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MicroMillions III: Gargamelish grabs gold in Event 40 ($5.50 NLHE 6-Max Turbo KO)

Anything can happen in a turbo tournament, and gargamelish seemed quite aware of that. By standing back at the final table and watching other competitors battle for tens of millions of chips, gargamelish was rather quiet. A big double through Boa555 provided some breathing room early, but it was a well-timed move during three-handed play that propelled gargamelish into the lead. Several hands later, gargamelish became a MicroMillions III champion and $7,459.31 richer.


One of the many great things about a PokerStars tournament series is that every day brings new poker excitement. Monday blues after a great weekend? No chance. Monday became exciting again with a plethora of tournaments on the schedule, from Omaha to 8-Game mix.

Event 40 was quite the interesting combination. While the game was simply No Limit Hold'em, it was a 6-max tournament for the short-handed enthusiasts, and the structure was turbo with five-minute levels. Even more, it was a Knockout event, meaning that of the $5.50 buy-in, only $4.40 went to the prize pool while $1 went to the bounty pool. Every player who knocks out another wins $1, so someone can make money without even making it past the money bubble. Add a $30K guarantee to the event, and players lined up to compete.

After the 60-minute late registration period, the final numbers were:

Players: 17,152
Guarantee: $30,000.00
Prize pool: $70,323.20
Bounty pool: $17,152.00
Paid players: 2,400

The bubble burst a couple hours into action, and ruslanmd was the first player to cash for $7.03. By the three-hour mark, only 20 tables were in action, and that number was down to seven tables one hour later.

Two tables were running little more than 30 minutes later, and action was fast. The eighth place elimination of Semionchik led to hand-for-hand play, and several double-ups occurred before anyone had to depart. Mykaela80 hoped that A♣8♠ would work for a double, too, but Boa555 called with A♠K♠, and nothing about the 7♦J♦A♥5♦7♥ board changed that. Mykaela80 had to leave in seventh place with $597.74.

Boa555 takes initial chip lead

The turbo final table started in the last half of Event 52, with blinds at 400,000/800,000 and a 100K ante. The players' starting stacks were:

Seat 1: pappan66 (6,636,101 in chips)
Seat 2: Hai62 (7,883,378 in chips)
Seat 3: Radio30 (15,116,552 in chips)
Seat 4: Boa555 (28,193,027 in chips)
Seat 5: gargamelish (17,012,838 in chips)
Seat 6: jam212 (10,918,104 in chips)

MMIII FT - Event 40.JPG

On the second hand, pappan66 doubled through Hai62, and the latter moved all-in a few hands later for 1.4 million chips. Boa555 and pappan66 each called and saw a flop of 8♦T♣6♣. Pappan66 led out with a bet, and Boa555 check-folded. hai62 showed K♣2♠, and pappan66 was clearly ahead with A♠8♠ and the pair of eights. The 4♥ on the turn and 3♣ on the river sealed the deal, leaving Hai62 out in sixth place with $831.92.

Boa555 loses venomous touch

Then jam212 scored a massive double-up through Boa555 that gave jam212 the lead:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Gargamelish doubled through Boa555, suddenly leaving the latter as the short stack of the final five. Pappan66 was in second place on the leaderboard but sat out for several rounds as the other players tried to urge a look at some chop numbers. Radio30 doubled through jam212 to take over the lead with nearly 25 million chips,

Jam212 stayed aggressive, though, and when Boa555 pushed all-in from the big blind, original raiser jam212 called with K♦Q♣. Boa555 showed T♣9♠. The flop of J♠K♣T♦ gave each player a pair but kept jam212 in the lead, and the 2♣ and 7♦ closed out the hand with Boa555 out of the tournament in fifth place with $1,312.93.

Pappan66 returned and raised a hand from the button. When Radio30 reraised all-in from the small blind, pappan66 called with K♣T♠. Radio30 had Q♣Q♦, and that pair only increased to two pair on the 3♥3♦A♣5♠8♦ board. Pappan66 departed in fourth place with $2,285.50.

Final three forge a deal

The final three players agreed to pause the tournament to discuss a deal, but the numbers were not pleasing to everyone. They tossed around some suggestions and finally agreed to hold back $1,159.31 with these guaranteed payouts:

Seat 3: Radio30 (42,862,113 in chips) = $6,500.00
Seat 5: gargamelish (27,136,175 in chips) = $6,300.00
Seat 6: jam212 (15,761,712 in chips) = $6,000.00

Radio30 silence

Gargamelish almost immediately doubled through Radio30 in this massive hand:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Two hands later, Radio30 moved all-in with A♠2♥, and jam212 was there with 7♠7♥. The flop of 7♦Q♣J♦ gave jam212 the set of sevens, and the 4♥ on the turn and 5♠ on the river completed the hand. Radio30 left in third place with $6,500.00.

Heads-up, two hands

The final two players started their battle with these counts:

Seat 5: gargamelish (68,072,350 in chips)
Seat 6: jam212 (17,687,650 in chips)

On the second hand, jam212 risked it all with A♠T♦. Gargamelish called with Q♣Q♦. The flop of K♣T♥7♦ gave jam212 the pair of tens and hope of improvement, but that didn't come on the 2♦ turn. The J♦ on the river didn't help either, and jam212 accepted second place and $6,000.00.

Gargamelish won the MicroMillions III tournament and $7,459.31 in cash. Congrats!

MicroMillions III Event 40 ($5.50 NLHE 6-Max Turbo KO) Results (reflects deal):

Total players: 17,152
Paid players: 2,400

1st place: gargamelish (Denmark) - $7,459.31*
2nd place: jam212 (UK) - $6,000.00*
3rd place: Radio30 (Canada) - $6,500.00*
4th place: pappan66 (Sweden) - $2,285.50
5th place: boa555 (Russia) - $1,312.93
6th place: Hai62 (Germany) - $831.92

Amounts reflect three-way deal with $1,159.31 extra for the winner.

For any and all information about MicroMillions, including the current leaderboard and satellites for upcoming events, check out its main tournament page.

Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

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