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MicroMillions III: pabritz powers to Event #32 win, $32K-plus ($11 NLHE)

The big fields, big prize pools, and big fun continued Sunday night with MicroMillions III Event #32. Not much "micro" about these tourneys at all, except for the buy-ins.

Event #32 took the place of the weekly Sunday Storm tournament, offering players an $11 no-limit Hold 'em tourney with a special $300,000 guarantee. 39,785 players took part, thus building a guarantee-smashing $397,850 prize pool to be divided among the top 5,292 finishers. And after 10-and-a-half hours of play it was pabritz of Brazil who'd topped that huge field to claim a cool $32,807.05 first prize.

From 39,785 to 9

Once they'd reached the money bubble there were still two Team PokerStars Pros among the 5,292 cashers, Liv Boeree and Toni Judet. Boeree would ultimately fall in 3,390th ($27.84) in a hand versus macabricio77, while Judet would be eliminated in 1,947th ($39.78) after losing the last of his chips to denz1l.

It took almost five hours to play down to 1,000 players, with re3s (Hungary), conecci1 (Germany), and matidid (Portugal) then occupying the top spots in the counts. Another two hours and they were down to 100 players, then led by Raphaelsss (Brazil), Arshik07 (Russia), and skippytheroo (U.K.).

By the time they were approaching the eight-and-a-half-hour break they were down to 18, with Cheese982 of the Netherlands and pabritz of Brazil having moved in front. As it would happen, those two would be the ones battling it out to the final hand in Event #32.

Over the next half-hour nine more would fall, during which stretch pabritz would collect chips at a fast clip to push up ahead of all. Raphaelsss (18th), stambinho (17th), and trawlerman84 (16th) each cashed for $708.17. 777CASINO777 (15th), KingLew888 (14th), and pengemor (13th) picked up $994.62 apiece. And ollolo_26 (12th), whsuco (11th), and WoWulam (10th) each earned $1,285.05 for their $11 buy-ins.

The final table was set.


Seat 1: pabritz (Brazil) -- 53,146,141
Seat 2: manolpz1 (Bulgaria) -- 7,137,804
Seat 3: vovtroy (Russia) -- 19,962,646
Seat 4: WoWulam (Philippines) -- 16,151,887
Seat 5: Cheese982 (Netherlands) -- 31,742,235
Seat 6: Tark69 (Netherlands) -- 8,016,836
Seat 7: samorukovsv (Estonia) -- 32,167,784
Seat 8: pegaz587 (Slovenia) -- 10,874,158
Seat 9: Pokeryoop (Netherlands) -- 19,725,509

The Russians have been dominating MicroMillions III thus far, leading in titles, final tables, and cashes. There was just one Russian (vovtroy) at this final table, however, while the Netherlands had three players vying to become the country's third MicroMillions III champion. But all were chasing pabritz, looking to land a fourth MM III title for Brazil.

From 9 to 6

It would take but five hands for the first final table elimination to occur.

The blinds were 275,000/550,000. It folded around to manolpz1 on the button who opened for a 2x raise to 1,100,000 Then WoWulam reraised all in for 9,509,083 from the big blind and manolpz1 called. WoWulam showed A♠8♥ and manolpz1 A♦Q♣, and when the board rolled out 7♦J♠5♦2♥6♦, WoWulam was out in ninth.

Just about an orbit later the blinds were up to 300,000/600,000 when Pokeryoop raised to 1.2 million from the cut-off, then manolpz1 made it 3.15 million from the small blind. It folded back to Pokeryoop who called, and the flop came T♠J♥4♦. manolpz1 led for 3.2 million, and Pokeryoop called once more.

The turn then brought the 8♠ and a bet of 13.8 million from manolpz1. Pokeryoop called all-in with 12,330,509 left, showing T♥9♥ for tens. But manolpz1 had J♦T♣ for two pair, and after the 8♦ river Pokeryoop's run had ended in eighth.

And as it happened, manolpz1 would take care of the next elimination as well.

After manolpz1 min-raised to 1.3 million from under the gun, it folded around to pegaz587 in the small blind who shoved for 5,204,644. pabritz stepped aside in the big blind, and manolpz1 called, showing 8♥8♣. pegaz587 was hoping to improve with A♠9♣, but the community cards came 3♣Q♣4♠6♦4♦ and pegaz587 was knocked out in seventh.

