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MicroMillions III: It's flashdisastr in a flash, Event #100 champ ($1+R NLHE hyper-turbo)

While Event #98 -- the $22 buy-in Main Event -- was grabbing headlines on this final day of MicroMillions III, many players were especially looking forward to the real finale, Event #100, the $1 buy-in no-limit hold'em tourney with re-buys played in a "hyper-turbo" format (i.e. 3-minute levels). Among that eager group was Team Online member Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen, who tweeted earlier in the day about Event #100...

@mickeydp: Also tournament I am by far most excited for today: Micromillions 100 1$ rebuy Hyper Turbo, I got a feeling that one is going to be epic :)

Of course, duration-wise, Event #100 wasn't exactly "epic," finishing up in a head-spinning two-and-a-half hours. However, in terms of field size (9,819 entrants), and re-buys (38,129) and add-ons (5,503), this last MicroMillions event was indeed big stuff. The total prize pool ($52,281.98) was big, too, more than doubling the $25K guarantee. And in the end it was former WCOOP and SCOOP winner flashdisastr of Luxembourg earning the largest share -- $7,711.58 -- for winning the last MicroMillions III title.

Hour 1: From 9,819 to 1,260

The field had shrunk below 6,000 by the 30-minute mark and the end of the re-buy period. A half-hour later they were already nearing the 1,260-player mark and the bursting of the money bubble (with Mickey Petersen among the eliminated, knocked out in 5,555th by buzzcorks).

By the time the money bubble did burst just moments later, lukymumber13 (Portugal), hd10bc (New Zealand), Virivita (Portugal), and kanar007 (United Kingdom) were atop the counts as the only players with more than 300,000 chips.

Also still alive once they reached the cash -- as he has been so many times before in the MicroMillions III series -- was Team PokerStars Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki with a super short stack.

Hour 2: From 1,260 to 33

Horecki would last a few minutes longer, enough time for about four hundred players to be eliminated. Then would Goral finally commit with Q♣Q♦ versus MACHINE661's A♥Q♥, seeing an ace flop to be eliminated in 818th ($12.04).

Horecki took to the chat box after his elimination.

Goral (TeamPro): gg micro Millions
Goral (TeamPro): was fun
Goral (TeamPro): take care guys

Many at Horecki's table chimed in with kudos upon his elimination, no doubt in part from recognizing his stellar performance in the entire series. Indeed, Horecki's cash in this last event marks his 34th (!) of MicroMillions III (unofficially), which looks to be a good enough run to have earned the Polish pro the MicroMillions Player of the Series. (Check the MM III Player of the Series Leader Board for official totals.)

By the 90-minute mark they'd already played down to less than 300 players, with bencb789 (Germany), Semionchik (Russia), and mrlucky93 (Brazil) having become the first players to accumulate more than 1 million chips.

Just a half-hour later 33 players were left, led by New Zealand's hd10bc (5,593,886), Greece's ton_elousen (5,103,212), and Canada's Dre2 (3,731,596).

15 minutes: From 33 to 8

With the blinds at 125,000/250,000, the average stack about 2.28 million (around nine BBs), and levels going up every three minutes, the blistering pace of the first two hours continued unabated once players returned from the two-hour break.

It would only take about 15 minutes for the field to be reduced down to a final table. In fact it only took six minutes for the last 18 to be reduced to eight.

ZeelandBoy (18th), aspden89 (17th), and bellababy (16th) each earned $136.19 for their finishes, all three eliminated in a single hand, in fact, by ton_elouson. FENIX NET (15th), TimmyOx (14th), and domblahut (13th) took $206.90 apiece. Then TPG2309 (12th) and chica cy (11th) were eliminated, each making $277.62 for a little over two hours of poker.

That's when a three-way all-in developed in which hd10bc knocked out both Dre2 in 10th ($277.62) and KAMELOT777 in ninth ($405.96), which meant there was an empty seat at the final table when the first hand was dealt.


Seat 1: ton_elousen (Greece) -- 12,792,115
Seat 2: m4xking (Czech Republic) -- 10,529,022
Seat 3: bmwolf7000 (New Zealand) -- 5,479,106
Seat 4: muateng (Germany) -- 6,044,641
Seat 5: Flashback595 (Portugal) -- 2,139,024
Seat 6: flashdisastr (Luxembourg) -- 2,004,073
Seat 7: dalsa77 (Australia) -- 21,386,648
Seat 8: hd10bc (New Zealand) -- 15,088,371
Seat 9: empty

15 more minutes: From 8 to 1

The all-ins kept coming once the final table began. In fact, it would only take 26 hands -- about 15 minutes -- for seven players to to bust and a winner to emerge.

The final table began with the start of Level 40 (400k/800k/160k). No bustouts happened during those four hands.

Then Level 41 began (500k/1m/200k), and on the second hand of that level Flashback595 was all in before the flop for just 99,024, and when flashdisastr open-raised all in from middle position everyone else folded.

