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MicroMillions III: Event #16 is all righty for alwidy ($2.20 NLHE)

A lot for a little. That's the motto for the MicroMillions series, a unique chance for low-limit players to realize eye-popping returns on tiny investments. Event #16, a $2.20 buy-in no-limit hold'em tourney, provided another such opportunity, an invitation 10,807 PokerStars players from all over the world chose to accept. In the end it was Ukraine's alwidy finishing with all of the chips and the title, needing nine hours and 43 minutes to turn $2.20 into $2,718.87.

From 10,807 to 9

Smashing yet another guarantee, the $21,614 prize pool more than doubled the promised $10K, with the top 1,440 finishers getting to divide up the money. A minimum-cash would be worth $3.45, but reaching the top 12 meant winning at least a hundy, with $3,033.12 up top for the winner barring a final table deal.

After about six hours and 20 minutes of play just 100 players remained, led by riverrat_bob (Canada), Rocc13 (Canada), and giannisg7g7 (Greece). A half-hour later they were down to 50, with kamelot17 (Moldova) having pushed out in front ahead of giannisg7g7 and riverrat_bob into the top spot.

An hour-and-a-half after that just 18 were left, led by AmbroLuke (Romania), Pedroncios (Brazil), and JR.smoker (Brazil). It would take another hour or so for the final two tables to become one. During that stretch maksgrey (18th), Mr Longhit (17th), and mr.BORODKA (16h) each earned $51.87 for their finishes; sakhalin_fr (15th), Mr.MegaMoney (14th), and HARV YA POT (13th) took away $79.97 apiece; and kamelot17 (12th), ydng (11th), and PadrePablos (10th) each enjoyed $108.07 paydays.

Just nine remained. A couple of the players marked the achievement of having outlasted 10,798 players thus far with smiley faces...


Seat 1: alwidy (Ukraine) -- 7,440,807
Seat 2: theonlygood (Costa Rica) -- 4,881,110
Seat 3: Grochal44 (Poland) -- 7,725,804
Seat 4: Pedroncios (Brazil) -- 9,232,662
Seat 5: AmbroLuke (Romania) -- 11,099,326
Seat 6: dkno77 (Argentina) -- 1,257,158
Seat 7: JR.smoker (Brazil) -- 4,811,805
Seat 8: caro196661cv (Germany) -- 4,531,258
Seat 9: BaBany4 (Russia) -- 3,055,070

From 9 to 6

They were almost upon the nine-hour break, but before getting there the next elimination would come on just the second hand of the final table.

With the blinds 150k/300k, caro196661cv opened for 600,000 from middle position, then Grochal44 made it 1.5 million to go from the button. The blinds stepped aside, caro196661cv reraised all in for 4,456,258 total, and Grochal44 called.

caro196661cv showed A♠Q♠ and was racing versus Grochal44's J♣J♦. But the board rolled out nine-high -- 9♠4♥2♦3♦6♣ -- and caro196661cv was out in ninth.

Shortly after the break, the blinds had moved up to 200k/400k when dkno77 open-shoved from under the gun for 1,157,158 and got a single caller in chip leader AmbroLuke from the big blind. dkno77 had A♠J♠ and AmbroLuke K♦6♥, and all was fine for dkno77 through the 8♣2♥Q♠ flop and 4♦ turn. But the 6♣ on the river paired AmbroLuke, sending dkno77 away in eighth.

About an orbit-and-a-half later the blinds were already up to 250k/500k when Pedroncios pushed with an all-in raise to 1,344,133 from early position, getting two callers in JR.smoker (cutoff) and theonlygood (big blind). The flop came T♣T♠7♠, and when theonlygood checked JR.smoker took the invitation to bet 1.5 million, forcing a fold from theonlygood.

JR.smoker then turned over A♠T♦ for trip tens, better than the tens and sevens Pedroncios had with K♦7♦. The 4♥ came on the turn, making the 5♦ river no matter and sending Pedroncios railward in seventh.