From 6 to 2

Those three knockouts had pushed manolpz1's stack up over 33 million and into second position, but pabritz still comfortably led by a wide margin with nearly 62 million chips.

Cheese982 would next take over the knocking-out business from manolpz1 for the next elimination.

After Tark69 open-shoved for 10,278,672 from under the gun -- a little less than 15 big blinds -- it folded all of the way around to Cheese982 who called from the big blind. Tark69 showed K♥Q♦ and Cheese982 A♥J♦. The board came T♣9♠T♠, then 2♠, then 4♠, and Tark69 was gone in sixth.

Not too long after that hand, Cheese982 was opening for a 2x raise to 1.4 million from UTG, then samorukovsv reraised to 3.5 million from a seat over. It folded back to Cheese982 who called, and the pair saw the flop come 4♥Q♦6♠. Both checked. The turn brought the Q♣. Cheese982 fired 3.5 million, samorukovsv raised to 9.1 million, and Cheese982 called.

The river was the 4♣, putting a second pair on the board. Cheese982 bet 5.6 million this time, and samorukovsv responded with an all-in raise for 23,692,784. Cheese982 called immediately, turning over 6♦6♣ for sixes full. samorukovsv had but A♠J♥, and was sent away in fifth.

That hand gave Cheese982 the chip lead with more than 88 million, and Cheese982 still led as the final four reached the nine-and-a-half-hour break.

It would take another 25 minutes for the next knockout, by which time the blinds had climbed to 500k/1 million. After pabritz raised to 2 million from the cut-off, vovtroy reraised all in for 13,507,963 from the small blind, then Cheese982 called from the big blind, earning a fold from pabritz.

vovtroy showed 5♥5♠ and was hoping the hand would hold versus the A♣T♥ of Cheese982. But the board came 8♥4♣Q♥A♥9♥, giving Cheese982 the best flush and sending vovtroy railward in fourth.

It took another half-hour for the final three to become the final two, with maolpz1 spending most of that time battling with a short stack compared to the chips of pabritz and Cheese982. Finally the blinds had reached 700k/1.4m when pabritz raised to 2.8 million from the small blind, manolpz1 reraised all-in for 24,434,752 from the big blind, and pabritz called.

manolpz1 had Q♠9♣ and pabritz A♦9♥. The board came 5♥6♥5♣K♣7♠, pabritz's hand remained best, and manolpz1 had fallen in third.

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Heads-up play began with pabritz enjoying a lead with 107,415,722 to Cheese982's 91,509,278. The pair played three hands without too much change to their stacks, then paused the tourney to talk about a possible chop of the remaining prize money.

"Chip chop" figures were produced, leaving $6,000 for which to play. They both thought for a moment. Then Cheese982, noticing that the proposed guaranteed payouts didn't differ much from the scheduled second-place prize money, took to the chat box.

Cheese982: for that little difference I want to finish the match, and see who will win the full price... you?
pabritz: 1minute
pabritz: lets play
Cheese982: ok...

Play soon resumed, and in just a single hand it was all over.

In that final hand, Cheese982 opened with a 3x raise to 4.8 million from the button, pabritz reraised to 12,880,000, Cheese982 shoved for 82,409,278 total, and pabritz called.

Cheese982 showed K♥8♣ and was in need of improvement against pabritz's J♣J♦. The flop came A♣3♥A♦, then the turn the 2♣, then the river the T♠. pabritz's jacks had held!

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Congratulations to pabritz for topping a field of nearly 40,000 players to win a fourth MicroMillions III title thus far for Brazil! Not to mention a $32,807.05 return on an $11 investment!

MicroMillions III Event #32 $11 NLHE (Sunday Storm Special Edition) final table results:
1st: pabritz (Brazil) -- $32,807.05
2nd: Cheese982 (Netherlands) -- $23,672.07
3rd: manolpz1 (Bulgaria) -- $15,468.40
4th: vovtroy (Russia) -- $12,357.22
5th: samorukovsv (Estonia) -- $9,269.90
6th: Tark69 (Netherlands) -- $6,182.58
7th: pegaz587 (Slovenia) -- $4,292.80
8th: Pokeryoop (Netherlands) -- $2,920.21
9th: WoWulam (Philippines) -- $1,718.71

Entrants: 39,785
Prize pool: $397,850.00
Places paid: 5,292

There's still a week's worth of MicroMillIons III left to go. Check the the MicroMillions page for the full schedule.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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