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MicroMillions III: JokerTilt has the last laugh in Event #35 ($5.50 NLHE 1R1A)

Event #35 of the MicroMillions III series has come to an end with JokerTilt dominating proceedings, surviving three failed deal negotiations and a hair-raising heads-up battle, to take the MicroMillions title for Bulgaria, along with $6,298.19.

It's a very nice return for a tiny investment in the $5.50 1R1A No Limit Hold 'em Event, which allowed players the chance to rebuy and add-on once during the tournament.

A field of 3,984 players took their seat for this event and combined for 2,915 rebuys and another 1,346 add-ons. The prize pool guarantee was $30,000 but that figure was surpassed as the $41,225 prize pool was distributed to the top 540 players.

sllvllasH from Canada was the unlucky one to fall on the bubble, narrowly missing a $17.31 min-cash, while George "Jorj95" Lind made it to 496th place for $17.31 as the only Team PokerStars Pro spotted in the field.

After seven and a half hours, the final table was formed when flowha was flushed out in 10th place, losing a pre-flop race with 9♦9♥ against Przemo_88's A♣T♠. The final table looked as follows:


Final table line-up
Seat 1: foran1, 1,968,496
Seat 2: SamanthaRD, 2,594,044
Seat 3: alt88, 2,094,146
Seat 4: cwirek1982, 6,034,893
Seat 5: Przemo_, 88, 5,126,687
Seat 6: JokerTilt, 12,918,484
Seat 7: djprofiend, 6,983,086
Seat 8: Julian F. Se, 384,326
Seat 9: vladqa, 3,120,838

The players congratulated each other for reaching the final table, although when the short-stacked Julian F. Se landed in the big blind first hand, he was hoping for a little leniency.

Julian F. Se said, "gl and fold"
djprofiend said, "Well. Julian lol,,,,, GL"

It folded as far as djprofiend in the small blind who moved in with Q♣3♦ to force Julian F. Se to call for around three big blinds with K♠9♥. The board bricked out and Julian F. Se found himself with a pulse in this tournament.

Julian F. Se's pulse would've skipped a beat when he looked down at A♣A♦ moments later. Could this be a comeback for the ages? Julian F. Se moved all in pre-flop and found action from cwirek1982 with J♠J♦ but the board of K♦T♠8♦Q♦9♣ produced a rivered straight for cwirek1982 to send Julian F. Se crashing out in 9th place for $329.80.

Eight-way deal? No way!

Incredibly the eight remaining players all managed to coordinate themselves to check the deal box and look at the numbers. We didn't hold our breath for an eight-way consensus.

The chip chop numbers were presented with JokerTilt way in front, and most players were content enough to just chop it up, but it was SamanthaRD who played hard ball. Despite having the second-shortest stack, SamanthaRD wanted at least $2,000 (or roughly $400 more than the numbers suggested). Her opponents scoffed at the thought and, not surprisingly, the cards were back in the air.

The player to suffer most from the deal breakdown was the short stack in alt88. Just moments after play resumed, alt88 shoved the button with 5♦5♥ but Przemo_88 found J♠J♣ in the big blind and made the easy call. The board ran out T♦Q♦7♥3♠K♣ to see alt88 out in 8th place for $515.31 in prize money.

SamanthaRD had put a target on her back, so the table were a little frustrated to see the following hand go down:

RSS readers click through to see replay

A lucky ace on the river landed the double up for SamanthaRD, and the chat box erupted:

SamanthaRD said, "booooooooooom"
Przemo_88 said, "soo bad"
JokerTilt said, "ahahahahaha"
djprofiend said, "what goes around comes around"
SamanthaRD said, "i accept 3k now"
JokerTilt said, "ahahahahahaha"
Przemo_88 said, "lol"
Przemo_88 said, "nobody give u an option to accept anything mate"
Przemo_88 said, "no deal with samantha still in play would be my guess"
djprofiend said, "not likely.."
JokerTilt said, "same"

While the chat entertained most of the players, vladqa was busy looking for a double up, moving all in preflop with K♥Q♥ but Przemo_88 found a dominant Q♦A♠ and made the call. The board was spread J♠6♥2♣3♠9♠ to see vladqa take home $927.56 for 7th place.

As the banter died down, the players tightened up a little, with everyone trying desperately to play their A-game with bragging rights now also up for grabs.

foran1 landed a double up with Q♥J♣ successful against djprofiend's A♦8♦ which left djprofiend in re-steal territory. djprofiend got away with it once, but the second time djprofiend moved all in over a late position raise, it was called by Przemo_88 with T♣T♦. djprofiend showed 8♣8♦ but was unable to find a lucky eight through the 6♣J♦Q♠5♠9♥ board. djprofiend picked up $1,339.81 for 6th place.