From 6 to 2

For a two-dollar investment, the payouts were starting to get good, with the next player eliminated due a nifty $648.42 payday. Following Pedroncios's elimination AmbroLuke still led with just over 12.5 million, but theonlygood had climbed into second position with 12.25 million and alwidy wasn't far back with 10.9 million.

The next four eliminations then came in rapid fashion, and in less than three minutes they were down to just two.

The blinds were 300k/600k for all four of the knockouts. First AmbroLuke open-pushed for 3,468,984 from UTG, then BaBany4 reraised all in over the top from a couple of seats over to scatter the others. AmbroLuke had T♦T♥, but had run into BaBany4's K♦K♣, and when the community cards came 5♥8♣2♦3♣7♥, AmbroLuke was out in sixth.

Soon after it was theonlygood open-shoving for 7,519,293 from the cutoff seat and BaBany4 again there with the call from the big blind. theonlygood had K♦J♥ and needed to improve to beat BaBany4's A♦7♦. But the flop came 6♠5♠4♥ and turn 8♣, giving BaBany4 a straight and making the K♠ river too little too late for theonlygood. They were down to four.

BaBany4 kept right on pushing, opening with a 2x raise from under the gun, then Grochal44 reraised all in for 4,844,715 from the small blind. BaBany4 called, showing K♦Q♥ to Grochal44's A♠5♣. The board then came 5♥4♥J♥2♥3♣ -- a straight for Grochal44, but a flush for BaBany4, meaning Grochal44's Event #16 run had ended in fourth.

Three straight knockouts had pushed BaBany4 into first position with three left. BaBany4 then folded a hand and watched as alwidy raised to 1.2 million from the small blind, JR.smoker reraised to 2.4 million from the big blind, alwidy shoved over the top, and JR.smoker called with the 6,771,360 left.

alwidy: T♣T♠
JR.smoker: K♠Q♣

The flop quickly appeared in the center -- A♥T♥J♣! A straight for JR.smoker, but a set of tens for alwidy. And just a beat later the A♦ landed on the turn, improving alwidy to a full house and making the 7♠ river card an inconsequential postscript. JR.smoker was out in third. Just two remained!

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The final two played one small pot, then paused proceedings to talk about a deal. alwidy then had an edge with 29,171,588 versus BaBany4's 24,863,412, but the pair settled on chopping the remaining prize money evenly, each getting $2,518.87 and setting $200 aside for which to play.

It would ultimately take 59 hands and about 17 minutes for the tourney to be decided. BaBany4 took an early lead in the duel, but alwidy scored a big double-up in a hand in which alwidy's A♥T♠ held up versus BaBany4's K♥J♦. Thus by the time the final hand arrived alwidy enjoyed a better than 2-to-1 chip lead with 37,351,352 to BaBany4's 16,683,648.

In that last hand, the blinds were 400k/800k when alwidy limped from the button, BaBany4 shoved, and alwidy called, showing A♥4♥ to BaBany4's Q♠T♣. The flop came 5♦6♦4♣ to pair alwidy once, then the 4♦ turn gave alwidy trips. The K♠ fell meaninglessly on the river, and alwidy had won.

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Congratulations to alwidy who turned $2.20 into $2,718.87 by winning Event #16! And kudos as well to BaBany4 for making it to a heads-up chop and a nice $2,500K-plus return as well.

MicroMillions III Event #16 $2.20 NLHE final table results (*reflects two-way deal):
1st: alwidy (Ukraine) -- $2,718.87*
2nd: BaBany4 (Russia) -- $2,518.87*
3rd: JR.smoker (Brazil) -- $1,556.20
4th: Grochal44 (Poland) -- $1,080.70
5th: theonlygood (Costa Rica) -- $864.56
6th: AmbroLuke (Romania) -- $648.42
7th: Pedroncios (Brazil) -- $432.28
8th: dkno77 (Argentina) -- $216.14
9th: caro196661cv (Germany) -- $146.97

Entrants: 10,807
Prize pool: $21,614.00
Places paid: 1,440

There is still more than a week's worth of MicroMillions III to go, with 8-10 events happening every day. Check the MicroMillions page for details about the remaining events including satellites.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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