Max NLHE)
Event #12: sevewolf mauls field in Event #12 Big Antes
Event #13: Gorda877 grabs Event 13 title ($3.30 Stud)
Event #14: Diogo37 goes all the way in Event #14 ($3.30+R NLHE)
Event #15: Artur Lesley wins Event #15 ($5.50 FLHE Turbo)

As you might have guessed from that long list of links, we're covering every final table of this festival. To see all the coverage click on our list of MicroMillions III results coverage.

If you need to more aout the series, just check out the MicroMillions website.

In the meantime, head on over and enter one of these "little" events for yourself. You could see yourself right here on the PokerStars Blog by this time tomorrow! And wouldn't that be cute?

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging

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