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MicroMillions III: hairywally1 has won Event #93 ($2.20 NLHE)

We're here, the final day of the madness known as the MicroMillions.

One of the events on the final Sunday of the series was Event #93, the $2.20 NLHE. There was a guaranteed prize pool of $15,000 but it -- of course -- was crushed by players. A total of 15,751 players signed up to create a prize pool of $31,502.

This created a top prize of -- after a final table deal -- $3,416. The winner of this grandiose prize was hairywally1. hairywally1 may not have started the final table with the chip lead, but the Irish player soon got it and didn't let go at all.

hairywally1 even started the heads-up match with a 10-1 chip lead and finished off his opponent in only four hands. hairywally1's journey started at 6am ET today, the next step was the bubble, then, at 3pm ET, hairywally1 reached the final table.

The final table


Seat 1: a.beres -- 7,822,334
Seat 2: Cedrykb -- 18,457,196
Seat 3: yakydzza -- 9,759,702
Seat 4: lilllos -- 11,159,181
Seat 5: Mr Antinuts -- 5,374,688
Seat 6: hairywally1: 12,135,706
Seat 7: stifujonny19 -- 2,853,687
Seat 8: sQu33ZY -- 5,488,130
Seat 9: Velliton87 -- 5,454,376

stifujonny19 was our final table short stack, but got an early double up. stifujonny19's A♠T♣ went up against our chip leader, Cedrykb's Q♥K♠. Cedrykb hit a K♣ on the flop, but the river brought stifujonny19 an A♣ and a double up to 5.5 million.

This saw Mr Antinuts become the short stack. Mr Antinuts's would grow a bit, then shrink and finally, get squeezed out of the tournament.

With 250K/500K blinds and a 62.5K ante, Mr Antinuts moved all-in from early position for 3.8 million. hairywally1 called from Mr Antinuts's left and the rest of the table folded.

Mr Antinuts: A♥J♦
hairywally1: A♠K♥

The T♠2♣4♦ missed both players, but hairywally1 stayed in the lead. The turn brought a K♠ and a pair for hairywally, leaving Mr Antinuts hoping for queen. But the 4♥ came on the river instead and Mr Antinuts was eliminated in 9th place, earning $189.01.

hairywally, on the other hand, took the chip lead with 19.5 million.

Another double, another bust

The hand after Mr Antinuts busted, sQ33ZY moved all-in for 3.2 million with a pair of 3s. a.beres reshoved for 4.8 million with A♣K♦ and there were no other callers.

The board ran J♥J♦2♦8♦T♥ and sQu33ZY doubled up to 7.8 million. The next all-in would result in less players.

stifujonny19, who'd already doubled up once, was grinded back down to 2.5 million. stifujonny19 moved all-in for 2,532,374 from early position and a.beres reshoved again, this time for 3,384,204 from the button.

The blinds folded and stifujonny19's A♦7♦ was dominated by a.beres's A♠K♣. The board came A♥8♠4♥8♦5♦ and both players paired the ace. But a.beres had the better kicker and stifujonny19 was eliminated in 8th place, a finish worth $283.51.

Another round

hairywally1 and a.beres both had a final table elimination, they were about to get one more.

WIth 400K/800K blinds and a 100K ante, lilllos moved all-in for 5.8 million from the small blind. hairywally1 called from the big blind and we had a showdown.

lilllos: A♦J♦
hairywally1: A♠K♣

The 2♦5♦3♣ flop gave lilllos a flush draw, but hairywally1 was still in the lead. The turn was an 8♠ and the 7♥ of hearts came on the river, denying lilllos the flush and eliminating British players in 7th place for $551,28.

A few hands later, in another battle of the blinds, Velliton87 moved all-in for 4,783,752 from the small blind. a.beres barely had Velliton87 covered and made the call. a.beres turned over A♦J♣ to Velliton87's T♠6♠.

The board ran 9♦9♣Q♥3♦K♦ and Velliton87 was eliminated in 6th place, earning $850.55.


With Velliton87 gone, the remaining five players decided to check out the numbers for a deal. After the numbers were calculated and offered, everyone agreed.

At the time of the deal, the players stacks were:

a.beres -- 5,749,070
Cedrykb -- 19,166,009
yakydzza -- 12,709,702
hairywally1 -- 31,127,699
sQu33ZY -- 10,002,520

Which led to a payout of:

a.beres -- $1,618.28
Cedrykb -- $2,387.66
yakydzza -- $2,094.58
hairywally1 -- $3,116.36
sQu33ZY -- $1,934.55

With $300 left for first.

It didn't take long for our first elimination after the deal was made. Two hands after players agreed, hairywally1 raised to 2.4 million from under-the-gun and yakydzza moved all-in for 12.5 million from the big blind. harrywally1 called and showed Q♦Q♣ to yakydzza's A♠7♠.

The A♣8♥3♦ flop put yakydzza in the lead, but a Q♠ came on the turn, giving hairywally1 a set and the victory. yakydzza was eliminated in 5th place and took the agreed upon $2,094.58.

One-two for a.beres

a.beres doubled-up through sQu33ZY and then knocked the Philippine player out. After having a pocket 10s hold up to sQu33ZY's K♠2♠, sQu33ZY moved all-in for 2.5 million from the small blind.

a.beres called from the big blind and showed K♥4♣. sQu33ZY held A♦8♠ and the K♣3♥9♣ flop fell in a.beres's favor. The 4♥ on the turn gave a.beres two-pair and the T♦ on the river eliminated sQu33ZY.

sQu33ZY finished in 4th and took $1,934.55 for the finish.

Heads up

hairywally1 already had a commanding chip lead, then the Irish player got even more for the heads up match.

With 500K/1MM blinds and a 125K ante, hairywally1 raised to 4 million from the button. Cedrykb moved all-in for 19.1 million from the big blind and hairywally1 called.

hairywally1: 9♦9♥
Cedrykb: J♠3♦

The flop was a crushing 9♣3♣4♠ and Cedrykb was eliminated in 3rd place, earning $2,387.66.

hairywally1 entered the heads-up match with 70.4 million while a.beres only had 8.3 million. The match didn't last long.

On the fourth hand of heads up, hairywally1 took it down:

RSS readers, please click through for replay

a.beres finished 2nd for $1.618.28 while hairywally1 took the title and grand prize of $3,416.36.

MicroMillions III Event #93 ($2.20 NLHE) Final Table Results:

Entrants: 15,751
Prize pool: $31,502.00
Places paid: 2,025

1st: hairywally1 -- $3,416.36*
2nd: a.beres -- $1,618.28*
3rd: Cedrykb -- $2,387.66*
4th: sQu33ZY -- $1,934.55*
5th: yakydzza (Ukraine) -- $2,094*
6th: Velliton87 (Russia) -- $850.55
7th: lilllos (United Kingdom) -- $551.28
8th: stifujonny19 (Romania) -- $283.51
9th: Mr Antinuts (Denmark) -- $189.01

* Denotes a five-way deal

So concludes Event #93. While today marks the last day of the third MicroMillions series, there's still a lot of money up for grabs. This includes the largest event the MicroMillions has to offer, the Main Event.

This series' Main Event has a $22 buy-in with a guaranteed prize pool of $1 million. A guarantee that has already been surpassed. Late registration is still open so take a shot at the largest prize pool the MicroMillions has to offer. For a full list of results of the MicroMillions III and the current leader board, check out the MicroMillions homepage.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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