Nemesis no more

Two hands later and the spicy final table of SamanthaRD came to an end. SamanthaRD shoved thirteen big blinds from the button with Q♣K♠ but Przemo_88 quickly called in the big blind with T♦T♥. The board of 9♥2♥4♥A♠3♣ missed both players to leave the pair in front and eliminate SamanthaRD in 5th place. $1,752.06 was a little short of the $2,000 she wanted, but still more than the proposed deal from a little earlier.

With their nemesis eliminated, the players quickly tried to coordinate another deal negotiation, but this time it was cwirek1982 who threw a spanner in the works. cwirek1982 hadn't checked the deal box, and remained silent in the chat, despite the pleas of the remaining three. So, reluctantly, play continued.

The chips were passed around the table for a few orbits, until cwirek1982 moved all in pre-flop with A♦J♣ to be up against JokerTilt's T♣A♣. cwirek1982 looked good for a double up, but the board fell 2♦A♥T♥7♥4♠ to give JokerTilt the come-from-behind two pair to take the pot. cwirek1982 was bounced out in 4th place for $2,370.43 in prize money.

Again the players took the opportunity to look at the numbers, but even though all were keen to deal, all three wanted more money than the numbers offered. That was like fitting a square peg through a round hole, so play resumed once again.

foran1 was very short at this stage and it didn't take long for three to become two. The flop was A♦T♠9♣ when foran1 check-raised all in, but JokerTilt made the call with A♠5♥ for top pair. foran1 opened Q♦T♦ for middle pair and would need help to stay alive. The 4♥ turn was a brick, while the K♠ river was close but no cigar. foran1 went home with $3,401.06 for 3rd place.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 5: Przemo_88 (13,529,112 in chips)
Seat 6: JokerTilt (27,695,888 in chips)

Przemo_88 said, "it was fast"
JokerTilt said, "yep"
Przemo_88 said, "wanna talk or play mate?"
JokerTilt said, "I dont care"
JokerTilt said, "as you wish"
Przemo_88 said, "we can see the numbers"

It was the fourth time that we would attempt to strike a deal on this final table, but finally an agreement was reached. Przemo_88 took a small hit from chip chop numbers, but reduced some variance as there was still $600 and the MicroMillions title to play for.

The players kicked up the aggression as the chips started to fly. JokerTilt had a shot to win it all with 2♥2♦ against Przemo_88's 3♣A♥ but a three hit the flop to give Przemo_88 the double up.

It put Przemo_88 into the lead and the next hand the chips were all in once again. Przemo_88 was one card away from victory but...

RSS readers click through to see replay

Przemo_88 flopped top pair as JokerTilt pushed with straight and flush draws, only to catch a queen on the river to collect the monster pot and leave Przemo_88 crippled.

But it wasn't over just yet!

Przemo_88 was left with just four big blinds, but incredibly found not one, not two, not three, but four double ups! The last was with A♣5♥ holding against JokerTilt's K♥9♥ to get Przemo_88 right back into contention.

However that would be as far as it would go for Przemo_88 as a gallant run came to an end on a flop of 8♠T♠5♥. Przemo_88 moved all in with K♦8♦ for middle pair but JokerTilt showed up with J♥J♣ for the over pair to make the call. The turn was the 7♣ and river the 3♠ to see Przemo_88 finally eliminated in 2nd place for a post-deal amount of $5,000.

It was a coast-to-coast victory for JokerTilt, and besides a few nervous moments heads-up when Przemo_88 continually doubled up, JokerTilt seemed to be in total control of the final table and a deserving winner. JokerTilt takes the MicroMillions title to Bulgaria along with $6,298.19 in prize money.

MicroMillions III Event #35 Results

Entrants: 3,984
Rebuys: 2,915
Add-ons: 1,346
Prize pool: $41,225
Places paid: 540

1st JokerTilt (Bulgaria) - $6,298.19*
2nd Przemo_88 (Poland) - $5,000.00*
3rd foran1 (Colombia) - $3,401.06
4th cwirek1982 (Poland) - $2,370.43
5th SamanthaRD (Mexico) - $1,752.06
6th djprofiend (Canada) - $1,339.81
7th vladqa (Russia) - $927.56
8th alt88 (Australia) - $515.31
9th Julian F. Se (Colombia) - $329.80

* denotes heads-up deal

For more details about the MicroMillions III schedule and leader board, head to the MicroMillions home page.

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.

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