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MicroMillions III: Denman98 dominates Event 95 ($2.22 NLHE HU Hyper-Turbo)

For a hyper-turbo tournament, aggression is key. Denman98 knew how to use that aggression and dominated the last few matches. The final heads-up battle against Jaxx_is_back was cut short because Denman98 dominated and continued to put Jaxx_is_back to the test. And Denman98 had the cards and the timing to grab the win in short order.


The last day of the MicroMillions III was an exciting one, though every day of the series seemed to meet that description. But with only a few tournaments remaining to grab a MicroMillions title and some of the bankroll-changing potential in the prize pools, players lined up to compete.

Event 95 of MM III offered a heads-up tournament at hyper-turbo speed. With only two-minute levels, the action was guaranteed to be ... well ... hyper. No late registration was allowed, so the tournament began with its final number, all of whom turned out to compete for the $20K guarantee, a number that was actually left in the dust when the prize pool was announced. Let's look at those numbers:

Players: 16,384
Guarantee: $20,000.00
Prize pool: $35,717.12
Paid players: 2,048

The first round completed before the tournament even hit the 30-minute mark, and Round 2 moved just as quickly, finishing with 4,096 players well before the 1-hour point.

Round 4 brought players into the money with minimum payouts of $6.07. Round 5 began shortly after with payouts of $9.64, and play continued at a quick pace. Of the players exiting in that round, the last remaining Team PokerStars Pro - Marcin "Goral" Horecki of Poland - found his way to the rail in 775th place for yet another MicroMillions III cash.

Marcin Horecki.jpg

Round 6 promised $15.71 to the next level of finishers, and that round began just moments after the two-hour mark. Twenty minutes later, Round 7 kicked off to push payouts up to $26.43. The next two rounds went quickly as well, with Round 8 finishers taking home $43.93 and Round 9 at a payout level of $78.22.

Round 10 thinned the field to 16 players, and those hitting the rail were awarded $129.29 for their efforts.

The round of 16 then promised $248.23, and action was a bit slower as the stakes increased. Round 11 began that action at the 3.5-hour mark, and Jaxx_is_back was the first to win a match, defeating ya$minna in 16th place. Denman98 won the next one, and AsherBahar had to accept 15th place. Tchigli defeated romwer11 to move on, and kotik93 took out Lichu348. As BATRAKI and pofkia.ltu both hit the rail, dogsballs and luckys luke prepared to move on to the quarterfinals. Serggio01 then defeated tiratrocos in tenth place, and the last match saw Sir_lanka8 eliminate Djony1984 in ninth place.


Payouts reached the $461.46 level in Round 12. Play moved through the first three levels before Denman98 was able to defeat kotik93, the latter of whom took eighth place. Serggio01 then sent tchigli out in seventh place. Sir_lanka8 eliminated luckys luke in sixth place, and Jaxx_is_back sent dogsballs out in fifth place moments later.


Table 1: Jaxx_is_back v. serggio01
Table 2: Denman98 v. sir_lanka8

Serggio01 took a sizeable lead over Jaxx_is_back in the second level of play. But Jaxx_is_back used A♥K♠ to double through the A♣Q♥ of serggio01 to stage a comeback.

RSS readers click through to see replay

That lead then led to serggio01 taking some risks. The two players went into the final hand in Level 4 to see a reraised flop of 9♦J♦9♥. Serggio01 bet all-in with K♥3♣, but Jaxx_is_back called with K♣J♥ for the flopped two pair. The 4♦ on the turn changed nothing, but the J♣ on the river only gave Jaxx_is_back the full house. That eliminated serggio01 in fourth place with $837.56.

Denman98 and sir_lanka8 remained even much of the time, though Denman98 took a few larger pots to start to build a lead. Sir_lanka8 struggled until a big double-up with pocket threes over K-8. It didn't take long for Denman98 to double back, though, with J♣7♠ and a straight over J♥T♠. Sir_lanka8 doubled again with K-5 over pocket fours, but Denmak98 responded with queens over J-T. The very next hand saw sir_lanka8 push all-in for 1,040 chips with 7♦5♣, and Denman98 called with T♦T♠. The pocket tens turned into a set on the T♥5♥8♥ flop, and the 2♠ and Q♣ finished the hand, leaving sir_lanka8 out in third place with $837.56.


Each of the players started Level 1 of Round 14 with 20/40 blinds and stacks of 5,000 chips.

Denman98 v. Jaxx_is_back

MMIII FT - Event 95.JPG

By Level 3, Denman98 had the lead, with the aid of a 2,400 pot with a showdown of 8♣5♥ on a 2♠5♦4♠9♥2♣ board over the K♠8♠ of Jaxx_is_back. In Level 4, Jaxx_is_back decided to push 2,800 chips all-in with A♥3♦, and Denman98 called with 8♣8♦. The flop of 5♠5♦4♦ created two pair for Denman98, and the J♥ on the turn changed nothing. The 9♣ on the river ended the tournament, with Jaxx_is_back finishing in second place for $1,658.34.

The hand is displayed here for your viewing pleasure:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Denman98 of Ireland won the MicroMillions III title and $2,612.62.

MicroMillions III Event 95 ($2.22 NLHE HU Hyper-Turbo) Results:

Total players: 16,384
Paid players: 2,048

1st place: Denman98 (Ireland) - $2,612.62
2nd place: Jaxx_is_back (Finland) - $1,658.34
3rd place: sir_lanka8 (Sweden) - $837.56
4th place: serggio01 (Russia) - $837.56

For any and all information about MicroMillions, including the leaderboard and all tournament winners, check out its main tournament page.

Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

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