It was K♠Q♠ for flashdisastr and J♦3♠ for Flashback595, and after the community cards came T♣2♦6♥6♦8♥ they were down to seven.

Those players all made it through Level 42, then at the start of Level 43 (800k/1.6m/320k), ton_elousen open-pushed for 4,172,115 from middle position and got one caller in flashdisastr in the big blind.

ton_elousen had the best hand you could want when all-in preflop at a final table -- A♥A♦ -- while flashdisastr had J♣9♣. But when the flop brought a nine, coming 9♠2♦6♠, and the turn the J♦, suddenly flashdisastr had the edge with two pair. The river was the 7♣, and ton_elousen was out in seventh.

As we mentioned earlier, flashdisastr has enjoyed success in big PokerStars tournaments before, including a victory during the 2011 SCOOP series in a "High" NLHE knockout event plus another one in the 2010 WCOOP $320 NLHE Ante Up event.

We even did a brief profile on flashdisastr here on the PokerStars blog not too long ago, for which the Luxembourg player shared a little bit of time with us. And a wink.



That successful cracking of ton_elousen's pocket aces perhaps signaled another good finish was in store for flashdisastr, who on the strength of that pot had moved into second position behind dalsa77 with six left.

They were still in Level 43 when m4xking next open-raised all in from UTG for 12,309,022 and dalsa77 reraised from the small blind to isolate. It was J♣J♦ for dalsa77 and K♣Q♠ for m4xking.

The flop came J♠3♥2♥ to give dalsa77 a set of jacks, and when the 8♥ turn fell there was no card that could help m4xking, making the A♦ river no matter and sending m4xking railward in sixth.

Just two hands later, a double-knockout occurred that saw bmwolf7000 eliminated in fifth and muateng in fourth, both falling victim to the surging flashdisastr.

It was Level 44 (1m/2m/400k), and flashdisastr opened the action with an all-in push for over 16.8 million from under the gun. bmwolf700 called all in for 2,691,954 from the small blind, and muateng followed suit for 4,082,272 from the big blind.

bmwolf7000: A♦T♠
muateng: Q♦8♣
flashdisastr: T♣T♦

The flop came 5♥A♣T♥, bringing the case ten to give flashdisastr a set. Meanwhile, bmwolf7000 had flopped two pair, and an ace would improve bmwolf7000 to a better hand, but the turn was the 9♦ and river the K♦, thereby eliminating both bmwolf7000 and muateng. Take a look:

RSS readers click through to view replay

Suddenly just three were left, with dalsa77 leading with about 34.1 million, flashdisastr next with almost 28.6 million, and hd10bc third with about 12.7 million.

On just the third hand of three-handed play, it was still Level 44 when hd10bc open-raised all in for 8,560,225 from the button, flashdisastr reraised all in over the top from the small blind, and dalsa77 folded from the big blind.

hd10bc showed A♣4♦ and flashdisastr J♣9♣. The flop came Q♥7♥A♥ to pair hd10bc. The turn then brought the 8♦ and prospects still looked good for hd10bc. Then came the river... the T♦! A backdoor-filling of the gutshot straight for flashdisastr! They were down to two!

RSS readers click through to view replay

Heads-up play began with flashdisastr in front with 45,347,246 to dalsa77's 30,115,754. They'd play but two hands together, making it to the start of the 45th three-minute level (1.25m/2.5m/500k) at which point the end quickly came.

In that final hand, dalsa77 pushed from the button for 27,215,754 and flashdisastr quickly called the raise. dalsa77 showed J♥3♦ and needed to improve versus flashdisastr's K♥Q♠. But the board came 2♥T♠A♥, then 8♣, then 6♦, and in just under two-and-a-half hours the tourney had reached its swift conclusion. flashdisastr had won!

RSS readers click through to view replay

Congratulations to flashdisastr for adding a MicroMillions title to those WCOOP and SCOOP wins!

MicroMillions III Event #100 $1+R NLHE (Hyper-Turbo) final table results:
1st: flashdisastr (Luxembourg) -- $7,711.58
2nd: dalsa77 (Australia) -- $5,631.06
3rd: hd10bc (New Zealand) -- $3,928.64
4th: muateng (Germany) -- $2,619.09
5th: bmwolf7000 (New Zealand) -- $2,095.27
6th: m4xking (Czech Republic) -- $1,571.45
7th: ton_elousen (Greece) -- $1,047.63
8th: Flashback595 (Portugal) -- $576.20
9th: KAMELOT777 (Russia) -- $405.96

Entrants: 9,819
Re-buys: 38,129
Add-ons: 5,503
Prize pool: $52,381.98
Places paid: 1,260

This hyper-turbo event is a fitting end to another wild and fun MicroMillions series here at PokerStars, which seems like it only just began. Thanks for following our start-to-finish coverage here on the PokerStars blog. And check out the MicroMillions page for results from all 100 events.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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