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MicroMillions III: Devil_DuckDK scorches field and wins Event #3 $3.30 NL 6-Max

Sometimes when a tournament reaches heads-up, the final two players opt for a patient approach and slowly feel each other out while they size-up their opponent. But this was not one of those instances. The final table in MicroMillions Event #3 $3.30 NL 6-Max was an exhilarating slug-out from start to finish. The last two players standing, Devil_DuckDK and margaretka1, were relentless and attacked each other like a pair of hyper-aggressive prizefighters unleashing a flurry of punch combinations. Their stacks fluctuated up and down but it was Devil_DuckDK who came from behind to deliver a knockout blow. Denmark's Devil_DuckDK emerged victorious and became the newest MicroMillions III champion.

A stunning number of players participated in this highly popular short-handed event. MicroMillions III Event #3 $3.30 NL 6-Max attracted 45,569 runners, all of whom helped boost the prize pool to $136,707. The top 5,778 places paid out with $11,580.93 set aside to the eventual champion.

Event #3 was not kind to Team PokerStars Pro Marcin 'Goral' Horecki (20,651st place) or PokerStars Team Online's Naoya 'nkeyno' Kihara (17,512th place). Horecki had cashed in Event #1 at least.

The money bubble popped in Level 18, which meant it took less than 3.5 hours before Event #3 reached the money and almost 40,000 players were liquidated from the field. But, after a rapid-fire pace at the onset, the action slowed down. It took nearly five total hours before the field was trimmed to under 1,000 players. When the tournament reached its ninth hour, 21 players remained and Devil_DuckDK (Denmark) held the lead with 31 million. With 12 remaining on the final two tables, Devil_DuckDK more than doubled that big stack and sat atop a steep mountain of chips worth almost 70 million.

With seven remaining and action hand-for-hand 66sn00ka6 made a final stand and moved all-in for 7,306,752 with A♥8♦. Talk about the wrong time to run into pocket rockets! Ardetroya1 won the pot with A♣A♦, which held up after the board ran out 7♦2♦2♥9♥8♣. Germany's 66sn00ka6 bubbled off the final table in seventh place.


Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Chopallino, 26,917,576
Seat 2: sabonis1111, 23,176,424
Seat 3: margaretka1, 74,469,452
Seat 4: Devil_DuckDK, 56,235,260
Seat 5: Ardetroya1, 29,207,320
Seat 6: AntoN99913, 17,838,968

With the final table set during Level 53 (blinds at 500K/1M and a 125,000 ante) margaretka1 held the overall lead with 74.5 million. AntoN99913 was the shorty with almost 18 million.

It didn't take much time before margaretka1 chipped up to 88 million after winning the first substantial pot (worth approximately 20 million) holding Q♥T♣ for a queen-high straight.

Chopallino eliminated in 6th place

The final six played a full level before someone hit the road. Chopallino became the first casualty at the final table. Chopallino open-shoved for 9,142,576 and margaretka1 jammed all-in for 88,344,452 to isolate. Everyone bailed. Heads-up. Chopallino took K♥J♣ into battle against margaretka1's A♥Q♥. Chopallino trailed but picked up a gutter with a flop of Q♦9♦9♥, while margaretka1 improved to two pair. The turn was the 8♣ and the river was the 6♣. The pot got pushed to margaretka1, who won with queens up. Russia's Chopallino busted in sixth place, which paid out $1,064.94.

With five remaining, margaretka1 became the first player to amass a stack breaking the 100 million mark.

AntoN99913 eliminated in 5th place

Holding the biggest stack in town, margaretka1 happily took on the role of table bully. With five to go, margaretka1 didn't waste any time and open-shoved for more than 100 million. AntoN99913 woke up with Jacks and called all-in for his last 13,313,968. Both players tabled their hands and margaretka1 was racing with A♦K♦ against J♠J♦. The flop was K♣T♦4♥ and margaretka1 took the lead. The turn was the K♠ and margaretka1 continued to improved his hand with trip kings. The river was 7♥. AntoN99913 lost that flip with jacks and busted in fifth place. The Russian's payday was $1,670.55.

Ardetroya1 eliminated in 4th place

The final table did not play four-handed for very long before someone else got their marching orders. Behemoth-stacked margaretka1 opened for 4,200,000, Ardetroya1 moved all-in over the top for 33,907,320, and margaretka1 snapped-called. Ardetroya1 was ahead with 6♥6♦ against margaretka1's K♠J♦. Another race to the death. The flop was Q♠8♣8♦ and Ardetroya1 held onto a slim lead. However, the J♣ spiked on the turn and margaretka1 seized the lead with a pair of jacks. That unfortunate turn card sunk Ardetroya1's dreams of winning MicroMillions. The river was the 4♣ and margaretka1 won the pot. Argentina's Ardetroya1 busted out in fourth place and collected $2,911.85.

sabonis1111 eliminated in 3rd place

Three-handed only lasted a couple of hands before sabonis1111 made an abrupt exit. Here's how it happened... sabonis1111 opened to 2.8 million and margaretka1 called. The flop was 6♥5♠3♥, and margaretka1 check-called a 5.6 million bet from sabonis1111. The turn was the 4♣, which prompted margaretka1 to bet 5.6 million. Sabonis1111 shoved for 7,901,424 and margaretka1 insta-called, flipping over T♠7♠ for a seven-high straight. Rough spot for sabonis1111, who tabled A♠4♠ and held nothing but a pair of fours and a futile Wheel draw. The river was the 5♦ and sabonis1111 lost with two pair. Argentina's sabonis1111 got knocked out in third place, which paid out $5,594.05.

HEADS-UP: margaretka1 (U.K.) vs. Devil_DuckDK (Denmark)

Seat 3: margaretka1 (186,309,740)
Seat 4: Devil_DuckDK (41,535,260)

With the final two ready to fight it out for the title, margaretka1 held a 4.5 to 1 advantage over Devil_DuckDK. That sizable disadvantage did not deter Devil_DuckDK one bit. With a few hands, he won a notable pot and chipped up to 77,000,000, thereby narrowing the winning margin to only two-to-one.

It didn't take long before the two engaged each other in a monstrous hand. Margaretka1 kicked off the fracas by raising to 142,800,000, and Devil_DuckDK called all-in for 75,545,520. Devil_DuckDK trailed with A♣T♦ against margaretka1's 4♥4♦. Another race. An ace on the flop foiled margaretka1's chances at connecting on a knockout punch. The board finished up A♠9♦9♣3♠T♥ and margaretka1 lost with a smaller two pair (nines and fours) against Devil_DuckDK's aces up.

The back-and-forth action continued... margaretka1 raised to 4.8 million and Devil_DuckDK called. The flop was K♠T♠5♣. Devil_DuckDK checked, margaretka1 fired out 4.8 million, Devil_DuckDK check-raised to 22.4 million, margaretka1 shoved for 89,603,960, and Devil_DuckDK called. Devil_DuckDK tabled K♦6♦ for a pair of Kings, but margaretka1 had him outkicked with K♣J♥. The turn was the 2♠ and the river was the 5♥. It came down to a kicker and margaretka1 prevailed with a quick double up, winning a 190 million pot to avoid an elimination.

Devil_DuckDK almost pulled even after dragging a pot with a King-high flush versus margaretka1's Queen-high flush. At that juncture both players managed to stay above the 100 million mark for a full level as they traded the lead back and forth.

Over the next level, Devil_DuckDK won a series of smaller pots to push his stack over 160 million, while margaretka1 slipped to 65 million. Just when it appeared as though Devil_DuckDK had gained momentum, margaretka1 avoided an elimination with a timely double up. Devil_DuckDK's A♥9♣ lost a flip against margaretka1's 8♠8♥. The flop was Q♣J♥T♣ and even though Devil_DuckDK picked up outs for a straight draw, margaretka1 faded the straight. The momentum swung the other way when margaretka1 doubled up to 130 million, while Devil_DuckDK slipped to 97 million.

The two bombed it all-in once again and Devil_DuckDK led with J♣J♦ against margaretka1's A♥9♠. The board ran out 7♠4♠3♦9♦8♠ and Devil_DuckDK's Jacks held up. Devil_DuckDK surged to almost 200 million, while margaretka1 was in trouble with a shade under 30 million. Heads-up would only last four more hands.

margaretka1 eliminated in 2nd place; Devil_DuckDK wins Event #3

Short-stacked margaretka1 shoved for 31,038,360 and made a final stand with A♦7♠. However, the diabolical Devil_DuckDK called with A♠6♣ and found himself in big trouble. Dominated. However, when you have a screen name invoking the Devil, your opponents must be careful to avoid the mark of the beast (a.k.a. 666). The flop was Q♥9♦6♥ and Devil_DuckDK took the lead with a pair of sixes. You knew it was coming.... the 6♦ spiked on the turn, which improved Devil_DuckDK to trip sixes. The Q♣ on the river filled in a full house for Devil_DuckDK, who easily won the pot. Alas, a dejected margaretka1's A♦7♠ got brutally out-flopped and the rest was history.

For a valiant and gutsy runner-up performance, margaretka1 earned $8,414.31.

Denmark's Devil_DuckDK won MicroMillions III Event #3 and collected $11,580.93 for first place. Congrats!

Check out the final hand in the replayer:

RSS readers must click through to view replayer

Event #3 $3.30 NL 6-Max - Final Table Results:
Entrants: 45,569
Prize Pool: $136,707
Payouts: 5,778

1. Devil_DuckDK (Denmark) - $11,580.93
2. margaretka1 (United Kingdom) - $8,414.31
3. sabonis1111 (Norway) - $5,594.05
4. Ardetroya1 (Argentina) - $2,911.85
5. AntoN99913 (Russia) - $1,670.55
6. Chopallino (Russia) - $1,064.94

For more information like the full tournament schedule and the leader board, visit the MicroMillions home page.

Pauly McGuire is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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